Share website to raise three questions should pay attention to the traffic

third, hot hot tail long tail: we must make good use of. My station has a long tail word every day can bring independent IP500, a week about 4000IP, the long tail word at the beginning of our attention, then flow up I noticed. Give examples to illustrate the long tail word is very popular, if your website has a large number of long tail word, then the traffic will be very alarming. As for the long tail word choice, need to expand the use of professional tools to find the keywords, can also use the existing website to mining, such as the Shanghai love billboard is an ideal place. Every day.

second, find the theme: looking for the late development of the theme of the site will be very good. Perhaps many webmaster want to do a comprehensive type of news sites, because the news is more, and a relatively wide range of topics, in fact, I do not recommend. So your site will be not professional, just from the surface to do very wide, but do not deep, not fine. If you are in a special case, you can go to the depth of excavation, then you will find the thing inside the endless. We only do a theme, seemingly topic of surface narrows, is actually widened. On the other hand, you dig something to attract more people, easy to form a word-of-mouth, for search engines, also will give great weight. Therefore, choose a theme to the depth of excavation is better there than you all. The former is more favorable to the long-term development, the latter is only part of the flow of a short time.

first, increase weight: the weight of the website is the base of the latter, a high weight website can enhance the full range of web traffic, whether it is the main keywords or long tail keywords, have a high weight website to support. As we all know, the Internet on the top three have good traffic flow, sometimes a low ranking difference position brings great. So the search engine traffic is not given, but for his efforts. As for the method of increasing the weights of the website has many kinds, everyone has everyone’s opinion, do not make a detailed share. We just want to know, want to get traffic, must go through a reasonable process and the necessary steps, and enhance the whole weight of the website is a necessary part of.

site, traffic sources are different, which determines the different ways of promotion. Do Goolge advertising, do Taobao off, do the dumpster, also do some other advertising, anyway, to more traffic is fundamental. This article from three aspects and share increase website traffic should pay attention to the problem, are also welcome.

flow has been a problem of public concern, the website does not flow no vitality, are meaningless, so if you can improve your traffic? This topic seems to be broad, but the core reason is figured out. Grasp a few basic principles in this paper that, for high flow has laid a solid foundation.

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