Farmers entrepreneurial park for farmers to create a customer into a star

now farmers want to start again do not have to worry about can not find the resources and channels, various types of farmers have established business platform, provide business information and policy and funding support, help every farmer hit off poineering road to go farther.


was founded in June 2015, Xinzheng Meng is the entrepreneurial farmers farmers become hit off the star: 98 Small and micro businesses settled, of which 53 are migrant farmers’ entrepreneurship. Many farmers create why customers favor farmers entrepreneurship Park, Venture Park for the creation of the passengers who provided the conditions for entrepreneurship? This reporter went into the town of Meng farmers entrepreneurship Park interview. read more

70% rural youth with college degree or above

was admitted to the university is the rural youth, carp jump Longmen, the promotion of the road, but now it seems to turn. Many college students in Shanghai after graduation and choose to return home, to be entrepreneurial farmers. This indicates that China’s labor force or the emergence of reverse flow phenomenon.

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An analysis of the prospect of Opening English Club

education industry in China has an increasing demand. The demand for English education is changing with the cotton market. The market of English learning China

, is currently the education sector in the most development potential of the project. With the increasing demand for knowledge, it is a fact that English education industry has a large profit in the market. Therefore, the market is also a development of the English franchise and is worthy of investment projects. Next, we make an analysis on the development prospect of the subject English franchise.

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Find new solar system of ninth planets Experts said inconclusive

recently, the United States scientists claimed that the discovery of the solar system, the ninth planets, belonging to the gas giant planet. However, there are many astronomers said there is no definitive conclusion can not confirm this hypothesis.

once there are nine major planets that 2006 with Pluto was demoted to a "dwarf planet" after only eight planets.

however, January 20th American scientists announced that there is "sufficient evidence", on the edge of the solar system may be hidden in a distant and huge number nine. read more

Brand wardrobe items recommended

plays a very important role in the life of the family, hotels and other places can see the figure. What are the high-end wardrobe brand? Now Xiaobian for everyone to sort out, if you are interested in these projects, then go to invest it!

A, Devielle wardrobe

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2012 boss to make money essential elements of entrepreneurship

is now the era of market economy, a lot of people want to join the investment business, occupy a certain market share, so the "sea" investment business, do business more and more, all hope in the market "muddy water" gold, a lot of people are doing the boss dream, as the target to do their own business that business, if it was worthwhile to live a career, fame, to realize their own value. This idea can not be wrong, a qualified boss should have the following elements to make money. read more

All the way fragrance snack car let you start easily

upfront you motivated confidence is the complexity of the preparatory work is not extinguished, you will worry about doing the preparation work is not good, the operational period will be very bleak, small next to recommend this to join the project so you do not have to worry about these issues, a fragrance snack car is that it is not out of the ordinary need to prepare complex, only need a simple snack car, you can start the business career, is very magical, listen to a small detail for you.

a road is a road snack car specially for its delicacy tailored to a snack car, its versatility ensures that all the delicacy can be finished in the snack car, frying boiling roast and other production methods can be done in a car, so that a road snack car it is the equivalent of a flow of delicacy food facilities, and operations are not subject to site constraints, you can easily open to the commercial prosperity of the popularity of the place, no longer confined to a fixed store fixed consumption problem place. Of course, not your place of business is not constrained by you can achieve entrepreneurial success, the key to success is to depend on the ability to project strength, the strength of a road there is no doubt that many years of operation has let the fire brand influence it all over the country. So you just need to take advantage of all the way fragrance snack car, success is to come so suddenly and pleasantly surprised. read more

Alternative road – Dog bikini

world, Nothing is too strange., as long as you dare to think, as long as you are willing to work hard, once again confirms that sentence, everything is possible! Below, Xiaobian for you to take an alternative entrepreneurial road, dog bikini, I hope to bring more inspiration for you!

10 birthday, my mother gave Hu Xi a little poodle, which later became the "family Miss Hu" mimi. The whole family treats Mimi as a child. In 2000, Hu Xi in the Beijing Evening News "and my pet story Essay, a" my two girl "touching, won the" best companion animal master award". Hu Xi to think how to make Mimi yanyaqunfang awards. "At first, I wanted to buy a beautiful dress, but in 2000 there was no such thing as pet clothing in Beijing. I can’t buy it myself." Hu Xi love fashion design, clothing school, was studying stage art at Academy of Chinese Traditional Opera. read more

Convenience store should operate the product

  through the investigation of the convenience store, the products can be divided into four categories: food, groceries, convenience goods and cultural publications.

      first, food

      many methods of food commodities such as simple division can be subdivided, for food and drinking; can also be in accordance with the preservation methods, divided into low temperature food, food and general food; or divided in detail for agricultural products, meat and meat products, milk and dairy products. Aquatic products, canned food, beverage, wine, spices, candy, biscuits, health food and other food. read more

How to open a string of incense – net

string of incense is everyone’s favorite snacks, a lot of people want to open their own chain of incense shop, if you want to open a store like this, how to do it? To join a brand, then what are the advantages?

string fragrance headquarters to provide you with materials and secret materials package, after a simple training can become a professional expert. Open family string incense good? In the process of development of the string of incense in the spirit of the principle of green health, for everyone to create high-quality string snacks. read more

