Los Lobos’ Steve Berlin Goes Back To His Roots On New Episode Of Inside Out Podcast

first_imgLive For Live Music presents a brand new episode of our Inside Out with Turner and Seth podcast featuring an in-depth conversation with Steve Berlin, producer, multi-instrumentalist, and long-time member of Los Lobos. Berlin reveals that he first got a taste for producing during his early days in Philadelphia, and how it stemmed in part from his interest in architecture. Next, his story moves to Los Angeles where he was a member of The Blasters, but would play with Los Lobos any chance he could get. The interview moves from the early days right up to today as he announces a forthcoming reunion of his punk band, The Flesh Eaters (they will do a two-week tour in January) – and the fact that he will co-produce the next Blind Boys of Alabama record. You can listen to the new episode of Live For Live Music Presents: Inside Out with Turner and Seth below:Steve talks about meeting T-Bone Burnett and working on Los Lobos projects with him – even revealing how Los Lobos found out from a muted tv that “Anselma,”a song from one of these projects, had won a Grammy – while they were hanging at a bar in New Orleans.He also talks about hearing their breakthrough single “Will The Wolf Survive” for the first time, and how it was the first step toward the band developing its own sound, “Our (musical) vocabulary hadn’t really broadened up to that moment,” he says about the time guitarist/vocalist David Hidalgo brought the song to the band, “I just remember the light when on it my head…ok….everything is gonna be different from now on,” and it was.He also talks about how around the same time, the band used to borrow Prince’s equipment from a neighboring studio while he was away. “We would get the 20 minute call, and no matter what we were in the middle of…” they had to return the equipment, “there were a couple of times we missed him by a minute, he was coming in the front door and we were going out the back door just having put the shit back.” We learn of the unlikely success of “La Bamba,” having Carlos Santana and Jerry Garcia share a guitar to sit in with Los Lobos, how the band had to stop taking advice at a certain point, and why their experience recording “The Neighborhood” record paved the way for their crowning jewel, “Kiko.” Perhaps best of all, he tells the story of the time Los Lobos played a show while all members were high on mushrooms, and John Doe of X joined while drunk on alcohol.Steve also talks about how he met John Joseph McCauley of Deer Tick in the most unlikely of places and how McCauley’s prediction that they would make a record together would prove to be doubly true. We also get a window into how his world of producing, and how the artist/producer relationship has changed over the years and how much work the band Faith No More put into the process of making their records.Live For Live Music Presents: The Inside Out With Turner And Seth podcast is slowly but surely earning a reputation for delivering some of the most unique and in-depth music interviews in cyber-land. The program serves up behind-the-scenes “industry” perspectives mixed with journalistic points of view and fan input to thoroughly tackle the vast world of organic music–with a pile of laughs mixed in for good measure.**For more Inside Out With Turner And Seth episodes, head to their SoundCloud, iTunes, or Stitcher page. You can also email the podcast producers here to submit feedback which may be incorporated into future episodes!**last_img read more

Watch the Full-Length Trailer for Season Two of House of Cards, Starring Kevin Spacey & Sebastian Arcelus

first_img Sebastian Arcelus Star Files View Commentscenter_img The hit Netflix original series House of Cards returns for a second season on February 14, guaranteeing a weekend of binge watching for people all over the world. Here’s the full trailer to get you ready for the next chapter in the saga of Frank (Kevin Spacey) and Claire Underwood (Robin Wright). In season two, Frank’s ascension to the heights of power, after accepting a nomination for Vice President, means big changes for both him and Claire, but his sudden rise creates powerful enemies and the increasing chance that his dark secrets will be exposed. Not that he’s going down without a fight… There’s only one rule: Hunt or be hunted. The Emmy-nominated series also stars Broadway vet Sebastian Arcelus as a scrappy reporter who’s onto Frank’s shady dealings. Watch the trailer below!last_img read more

