Anhui webmaster lecture fourth Cai Liwen website promotion and operation of the six points of experi

Anhui Internet Alliance ( before the organization of the Anhui 08 station will success also mobilize the enthusiasm of the masses of Anhui station. Due to time reasons, the fourth phase of the Anhui station special lecture has been successfully concluded today (2008.12.18) at 14:30. This issue, we have now well-known online production BANNER, I pull the CEO Cai Liwen, participate in lecture group number: 47065533, speech theme: website promotion and operation. The webmaster to actively participate in the crowd of 500 people soon full.

this lecture also in Anhui webmaster SNS above carries on the entire text broadcast, many local master participated in the on-line Watch:

text live address:; uid=1& do=blog& id=10612

, Cai Liwen, arrived punctually at 14:30, saying: "it’s nice to be able to communicate with everyone and thank the old K for the opportunity.". Today I talked to you about what I have shared with you. Everybody is doing a website, I also do website, I just begin to do 18 months or so, here have a lot of stationmaster that do a lot more than me. I do, I pull WWW.55.LA, now most of the webmaster know, this basically I summarized the following six points.

Cai Liwen goes on to elaborate on these six points:

is the first and most important is your "plan" is the first in your plan! How big goals do the corresponding plan, for example, my goal is 1 years 1W second years to start the 5000 world ranking. Followed by the executive power, executive power, I want to say is that, now do stand more people, it can not be the same as before, you do a station, others come. You have to do better than others, do a lot better, people will come to see your station. It is now found that many people do part-time jobs, not to say that part-time jobs are bad, but that part-time jobs are much less productive and less time intensive than full-time ones. Therefore, we suggest that if you want to do your station well, as your career to do, I choose to do full-time. I gave up my 6 year click on the web IDC server space business and worked full-time on my network.

second points to promote: 1, friendship links – to speed up keywords included: links, which is very important to the site, my friendship links are mostly money to buy. I usually start buying PR larger than 1 because I started with 0. Next, I’m 1, and I’ll go and buy 2, and so on and so on. My PR is here for 618 months. and ADMIN5 are both. 2, picture ads – to improve the image, this requires big rules

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