The website optimization scheme of how to write

four, website resources.

page title, description, keywords settings. Web page title must be closely linked to the target keywords, column page, page title is required according to the content of the page to set. The other is the bread crumbs, should also pay attention to the Road King url. The URL path should be short and contain the keywords, breadcrumbs can kindly tell visitors to the website and search engine crawlers to the current page location, natural essential.

, a site location.

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Win in the search how to make web content in the forefront of search


the same content, why with a different ranking in the search engines? Of course, the weight is an important factor. Then get rid of the weight, and what factors determine the same content in different rankings? Website optimization, grasp the traffic control is the lifeblood of the website, the website content and flow to you, whether to return? If not, may wish to read a little bit following suggestions:

? content of the title of the page layout structure

specialize in the field, on the site you may have enough right to speak, will be issued a content search engine, and in the forefront. But if the release is obviously inconsistent with its own direction information in many "content industry Web site high weight pressure, will have the same ranking? Is this content search, search engine rankings for more emphasis on" industry correlation". And combined with the industry correlation is the most favorable of optimization website keywords, other times. In fact, if you want to come too easy to explain, what is done and what rankings are so good, let others do what read more

About love Shanghai search online shopping tips of the keywords analysis


today just installed a Taobao station, looking for a Taobao index of high word, found that Taobao sale index is very high, it inquires about the keyword index and ranking the results, I was shocked, no nonsense, directly above:

in Figure 1 with the sidebar look, this is the 1 side bar chart:

love Shanghai search prompt for the total to 78, but the total can see only 4 pages! In addition for what we do not miss him off, and the site also know the Internet has false information, when we have love in search of Shanghai: "Apple customer service Tel: 400~814~ 5668" the above information is false in order to verify the! This phone is not "Tao Tao" I just above the 400 call to make a telephone call, the results suggest that Eastern Airlines more depressed!! but Eastern Airlines service hotline number is 9553 read more

Cause analysis of enterprise website content construction can not keep up with the demand of the lov

as the search engines continue to advocate user experience, guide enterprises to focus on the content of the website construction, website optimization from the center of the chain for the emperor to content for the emperor. Do the content on the website construction, not only the relationship itself in the search engine rankings and the weight, but also to some extent affected the user of the site’s favorite, directly determines the enterprise website revenue. Each enterprise engaged in the website optimization, all know the importance of the construction of website, why can the love Shanghai repeatedly advocated, users continue to demands of the environment, many enterprises have not really do the content on the website construction. read more

shlf1314 Adsense the gap between Chinese and EnglishAnalysis of online advertising billing methods 1


not necessarily…

continued to write at night.

CPA pay, to the webmaster, especially Chinese webmaster, is a hard way to make money, especially pay per sale CPS, because the network marketing environment of domestic and foreign not so good, so become one of the most China owners unwilling to consider advertising cooperation and we also know that online shopping when is the behavior of many multiple clicks ads, repeatedly query information after confirmation of purchase, and make a contribution to the site, or even more than one site, they may not be able to obtain the corresponding reward. And for advertisers, there are visible effects, and then pay, Adsense cheating difficult, become the advertisers most willing to choose advertising, but he also had to face the few embarrassing collaborators. read more

Not as Shanghai dragon Lane

train also need maintenance and maintenance to Wenzhongqiusheng, many websites as soon as the ranking, webmaster have mostly start to slacken, that can no longer ignore the first term. You know our competitors are not idle, meat bones will always have a lot of people are thinking, what if we loose at that time may not have a big problem, a serious decline in long-term decline of the workload will lead to Shanghai dragon effect, a little inattentive back to before liberation.


is a local train, not too hard nor long-term neglect, the best to give yourself a clear direction to meet. read more

A5 diagnosis of Shanghai dragon dying website timely assistance

is now the Shanghai dragon service providers, generally receive the money after it, not after the customer sites have what problem, even if what happened, he would think that has nothing to do with his, don >

often in the QQ group and some webmaster forum, if you are a webmaster, so I believe you must be able to understand how the post master’s mood, face day and night care sites such as the emergence of the problem, to search engine punishment, but only anxious, unable to come up with a solution, with the mother to watch their children’s illness, but their inability to is the same, but, fortunately, Shanghai dragon A5 diagnostic services (贵族宝贝 Shanghai dragon.Admin5贵族宝贝/) appeared to save a lot of dying from the search engine website, and the user experience, let the real website caters to the ranking algorithm of search engine, make a web site with vigor, webmaster has hope, and compared with the same industry has more advantages, such as the following Other aspects are Shanghai Longfeng services not ready. read more

Don’t let the test field sites become a frequently updated Google love Shanghai

I don’t know what kind of search engine algorithm vulnerabilities, do not have too much to study, so I was a rookie webmaster, as a rookie webmaster my observation is many sided, because I found several phenomena of the following:

B, last month to this month, I remember no more than half a month, Google made two PR update a website from my previous PR4 down to PR3, there is a new station on the line just two months from PR0 to PR2, personally feel that PR is not more and more loss, I speculate. read more

