Shanghai Dragon the quality of the chain link to get more valuable the more difficult

remember in the blog in him we recommend the "search engine marketing – site traffic speed" this book, before the Beijing Shanghai dragon in the school library to borrow the book, but no attention, look behind the opportunity and went to the bookstore to buy this book, then look at this book second that version, many views are very good, 321 pages in the book which has talked about the search engine evaluation link value view, although because they do not have a lot of these ideas were tested, but that its credibility is very high, see the screenshot below:

An important guiding ideology of

of course, you may see this view soon can understand, but what to do or do not understand, below I introduce a few more difficult to get the higher value of the classic case of links, maybe you can more intuitive understanding of what kind of Shanghai dragon chain.

the author suggests that a series of inference is more difficult to obtain more valuable links. This is today I want to share a Shanghai, the construction of the chain from the point of view, you may realize might also.

Hello, I am the rose. Most people in Shanghai Longfeng optimization will choose more on the construction of the chain, because the degree of importance of the search engine evaluation of a web page, a lot of time according to the PageRank algorithm, and PageRank algorithm from web pages for external voting is particularly important, so the construction of the chain is a key aspect of our Shanghai Longfeng daily work. What is the chain let us most headache? Not to say that our execution is not enough, but we are blind to do, did not get what kind of good outside chain, what kind of chain is the first choice of our construction, so just wasted a lot of our energy, let Shanghai the dragon in this work becomes more complicated, seem more difficult. The front of rogue type comments about promotion is the classic example.


the author believes that the internal link weight is very low, almost no, from the same family of sites relative to the low, from Links is only secondary, from one-way links weight is the highest, and the one-way links page outbound links is less, the higher the evaluation of the link. The importance of links with the popularity of the website, here’s popularity should refer to the site of the degree of concern, the higher the degree of concern the web page links to web pages on a low degree of high ratio by weight. Popular and high weight website, is not easily give not popular web site a link, of course, if you can provide enough valuable information, you may get his trust in you, so the search engine to your evaluation is much higher.


you often see me in A5, c>

soft outside the chain

search engine for link evaluation

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