New generation B2C mall how to take the road of network marketing

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of electronic commerce in recent years has spawned a lot of popular e-commerce company, two years before the rise and fall of group purchase website is a microcosm, but in recent years there are many traditional e-commerce of small and medium-sized enterprises began the development of the industry, in addition to the maintenance of the traditional sales channels and also in the development of the network marketing channel the most, the most representative is the type of B2C mall site, a mall here in this paper to do the main fitness equipment as an example to explain how the new B2C mall walk the road network marketing, welcome. read more

Faced with the financial crisis, the third party testing enterprises how to break through the networ

in the face of the global financial crisis, the third party testing agency network marketing is widely respected in the industry, although compared to other industries, the network model of the third party is not mature enough. However, the rapid development of business throughout the country, the success of many companies to help bring a large number of customers. Day detection is one of the beneficiaries!

in more than a year, the company’s customer service sources continue to rise, in May this year, the company web site keywords ranking indoor air testing industry has leapt to the top 08 keywords, in the first half of the website only customer feedback number of transactions reached number pen. Within 1 years, day re testing company website is how to do it from the unknown site, become the third party inspection of a dark horse. The person in charge of the station admitted to the author: seize the opportunity for network development, bold attempt to Web2.0 era advertising model is our way to success." read more

Radio and television advertising management measures to bring the gospel to the webmaster

friends, in the second half of 2009 will be the spring of online advertising, ha ha, you seize the time to prepare for


recently saw a news that SARFT issued "management measures" radio and television advertisements broadcast, is for television advertising, in addition to their cheerful, more feel advertising advertising seems to go to the owners of the pocket.

actually I hate most is advertising, when watching television when the climax, suddenly will be damned advertising to interrupt, hey, and I love Hunan TV advertising, when coming, I had to go through a long and long wait, the heart that call a read more three quarter revenue reached 9 billion 500 million yuan annual target or difficult to ac

According to

Suning released earnings, the first three quarter revenue reached 9 billion 556 million yuan, which is 20 billion of its sales target this year so far, with a quarter, to complete this goal has been difficult.

According to

Suning released third quarter earnings, the company’s online business ( to achieve sales revenue of 9 billion 556 million yuan (including tax). 2012 1-9 months, the company achieved operating income of 72 billion 431 million yuan. Currently its online business accounts for about 13% of its total sales revenue. read more

Supply chain finance a two-way depth bound by Jingdong to suppliers

Liu Qiangdong from 2010 to consider how to finance the purchase of suppliers, to finally take a big step today.

November 27th, Jingdong held a comprehensive strategic partnership with the Bank of China branch in Beijing signing ceremony, the official announcement of the media had long been the supply chain financial services". Following the introduction of an open platform Jingdong, which can be regarded as another important step to build a network of retail ecology Jingdong.

in fact, part of the financing of a new round of financing Jingdong, Jingdong is used to achieve financial services to businesses. read more

Ali’s idle fish platform fake disputes are frequent refers to the registration process is too simple

in idle fish search brand bags, many commodity prices are 10%-20% counter price of these goods is difficult to have a genuine.

Ali Taobao harsh crackdown lay off a large number of sellers, but even under the second-hand trading platform idle fish. Beijing Daily reporter recently found that Taobao invested heavily in the formation of the platform management department after the crackdown, had been stationed fakes poured into the low threshold, loose supervision in the secondary market, secondary trading caused by fake complaints increased. For the secondary market is just unfolding, invasion of unscrupulous businesses is a serious damage to the ecological. read more

