Sell sweet potatoes online new generation of reporters when farmers remember

"my hometown is full of sunshine, and it is also rich in poverty."." Zhang Huaitian wrote in his first book in high school.

Zhang Huaitian is my college classmate. In the old days, he was a student of the attention of the people, how many people can publish books in high school? In our eyes, he is our class Han Han, unfortunately, no Han Han handsome, and even miserable.

can’t judge, although Zhang Huaitian "appearance has been amazing, but in our school of journalism, he is the most diligent reporter, in the school year all the newspapers every day to see his article, a year more than 500 published news. (PS: journalism school, every class has a newspaper, as well as community newspapers, personal newspapers, school newspapers, etc., as well as outgoing ones. The other side of his diligence, his eyes and his meditation, also made us have to reflect on whether we were childish or not. read more

Want to start a cold drink shop to remember the management skills

cold drinks in the summer is a beautiful scenery line, in fact, in addition to summer, other seasons such delicious is also very popular, then open this store will be like? Who must pay attention to methods, for investors who want to start a cold drink shop is no exception, although there is no shortcut to entrepreneurship, but if investors in the entrepreneurial process to understand some of the techniques and methods of them, that will let you avoid detours, to a certain extent, reduce business risk. The following is about the operation of the cold drink shop small, I hope to help you. read more

The question and answer model in nquiry — the value of vertical question and answer community

introduction: JeffHowe, a reporter for wired magazine in America, first introduced the concept of crowdsourcing in the 6 issue of 2006. The connotation of Crowdsourcing thought is a huge project, we can split it, so many participants completed the part of their own good, finally let the project and invisible, embracing all. Crowdsourcing become group collaboration model in the network era, and Crowdsourcing can be divided into many kinds, and rely on the collective wisdom of answering model to solve the problem, it is a classic case of the Internet Crowdsourcing pioneer, Wikipedia and Quora led the country such as Baidu know, know the gradually strong. And these questions and answers model to Internet, each industry, and even the whole society’s influence is huge. read more

This site can download social science papers free of charge and no longer need to know how to spend

recently, the National Center for philosophy and Social Sciences ( to provide free papers downloaded news, blasting scholars, humanities and social science students, researchers circle of friends.

Compared to databases such as HowNet and

, the advantage of the National Center for philosophy and social sciences is free. The center is rich in resources and contains almost all the core journals in the humanities and social sciences. Any user who has logged in can use the functions of literature search, resource subscription, online reading, full text download, etc.. Some call it "digital resources available to people all over the world"". read more

Personal AdSense for the biggest obstacle to network operators

08 years is destined to be an extraordinary year, the Wenchuan earthquake, the Tibet riots, the financial crisis, of course, and the Beijing 2008 Olympic games.


we the webmaster is not small, many personal webmaster to do business, in order to let the webmaster can smoothly switch network, I am here to share with you some people think network disorder (only personal views).

first, where is the shop? This has many options, such as Taobao, eBay or pat (personal look on eBay, because Taobao also began charging, although only large transaction fees), these are the leader in C2C e-commerce, Taobao is currently in development should be China best. We can consider. read more

Station six months process and experience sharing

did more than half a year, because I was doing the purpose of the station is to help people who want to start business, so I put my period of experience and experience to share with you.

I knew it was promising in 2006, but it wasn’t until 2008 April that I bought the first space and domain name here. The main reason why I haven’t tried to do this is that I don’t know what to do or how to do it, except that the two years have been a major change in my life. So my half year’s harvest is actually knowing how to start a website and how to make a valuable website. read more

From the love transformation to vertical search local life information explosion

recently announced a strategic upgrade, love to help network, launched a new life search service – neighborhood search, focus on providing local consumer places for users to search, aggregation of the whole network of businesses, the whole network evaluation, the whole network, the whole network group purchase preferential information to help the user consumption decision. Love network former Baidu CTO Liu Jianguo (micro-blog) was founded in 2007, is currently in the 265 national city to provide local search service life. read more

Grass roots webmaster psychological training on calm.