Homegrown berries

first_imgHomeowners looking to add something new to their landscapes this spring should consider something edible. A University of Georgia small fruits expert suggests berries as a delicious and easy addition. “Fruits are easy to grow if you put the right plant in the right place,” said Steve Brady, a Cobb County Cooperative Extension agent. “Planning [ahead] could yield fresh fruit in your home garden from March to October.” Brady says to create a base map and consider soil, sun, space and water when planning to add edibles to your landscape. “Sit down and think about easy-to-grow fruits,” he said. “What does your family like? What do you have space for?” Blueberries, strawberries, blackberries, raspberries and figs all need full sun for peak production. “Site selection is so important, because in the case of blueberries and figs, you’ve got decades of production,” he said. “You should plant them where they get the most sun and fit into your landscape, and always at least 3 to 4 feet from your house since they can get quite large.” BlueberriesBlueberries need acidic soil. Most Georgia soils are slightly acidic. A pH level around 5 is recommended for blueberry production. Incorporate ground pine bark humus or sphagnum peat moss into the soil surrounding the plant at least 10 inches deep. One cubic foot of organic matter is recommended per plant. Plants should be spaced 4 feet apart to create a hedge or screen, and 6 feet or more for individual bushes. Add sulfur according to the planting instructions. If plants are already in the ground, gradually add the recommended amount over a period of time so the roots don’t burn. A minimum of two varieties of blueberries need to be planted for good pollination and fruit set. Brady recommends using rabbiteye varieties such as Premier, Powderblue and Centurion. “To lengthen the harvest season, plant early-, mid- and late-season varieties together,” he said. Brady warns first-time planters not to expect a big crop the first year. Buying a plant that is three years old will yield fruit a little quicker. “Blueberries need time to get established,” he said. “You should pick the blooms off the bush the first year to allow the plant to get better established and improve next year’s crop.” A well-established bush can yield two gallons a season. Blueberries are harvested from June to August. StrawberriesStrawberries are perennial in Georgia and will produce for two to five years in the same patch. They grow best in soils with a pH level around 6 to 6.5. Most people will need to add lime to amend the soil. “Work the lime into the soil if you can do it pre-planting,” Brady said. “After the plants are in the ground, you can broadcast the full amount over the area if you didn’t [do it] ahead of time.” If you’re planting strawberries this spring, pick the blooms off and look for berries next year. Strawberries produce from April through mid-May. Plants each produce nearly a quart of berries.“Good, dependable, tried-and-true producers are Cardinal, Surecrop, Earliglow and Albritton varieties,” he said. FigsFigs can produce from late spring to early fall, with the most production from July to August. Celeste and Hardy Chicago varieties perform well across the state. Figs can grow to be 5 to 15 feet tall and should be planted at least 15 feet apart. Figs can be planted individually, and one bush can produce enough for a family. “If you purchase larger bushes, you could in theory get some figs this year,” Brady said. “If you get a one-gallon plant you may be looking at a year or so before you see any fruit.” Blackberries and raspberriesErect blackberry and raspberry varieties are easy for homeowners to grow. They can yield one or more quarts per plant.Brady recommends blackberry varieties Navajo, Arapaho (thorn-less) and Kiowa (has thorns). For raspberries, Lathan produces a spring crop; Caroline, Red-wing and Heritage varieties produce in the fall. If you can’t get fruit plants in the ground this spring, wait. “Fall is a great time to plant these fruits, too,” Brady said.last_img read more

