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for the purchase of advertising for the stationmaster, in fact most of all is with can bring certain traffic to your site, although not much, but it’s better than nothing. And the ultimate goal is to improve the purchase link rankings get more traffic. So, the flow is the final destination of the website. From the website traffic analysis website overall situation quite useful. But many webmaster in buy advertising, are particularly concerned about this, for some PR high weight high what is the use of. These can be optimized to cheat, the most direct way is to watch the flow, a website weight as the author is 4, daily traffic is only one hundred or two hundred, do stand for a year and a half, so what is the use? So, the purchase of advertising to see flow decision can not be wrong. Today, explain the query traffic statistics tool class is accurate:


so, the webmaster of query tools in traffic, I do not feel much accuracy. Moreover, this kind of tool is based on the analysis of the website data, rather than through the user log analysis, naturally can not be reliable data. As for the sale of advertising is more such, if blindly believe that the webmaster query tool, so it is ultimately your own.




website traffic


for this kind of tools to view the site traffic is actually too horrible to look at. General purchase link, do not want accurate data obtained through the webmaster tools, it is not possible. But because the webmaster tools are comprehensive, natural can not be specific, so webmaster should not value the display tools of this kind of traffic. Analysis of other methods or find it.

total flow rate of about 250, but one day to flow there? Almost every day is less than 10, so the statistics cannot be taken seriously these tools, can also make a reference, but not the reference flow, but the rankings. There are ALX rankings, the chicken ribs tool, this tool is algorithm are very objective, not actual, as shown in figure

webmaster tools, it is estimated that is not accurate, and it is based on site data to estimate, therefore, in the purchase link, this kind of data is not credible. Because the data is dead, after all, there is no user browsing are unknown. Keywords station as the author of the second ranked

Alx ranked the flow

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