The word "

" is literally translated from English grass roots. Generally speaking, it has two meanings: one is the relative power with the government or policy maker; the other is the weak stratum corresponding to the mainstream, elite culture or elite. As a webmaster we certainly belong to the latter, of course, grassroots webmaster not go this route, or how there will be widespread in the circle in the phrase "sleep later than the dog, up earlier than the chicken" metaphor? Some people even before the family in PubMed modeled on the popular classic sentence. "If you love him, let him take it, because there is a heaven; if you hate him, let him take it, because there is a hell," wrote "love him, let him go to do it; if you hate him, let him do webmaster" sigh words. read more

Liu Yu contains how to effectively operate micro-blog enterprises to establish brand image

micro-blog marketing more and more enterprises by the pro gaze, enterprises have been stationed in micro-blog, micro-blog wants to establish a brand image, enhance brand competitiveness. However, for new micro-blog marketing companies, familiar with micro-blog’s function, and has the magnitude of the fan skills are easy; but the micro-blog marketing brings real concern for the enterprise, and brand communication is not an easy thing.

with the development of micro-blog, micro-blog marketing tools and software is also increasing, but these are not enough to help enterprises carry out marketing activities smoothly. In order to operate micro-blog effectively, enterprises must establish systematic science, which is essential to meet their own content strategy. No content, content, but can not express, I do not know what Internet users pay attention to. This is an important problem for enterprises to operate micro-blog, ignoring the content and strategy of system science. To effectively operate the enterprise, micro-blog is totally out of the question. read more

Grass roots experience Tips for rapid growth of web traffic

I read a lot of websites about how to improve the site traffic rapidly, mostly talk about the site location, take a good name, the keywords selected site, and then determine their own domain name, that is very thorough, about the very place. However, we have done the site, that is because the first step to give an untimely help, we could not again!

for already built a website, how should we do? Below I combine oneself to build "Hao623 home of Internet" experience, talk about oneself shallow practice, perhaps help to you, read more

Entrepreneurship failed. Look at these bad habits

at work, everyone has his or her own habits, but some bad habits can be a barrier to achieving your goals. Here are eight common bad habits in the workplace. Although they are not as disruptive as alcohol and drug abuse, they definitely prevent you from achieving success in your career.

one, work dilatory,

, a reputable art designer, always leaves work late, but he does not realize that punctuality is of equal importance to the quality of his work. In the present enterprise, each person’s work often does not have to wait until the former person to complete its division of labor part to begin. If you drag in the competition, other people will no longer depend on you, or even start to resent you, abandon you. read more

Hualong Xiang Qian Yu development of two or three city local site

news December 4th, to "innovation, integration and development as the theme of the second session of Chinese and local industry website summit will be held on December 2010 4-5 in Hangzhou International Convention and Exhibition Center held overseas sea, more than 3000 professionals from all walks of life from the Internet, webmaster, media and guests to participate in this event, Admin5 webmaster General Assembly as cooperation the media to participate in the full report, the following is the speech of general manager Qian Yu long lane. read more

Discussion local website promotion — sanbanfu

the Internet is getting hotter and hotter, changing our lives all the time. In recent years, when hot and cold, the website has been a model for the grassroots webmaster to test the water. As a veteran of Internet users of the Internet, I can not get rid of the temptation also try to do a local website, in the process of operation, there are many places that owners feel confused, they are not sure of some local community two or three lines and the lower level whether there is no prospect, can create value and use value for businesses and netizen? In giants fight in survival and success can not be an exception and counter attack? The same in the confusion in the information that the * * who can identify local needs; G. Who can leverage value levers?. Don’t stare at the giants, because they haven’t found you yet, and you’re already doing something they haven’t done or even done, and their gaps are your values. And this has been led by the local class site, the smaller the region, the more they can grow in their blind spots. You’re local. You know the local better than the giant. read more