Penalties Assessed for Scanner Violations

first_imgKelly LoftusPublic Information OfficerVermont Agency ofAgriculture(802) 828-3829www.vermontagriculture.com(link is external) The violations were discovered during routine inspections conducted byinspectors from the Vermont Agency Agriculture’s Food Safety and ConsumerProtection Division. In all the stores assessed a penalty, inspectors found thatprices at the registers were higher than prices advertised on shelves forcertain items. Those discrepancies ranged from 4 percent error to 12 percent.Rite Aid Vermont alone had a range of scanner discrepancies from 4% error to 8%error with over $15,000 in penalties assessed. “Even the slightest inaccuracy in pricing can have enormous cost impactto the consumer. This is especially true during times of economic strain whenfood and transportation budgets are squeezed even further with rising costs,”said Henry Marckres, Chief of the Division of Consumer Protection for theagency. “Our goal is to work cooperatively with Vermont businesses and to takecorrective action when necessary to make sure the problem doesn’t happen againto protect consumers.” You can protect yourself, as well. Keep track of the price of items,especially items marked on sale, as you go through the store. Monitor theseitems as they are rung up at the check out. Also, it’s important to check yourreceipt before you leave the store and notify an employee of any discrepancies.For more information contact the Consumer Protection Division of the VermontAgency of Agriculture at 802-828-2436 or visit www.vermontagriculture.com(link is external). Retailer Penalty Dollar General,Colchester $420.00 GU Markets of VT, S. Burlington $1,235.00 GU Markets of VT, Swanton $3,105.00 Kinney Drugs, Lyndonville $820.00 Kinney Drugs, S. Burlington $1,305.00 Mac’s Market, Essex $3,510.00 Mac’s Market, Essex Junction $200.00 Mac’s Market, Woodstock $1,305.00 Natural Provisions, Williston $970.00 Rite Aid, St. Albans $1,305.00 Rite Aide, Derby  $1,605.00 Rite Aid, Lyndonville $4,255.00 Rite Aid, Colchester $1,035.00 Rite Aid, Essex $1,305.00 Rite Aid, Enosburg $1,905.00 Rite Aid, St. Johnsbury $2,070.00 Rite Aid, Randolph $2,140.00 Rite Aid Pharmacy, Burlington $1,035.00 Shelburne Supermarket, Shelburne $890.00 The Vermont Agency of Agriculture, Food andMarkets recently assessed penalties to numerous retail establishments forviolating Vermont retail pricing laws. The Dollar General Store, Rite Aid ofVermont, Kinney Drugs, and Mac’s Market are among the retail outlets that havebeen assessed penalties ranging from $420.00 to $4,255.00 for overchargingconsumers for items purchased in their stores. This year to date, 134inspections were completed that resulted in no corrective action or assessmentof penalties.  “Laser scanner checkout systems fall under the state’s weights andmeasures laws which come under the jurisdiction of the Agency of Agriculture,”commented Mike Duane, assistant attorney general, who serves as the agency’sgeneral counsel. “In most instances the charges are not contested and the storeshave paid the penalties assessed. There was no evidence of any intentional wrongdoing in any of these cases,” Duane said.last_img read more

Mount Snow to open on Thanksgiving Day

first_imgMount Snow Resort,Mount Snow has announced its plan to open for skiing and riding on Thanksgiving Day. It will have lift serviced terrain for all ability levels including a full terrain park at Carinthia. In all four lifts will run servicing seven trails and two mountain faces.As well Santa Claus is coming to town. . .more specifically he and Mrs. Claus will be at Mount Snow on November 27th to listen to the wishes of boys and girls. Part of the annual Mount Snow Thanksgiving weekend, Santa and the Mrs. make their way into the base area escorted by the West Dover Fire Department in their ladder truck.The festivities start at 5:30pm with the first of five fireworks shows at Mount Snow this winter. Guests gather in the base area between the Capehouse and Clocktower buildings to witness skiing splendor as instructors start the ceremony with a beautiful torchlight parade. Immediately following are fireworks with Santa and Mrs. Claus making their appearance and meet at the fireplace inside the base lodge to take photos and listen to every kid’s holiday wish list.Cuzzins Bar & Grill will be open with live music from Bruce Jacques Friday and Saturday for an après skiing party. As well the Snow Barn opens for the season with Blockhead performing Friday night and Parker House Theory on Saturday for those 21+.Mount Snow Sports at the Grand Summit Hotel is offering a raffle for everyone who visits the store between Wednesday and Saturday. A winner will be selected at 3pm on Saturday and receive a brand new pair of Nordica skis.Source: Mount Snow. 11.23.2010. mountsnow.comlast_img read more

Vestal native deals with uncertainties of minor league baseball

first_img“I’ve been doing lessons on the side a little bit,” said Osinski. “One off-season I was sleeping on an air mattress that was essentially a closet, but when you’re young and hungry and chasing that dream, you are willing to make some of those sacrifices.” “I was talking to a couple of former players and good friends of mine; can you imagine what it would be like if we were still playing and in this situation,” said Smith. Osinski said he has still seen some of his minor league teammates lose their jobs. They do it for the love of the game. “It’s just how it is. It’s a business, and that’s how you have to look at it, you have to look at every day as an opportunity to play baseball — to make the most of it.” “Grinding away all those years was certainly worth it,” said Smith. Before making his major league debut, Smith spent ten years playing minor league baseball. The recently retired reliever now gets to watch what is happening to minor league players from the sidelines. Both the current and former player have done whatever it takes to fight for their dreams. “We had a FaceTime the other day with the GM to tell us that they are going to be paying us for the rest of the season,” Osinski said.center_img In a time where minor league players are being cut and losing their income, Osinski is one of the lucky ones. Murphy said it is hard enough living on a minor league player’s income, but for some players to not know when they will get that pay is career-changing. “My last appearance was actually in the big leagues,” said Smith. “You have to go out there and play and keep doing your thing,” said Osinski. VESTAL (WBNG) — Vestal native, and Red Sox minor league player, Mike Osinski is dealing with the uncertainties surrounding minor league baseball. “Luckily, I’ve been able to go down to Vestal and use their brand new turf field they just put in,” said Mike Osinski. The uncertainty is something former Binghamton Bearcat pitcher, Murphy Smith, knows all too well. “I was walking dogs for a little bit,” said Smith.last_img read more