The investment community children’s money – the whole

community children’s Park to join the project choice for business with a small capital of the entrepreneur, is very business choice. As we all know, the healthy growth of children, has been a matter of great concern. Community children’s paradise to join the choice, no doubt, is the children’s entertainment paradise, how can not make money?

community children’s paradise built, whether it is entertainment or puzzle, will be welcomed by the public.

first, in such a modern metropolis of Shanghai, relying on public places limited children’s game center is not enough, the community children’s recreation center just fill this vacancy, this also is the potential market factors in this project can be successful. read more

How reliable you join the children’s Park on Saturday

Join the project

children’s Park choice for business with a small capital entrepreneurs, is a very wise choice. High quality joining the project, the success of the business choice. How about the children’s Park on Saturday? Loved by the children, deeply trusted by the parents!

children’s Park on Saturday, how to introduce the children’s Park on Saturday, the beautiful weather, so many people happy mood. Taking advantage of good weather, go out to play has become the choice of many people. But some parents and friends a little puzzled, the home of the child is still small, is not very suitable for outdoor travel. With children where to play has become a headache for many parents. Children’s Park on Saturday to meet the needs of market development, came into being, a good solution to the children to play where the problem. This is a very popular brand, continuous study, continuous innovation, with the power of technology to create intelligent amusement equipment, the children is love, is to be more and more parents recognized, it is suitable for entrepreneurs to join. Spring good choice for business, children’s Park on Saturday to generate income. read more

Senior Lei Gang venture for half a month – net profit 2 million

college students in spite of the current market environment is very common, however, the real success is not much, not to mention or get quite lucrative. And my college of criminal investigation senior Lei gang from selling books, special agent to brand the company, out of their entrepreneurial road.

was wearing a green woolen coat, big foot shoes, square right hand raised a brown bag. It is difficult to bear the thunder Gang, his image and students together, but closer to his other identity, deputy general manager of Chongqing Leye home textiles limited company. read more

Chen Zhilan’s retail store to spend the winter low season

the weather is cold, everyone shrinks in the home is not willing to go out, which for shops, business will naturally have a great impact. However, not any one of the shops are in the winter season ushered in the off-season business, this is not Chen Zhilan’s shop, even in the face of winter, also has a business "coup", so that the business of the shop is also a flourishing development.

in the mouth of Huarong Zhen Song Jia County of Hunan Province, Yueyang City, one of the best more than and 50 retail customers and Chen Zhilan. Winter comes, the countryside to the off-season operation, Chen Zhilan shop business? I decided to go and find out. read more

Want to start a shop should have what qualities do the whole

since we have chosen the road of entrepreneurship, what qualities do we need to be able to succeed in business? I believe this is also a lot of people are very concerned about the problem, then, let us take a look at it:

insight and resilience

development of a project is not out of the market and, if we want to let their own entrepreneurial projects smoothly in this competitive environment to survive, for entrepreneurs, they will need to have a keen insight and ability; first insight to allow investors to better understand the market. And for the development of the market and change can be known in advance, let them in the process of operating their own entrepreneurial projects, to make their entrepreneurial projects to better adapt to the development direction of the market, let their entrepreneurial projects, better able to attract many consumers on the market. read more

Argon arc welding smoke purifier how well – the whole

in our lives, we can not do without the demand for argon arc welding fume purifier. Joined the argon arc welding smoke purifier project, is also a very good choice. Venture to join the argon arc welding smoke purifier project, is also a very powerful choice!

industrial production, often in the production of a variety of toxic substances, such as ozone, nitrogen oxides, hydrocarbons, carbon monoxide, etc.. These toxic substances will cause great harm to the human body, so the argon arc welding smoke purifier in the collection and purification of smoke has gradually spread. read more

Be willing to do business – a of small profits

is now a lot of people really do not give up the money is not willing to give up, in the premise of such a lot of care, so that a lot of customer dissatisfaction, business development will naturally be affected. In fact, if you really want to do a fire business, naturally we need to be willing to give small profits, so that we can really earn a profit.

has been in the store since the milk has been purchasing. Because Li is in a small area, delivery is very convenient and timely, in addition to the wholesale beer, so the wine has been set at his home. Not long ago to listen to colleagues inadvertently disclose their purchase inside, let me have the idea to change a dealer. read more

How much is the delicious steamed – cost of joining whole

in the Chinese fast food economy swept through the food and beverage market, Chinese fast food brands emerge in an endless stream, they seized the opportunity to quickly occupy the Chinese fast food market. Steamed delicious is one of the famous fast food brands. So what about steamed delicious? Look at the following Xiaobian:

steamed delicious is one of the 8 famous brand source group, the introduction of the project in Taiwan, is the headquarters to create a stylish, healthy and nutritional characteristics of food items, the headquarters organized a number of nutrition experts to conduct technical research, will be the first to a variety of nutrients beneficial to human nutrition collocation are combined. After more than a year of innovation and market test, will eventually be steamed delicious to market success. Since the success of project operation since, has been widely recognized by consumers, has won a good reputation in the market, the original tonic steamed vegetables production technology and modern advanced production process perfectly, breaking the traditional types of fast food limitation, the taste of a single market structure, the formation of "1+7+N model". read more