Suzhou formally launched the success of the local electricity supplier sounded the clarion call

in the e-commerce era, a variety of B2C mall in the Internet competing yan. Taobao, Tmall, Jingdong and other online shopping mall has long been known. However, these electronic business platform are based on the country, although radiation is widespread, but there is no regional characteristics. Now, people also have their own online shopping mall – Suzhou department. The mall was formally launched on April 20th, marking the birth of the city’s first localized electricity supplier shopping platform model. Compared with the first large-scale comprehensive electricity supplier, its remarkable characteristic is to achieve network TV platform, mobile phone platform, network platform integration platform covers: the Department of the Suzhou online mall, cable TV, mobile phone mall 999 APP client, the user with the purchase intention of thoughts into reality. In addition, its service object is Suzhou residents in the city logistics delivery timeliness, have more advantages than other electricity suppliers, its familiarity with the environment and living habits of the people of Suzhou is a large platform electricity supplier incomparable. read more

The site and domain name investment


at the beginning of the webmaster, the mind is always rich in fantasy and planning,

Cheap Host plus CMS more and more simple, you can create a download station overnight, can also create a music station, can immediately create a forum… Of course… Immediately can plan a local portal, the portal

last night after night, through the….

starts with the first station, the second starts… The N starts.

; " poison "…

then proudly said,

look! My XX computer station, as well as the XX literary Station, as well as XX image station, as well as the XX community, as well as XX base… And read more

Camel costume trying to electricity supplier of confusion VC refused to play said to turn the capita

Guangdong camel Garments Co., Ltd., general manager of King Kong


technology news (Lei Jianping) November 16th news, even after Smith Barney just crashed and go, still could not stop the enthusiasm for the traditional enterprise electricity supplier. Wan Jingang, general manager of Guangdong camel Garment Co., Ltd. recently told Tencent technology, the electricity supplier business confidence, this year’s online business can be 3 hundred million, accounting for the total revenue of 10%. read more

Singles day panic buying through overdraft spending spree to create illusion

letter sea light

is a double eleven this year, Taobao continued to maintain last year’s high-profile style, a large number of reporters to Ma Hangzhou Alibaba Xixi Park vigil, from 11 beginning at 0:00 on the scene witnessed millions of Internet users show "panic buying" large network, spent 21 hours on a record 30 billion of sales.

double eleven shopping Carnival since the beginning of 2009, this year is fifth years, but five years ago, no one would think of a double to almost all the people involved in the hot degree. First, it is just a gimmick to use "singles day" promotions. The singles day is the rise in the tide of Internet culture. In November 11th, four figure four looks like the shape of the root "Bachelor" with its image and mixed with a little humor, self deprecating, and integrating the Internet into the youth life, become popular. read more

Domain deletion list April 17, 2007


station for booking registration of international and domestic domain name contact QQ 470666 email/msn 0516–83777726

phone / > delete CN domestic domain list more today…… Delete more international domain names today…… read more

nternet plus era, electric car how to go

car is a large boulder field under the traditional line in the industry, with the development of the Internet, the line field also begins to be touched, and the car electricity supplier is slowly mining, but has not lit the breaking point, the pace is always slow, so far, it is through online sales of automobile enterprise little little, most of the automotive industry are only by means of promoting the brand as well as a client channel Internet platform. Then, the electric car Internet channel Gairuhezou? read more

Tmall double 11 break half off cap line

news September 9th, general manager of Tmall clothing apparel forum speech in Paulding last night, introduced the new thinking of Tmall clothing all retail channels. She said that this year, the eleven double rules and compared to previous years have been adjusted, the price will break the requirements of the top half off.


said this year Tmall has Goldin, identify at least 10 brand can double eleven before delivery, and hope the brand line can be under the mall with get online, but the price is better than eleven to meet the dual purpose, line. In addition, the national carnival is the highlight of this year’s eleven double, in October 10th, Tmall will hold a double Spring Festival Gala eleven, to promote the growth of UV. read more

Hu Peibin next year, the main marketing channels of electronic commerce

throughout the entire bathroom industry, in the year of the year small sanitary enterprises have begun to try to expand the channel of the e-commerce, now in the country has a certain well-known ssww bathroom has not silent, in order to meet the electronic commerce next year, ssww bathroom in the global marketing headquarters in 19 grand the opening. In there, the vice president of Chinese Ceramics Association, director of China Building Decoration Engineering Committee Secretary China kitchen engineering committee, President of the Guangdong Association of materials and so on, gathered more than and 20 media and guest more than and 700 people doing the luxury cruise together witness the sea whales Wei marketing headquarters of the grand opening! It is the surface of prosperity under the bluff. read more