China has become the largest source of tourists in the world

first_imgPhoto: Pexels.com During 2018, the three largest destinations in the European Union, in terms of the volume of arrivals of Chinese tourists, were the United Kingdom (+ 2,4%), Germany (+ 2,6%) and France (+ 7,7%). The three countries with the largest expansion were Croatia (+ 45,7%), Estonia (35,8%) and Hungary (+ 25,1%). More attached. Minister Shugang also stressed the importance of civilized tourism. “On the one hand, measures should be taken to guarantee the safety of tourists, but on the other hand, we must also advocate the civilized behavior of Chinese tourists, which would present the Chinese image and civilization in a positive light.” He also stressed the need to further modernize the infrastructure at tourist destinations, as well as improve the quality of reception and services, in order to make the travel environment as pleasant and comfortable as possible for tourists. He said that despite the fact that it would take another two years to address the shortage of toilets, the “toilet revolution” in the country has made steady progress over the past four years with the construction and renovation of 35 tourist toilets by the end of last year. Luo Shugang, China’s culture and tourism minister, said China has become the world’s largest source of tourists. Namely, the Chinese’s foreign travels reached the figure of 150 million in 2018, reports Travel and Tour World. CHINESE TOURISTS EXPECT TRADITIONAL CUISINE, NATURE PARKS AND CULTURAL AND HISTORICAL MONUMENTS FROM CROATIA JOANNE CHAN, IPPWORLD: THE AUTHENTIC EXPERIENCE IS MOST IMPORTANT TO CHINESE TOURISTS. THEY WANT TO SEE HOW LOCAL PEOPLE LIVE, WORK AND HAVE FUN CHINESE TOURISTS SPEND THE MOST ON HOLIDAYS RELATED NEWS: EUROPE IS STILL A FAVORITE DESTINATION FOR CHINESE TOURISTS Speaking about the “toilet revolution”, a campaign launched in 2015 to increase the number of toilets in tourist locations, Shugang said toilets, as well as sanitation, should be improved at major tourist attractions. EUROPE IS STILL A FAVORITE DESTINATION FOR CHINESE TOURISTS last_img read more

Bidders come for ‘massive bargain’ at Public Trustee auction in Auchenflower

first_imgThis home at 34 Annie Street, Auchenflower went to auction on Saturday after being in the one family for more than 50 years.TWENTY-one registered bidders were not enough to stop an inner-city house from passing in at auction after bidding stalled at $840,000.In one of the first Public Trustee auctions since the statutory authority returned to the market following the COVID-19 lockdown in Queensland, only three people raised their bidder cards to take part in the auction of 34 Annie Street, Auchenflower. “(With Public Trustee auctions) people think they’re going to get a massive bargain but our role is to look after the seller’s interest. So we sell for what’s fair on the market,” Public Trustee director of property Joanne Edsor said.But after closing the auction and thanking the crowd of 100 for their attendance, auctioneer and agent Paul Gaffney scrambled to secure a deal and within five minutes the property was sold under auction conditions for $860,000 to the family who made the opening bid. SEE WHAT ELSE IS FOR SALE IN AUCHENFLOWER MORE PROPERTY STORIES FOLLOW US ON FACEBOOK Southerners buying in Queensland sight unseencenter_img Public Trustee auctioneer and selling agent Paul Gaffney at the auction of 34 Annie Street, Auchenflower.“We did 19 auctions last weekend and we sold 13 of them, half of those, the first person to bid ended up buying the house,” Mr Gaffney said.The reserve had been set at $900,000. The crowd gathers before the auction begins.Standing on the street in the middle of the crowd was freight train driver Anton Bubrle who had been looking after his mother’s two-bedroom house in Auchenflower since Ludmila Bartunek moved into a nursing home two years ago. Anton and Bianca Bubrle in the house Anton grew up in.More from news02:37International architect Desmond Brooks selling luxury beach villa7 hours agoParks and wildlife the new lust-haves post coronavirus8 hours ago“I have very mixed feelings, I grew up here. It’s sad, a chapter of my life is gone,” Mr Bubrle said. “It cost us $9000 at the time (in 1969). But mum isn’t moving back and it’s time. Anything around here is redone to such a high standard, it’s become a very rich area. Trust me, we weren’t rich when we moved in.” But the memories of his mother’s famous homemade cheesecakes and pork schnitzel that she used to make for the Czech Club, and the creaking of a particular floorboard at the entrance to the living room, will never be forgotten. The kitchen was where everyone came to chat while Ludmila Bartunek would make her famous Czech food.“I’ve always liked the sound of that crack, for me it sounds like home,” Mr Bubrle’s wife Bianca said. “I noticed it the first time I came to visit Anton in 1994.”The property was one of more than 50 to go to auction across Brisbane yesterday. Where you can invest for lesslast_img read more