How does the server affect the weight of the website

we all know how high the weight of a web site is, and there are many factors involved. In general, we can start with the most basic, to see the impact of server weight on the site, in the end there are large and what server factors will affect our site rankings.

generally speaking, before we plan to do a website, we have to spend some time to select an almost perfect space or server. General grassroots webmaster, if there is no special requirements, the general virtual space can be satisfied. So we buy in the virtual space, goods than three, to choose cost-effective, stable speed, of course, this is the most important! So we have to buy a virtual space is laborious, high prices can not afford to buy, the price is low quality and afraid of the virtual space, really do not give read more

How to improve the popularity of personal blogs

personal traffic is the driving force of personal website construction, traffic can be converted to income, and make our greater energy into the operation and development of personal websites. We see a lot of successful personal blog one day over W traffic, we also see a lot of personal blog bloggers will not a pool of stagnant water, power sharing update. How do we improve the flow of personal blogs,


first, focus. Personal blogs are different from personal websites. The blog need to focus on a field or an industry analysis, even a special point of view, the content has strong originality and finishing, even after foreign language translation through their own home, which belongs to the category of personal blog. Web site is different, you can either like it or not, the framework is established, completely numb update collection, and later promotion, to flow and advertising revenue coexist. Blogs need to focus on getting more of your peers to agree on your point of view, often getting back to visit, commenting on your articles, and reprinting your views, causing a certain impact on celebrity and traffic coming along. read more

Anhui webmaster lecture fourth Cai Liwen website promotion and operation of the six points of experi

Anhui Internet Alliance ( before the organization of the Anhui 08 station will success also mobilize the enthusiasm of the masses of Anhui station. Due to time reasons, the fourth phase of the Anhui station special lecture has been successfully concluded today (2008.12.18) at 14:30. This issue, we have now well-known online production BANNER, I pull the CEO Cai Liwen, participate in lecture group number: 47065533, speech theme: website promotion and operation. The webmaster to actively participate in the crowd of 500 people soon full. read more

Analysis of WeChat public platform account establishment process

WeChat is a mobile phone chat software launched by Tencent Inc in 11. Because of the simple function of WeChat at that time, people simply used to send voice, SMS, video, pictures and text. Later, 12 years, Tencent Inc in WeChat on the basis of the new public number and service number and other functional modules, WeChat has become one of the enterprises and people to promote network marketing. At this time, individuals and enterprises can build a WeChat public number, through platform certification, to achieve two-dimensional code subscription, news push, brand communication, etc.. Well, WeChat platform account is how to build it? Do not know the friends, you can follow the Nanning Love asked webmaster to understand. read more

China’s first overseas students to sell word website

five thousand words network founder Shi Rui is proud to say, "China has five thousand years of history and culture, and the text China culture since ancient times is the most important part of the development of communication, so I decided to a website named" five thousand words ", Chinese five thousand years of culture, our website will sell 5000 words, this is the first word China selling website".

, a small overseas student in China, is a sophomore majoring in electronic computer science at University of Toronto, Canada. He has achieved excellent results in his studies. As a result of family conditions, when I went to Canada to study, I only took one year’s study and living expenses. The original motive for this idea was to pay tuition at the start of the school year in September. read more

How to establish network brand

this time in writing, every day in the study, and then write on it, because I was a young boy studying marketing more than 20 days, although in this line is not a long time but I have confidence to take every step, because there is no one to teach, sometimes feel special detours but I don’t believe I can not learn something, nothing is difficult if you put your heart into it, not one year two years three years… For your persistence and pride…

well do not say so much heart speech, then enter our happy moment: "99399 friends together, to experience the wonderful life, happy you and me" lucky 52 something real joke, Li Yong laughed down! PART1: a couple, guess the name of the food, the old woman gestures guess husband. On the big screen, jump out " steamed bread " a word, wife Description: round, white, can eat husband:…… Wife continues to describe: "that is white, soft, you last night to eat!" the husband seems to be anxious, and blurted out: "" Mimi; "" Li Yong laughed down. read more