Buy the industry and then lift the battle of the United States Mission brush single public comment b

Internet business must while crying while running, sometimes crying is more important than running! "This is the original Cool 6 network founder Li Shanyou said.

this phrase has so far played a role in the field of the Internet, do not believe you look at Alibaba, 360, music, millet and other Internet companies practice.

this time, the story takes place between the public comment and the U.S. mission network.

the night of May 16th, a screenshot micro-blog online crazy turn: the United States mission plan public comment on 5.17 group purchase promotions for "brush", of which there are COO words of encouragement and employee response to Kawai WeChat dialogue screenshots. read more

summarize the domain name registration process

statement: I use the software here, test: after the administrator does not help section, he is not a test,

concluded that the cybersquatting is likely to appreciate things a chance! A man can not forget our roots, ha

see below, should be the most important thing is: because the domain name is not the same time all deleted, so to master the accurate time is the key to delete can not grab meters


can also communicate with me:

QQ:86416866 URL:

concluded that the cybersquatting is likely to do for a read more

Webmaster orientation analysis of the characteristics of nternet users shopping

grasp the overall characteristics of Internet users to help owners understand the latest trends in the Internet, both for the construction of the site and the development of marketing strategies have some help. According to the China Internet Network Information Center CNNIC released Internet status report, personal summary of the overall shopping characteristics of Internet users shopping, only for your reference.

first, the majority of online shopping city: according to the report, municipalities and provincial cities accounted for 1/3 of the country’s online shopping users. Internet users have accounted for about 30% of all Internet users, but for large cities, such as Beijing, Shanghai, accounting for more than 40%. Although there is a gap between Europe and the United States, but in the future this year is expected to double growth. read more

Dim sum entrepreneurship two years the two transformation, battle and B round of financing

snack OS is a localized Android operating system

Sina Technology Meng hung

even ordinary days, but also have their own unusual.

for dessert – Beijing Zhongguancun’s mobile Internet Co hundred employees, in September this year, there is such a nondescript, but changed the life of a day. Announced a decision that month regular staff meeting: snack business since insisted every Saturday working days abolished, the weekend rest becomes the norm.

"in September of this year, we set up two years to the best time", said CEO Zhang Lei, founder of snacks like the Sina said, "it is bitter bitter?. But we’ve been through life and death". read more

So such a domain name event such judgment is the tragedy

      was originally found in two domain name lawsuit article. Because of the anger of the two articles, and then search for a while, the result was similar to the case found a lot of domain names, it really makes people sad. Rather, it is sad for the ignorance of China’s individual legal entities or individual law enforcement agencies.

      after the first, let us take a look at the * * City, Ms. Yao registered the "Tongji" domain names dispute case (see detailed report:… =0& NewsId=18582). In order to protect the Chinese famous trademark Ms. Yao registered first two names on "Tongji". And intends to transfer to "tongjitang". In the process of negotiations, Ms. Yao requires a certain transfer costs. Not to intervene, "Tongji" a petition to the intermediate people’s court * *. The court’s verdict is: two a domain name to "Tongji" all at the same time, the case acceptance fee of 6800 yuan was sentenced by the burden of Ms. yao. read more

Chinese traditional retail industry into a new round of strong integration period

tiger sniffing network: this year Chinese cited the first half economic growth slowdown and "frugal effect order", China retail industry sales growth is weak, at the same time, shop rents and labor costs rose. In addition, through the network sales network platform to realize the expanding of China industry constitute the influence. In this case, the circulation of retail enterprises have gradually shifted from the previous store to improve the efficiency of the strategic restructuring through restructuring. China’s retail industry restructuring opportunities. read more