Leader of the Opposition will not be intimidated by DLP supporters

first_img Share Sharing is caring! LocalNews Leader of the Opposition will not be intimidated by DLP supporters by: – April 19, 2011 89 Views   5 comments Sharecenter_img Tweet Share Leader of the Opposition; Hon. Hector John. Photo credit: UWP.comLeader of the Opposition Honourable Hector John says he will not be intimidated by any member or supporter of the Roosevelt Skerrit led administration when it comes to highlighting the wrongs that are presently being committed in the Dominican society.He said he was raised in a home where right was exalted and he was chastised whenever he did wrong and that has been forever instilled in his mind.Speaking to Q95FM news Mr. John made the following statement in creole: “There is no one on this Earth who can make me afraid, I am not afraid of anyone. I will not run from anyone because I am doing what I can for my country and I know what I am doing for my country is what all of us need to do for our country. Don’t allow anyone to walk on us. There are people who want to come here and think they can walk on Hector John, not on Earth not at all. I will not allow this to happen, that will not happen.”Dominica Vibes Newslast_img read more

Police Chief calls on public to assist with investigations into recent robberies

first_img Sharing is caring! Share LocalNews Police Chief calls on public to assist with investigations into recent robberies by: – February 15, 2012 Share Tweetcenter_img 68 Views   no discussions Share Police Chief, Cyril CarettePolice Chief Cyril Carette is calling on the general public to assist the police with their investigations into recent robberies and attacks on visitors to the island.Last week Saturday two German visitors were attacked while walking back to their hotel after having dinner at a restaurant in Salisbury.On Tuesday evening a French family of four was attacked by three masked men who also assaulted a young child during that incident.Mr. Carette told Dominica Vibes News that this unfortunate incident occurred at Batibou Beach in Hamstead in the north of the island.“There was an incident last night and it was an unfortunate incident where a young child was sexually assaulted and the other members of the family all of them were bound and the perpetrators made their escape. I understood it happened in Batibou on Hamstead Beach they were four French visitors and they were accosted by three masked men who bound them and later released them about three hours later.”He said that information reached the police about six hours after the incident occurred indicating that the family was bound for quite a while.The Police Chief is soliciting the assistance of the public to come forward with any information which they may have. He says this information might be vital in assisting them in capturing the perpetrators.Mr. Carette also expressed concern about these recent attacks noting that they were both against visitors as he says Tourism assists in boosting the economy and this could be threatened if these attacks continue.“We are very concerned about robberies against visitors. I think that is going to affect everybody because visitors bring money to the country, it helps boost the economy and we are urging persons to assist the police in trying to stem the spate of robberies we’ve been having.”He also stated that “it is very, very sad to see that persons have been robbed and persons have been brutally attacked” noting that “every civic minded individual in Dominica should be against those types of crimes happening in Dominica”.According to Mr. Carette; “If we love our country I think we should all make a concerted effort to assist the police in trying to have those matters solved because those persons do not live in isolation, they live amidst people and I’m sure people are seeing things”.He is appealing to the public to come forward with “any minute bit of information you think you may have try to pass this information on to the police” as he says this information “could help solve maybe many crimes because in most instances you find it’s just a few people doing the same crimes over and over”.Dominica Vibes Newslast_img read more