Do not be confined in the Shanghai, Shanghai Dragon

as you know, four or five years ago, Shanghai dragon is very easy, but also very easy to cheat, it was much more stable, the search engine is no way today evolved rapidly. Since last June, 28 of the love Shanghai algorithm upgrade, upgrade large algorithm and we welcome this emerge in an endless stream, of course, upgrade, but also give us the Shanghai dragon Er out of a problem, love Shanghai more and more turbulent, some people even do not know the future direction of development, confused. Of course, these people are just some of the primary Shanghai Longfeng operators, the real master is not affected by these effects, what they know you are going to have to do, what the user needs is. read more

2015 Shanghai dragon must overcome 5 major problems

2015 Shanghai dragon must overcome 5 major problems

if you do in Shanghai Longfeng process, often encounter the following 5 kinds of problems, please keep in a

problem four: the Shanghai dragon effect without accurate assessment and.


problem: my two page links actually compete those spam links, ranking behind them but you might think that the search engine how to make spam links ranking? I in higher quality. Please don’t be nervous, I believe these must be high weight website left spam links, have some years, no one in the careful maintenance of these links, the link bounce rate is very high, and your links or website, temporarily for search engines may be relatively unfamiliar, so the ranking has not gone up this time! And don’t care too much about this garbage advertising links, but the work of the center to the following aspects: whether the content of adequate quality of user experience, how to do, is social media layout, whether it has its own brand, what is your core values? And whether there is enough influence in the industry. To Shanghai dragon and Shanghai dragon, it is just a tool of read more

A5 Yue Huai marketing cherish life away from Shanghai, ill

in order to meet you (like Shanghai), at the expense of their rest time to hand the chain until three, when the August 10th" stationmaster clinic open day "activities, so typical of the webmaster, Shanghai dragon ER grievance speech reporting came from Shanghai love search engineer Lee’s mouth, I am really" do not have a taste in the heart".

A5 ER Journal of Shanghai dragon disclosure, a machinery company he works for a total of 30 sites, one author maintains 9 sites. As can be imagined, even if only one day for each site to add 1 articles, a total of as many as 9, can really make high quality articles to hell — especially in the industry of information has been done under the condition of abuse. What’s more, the vast majority of Companies in Shanghai Longfeng station editor assessment indicators far beyond "every station 1" number. read more

A5 source March 2013 free website source recommendation

A5 source China dedicated to the webmaster, in order to provide massive free website source code download, in March 2013 there are a lot of excellent source updates in the function and performance of A5 source code, mainly for CMS this month, the community forum, blog, web site navigation, free online system in several categories to recommend the latest free website code and hope to all the webmaster friends help!

OTCMS2.73 released

OTCMS detailed introduction and download: 贵族宝贝down.admin5贵族宝贝/asp/70126.html read more

2015 medical website latest Shanghai dragon cheating on

false link

Keywords The

1, Html notes

The accumulation of Click on the link

spoofingWhen the user clicks the

know, search engines crawl the page is crawling according to the link on the page, when the search engines crawl into an empty page, the content of only a few keywords no other content, search engine will produce resentment, as junk page, without any help to the user, once found false links this search engine there are a lot of space on the site, the site is down right away is not far away. read more

A wonderful website using the Nofollow attribute effect analysis

for this problem, many people may not to let the spiders crawl and add nofollow, many people think that may improve the website specially with nofollow, let the spider crawl more pages to save time. First I clear a little spider will crawl the nofollow link, this point in the optimization of the site I Huayue talent network has done experiments, nofollow out of the spider crawling links have traces of normal at the same time included, love Shanghai webmaster guidelines also said that with nofollow is not given weight, and not to say that not included. So for this collection of problems, some people will feel with nofollow included suddenly rose, this is indeed not a, is also a kind of misunderstanding. Your included rose may be related to other factors, with the Never mind. Because if you have found, you will know the spider is not we imagine so mediocre, every day in the process of frequent website crawling, so intelligent spiders have every day to take up those worthless or immutable and frozen? The answer is to each page as can be imagined, the spider crawling again, until a certain period is analyzed what the page does not update the update cycle is not the page at the same time after the visit will be more and more long. So the next time the spider came to visit will skip over these links, you nofollow say time is in fact completely untenable. read more

Adjust the link text to make your website keywords ranking first

dream weaving administrator family long-term focus on weaving DedeCms skills tutorials, template style and plug-in module collection, and the original course, website templates and plug-in released. A study on weaving station optimization, the chain function of DEDECMS. That is not perfect, so the new version of the dream. "

approach is mainly tell the search engines, my website hit these keywords, website content is and the relevant keywords, time to adjust the website ranking, remember to give me a good website ranking. There are many factors of search engine ranking algorithm to consider, it can only say to the search engine rankings, whether can have a good ranking, but also depends on the comprehensive score. read more

Google announced the HTTPS SSL safety certification into its search ranking mechanism

in the future whether Google will improve HTTPS/SSL weights for the website ranking effect? This is a possibility, because Google wants to master some time to adjust their own website, conversion from HTTP to HTTPS. The future of HTTPS security authentication may become one of the important factors that affect the site ranking.




said HTTPS and SSL, it must first say the difference with their HTTP. For HTTP we are not unfamiliar, it is the hypertext transfer protocol (Hypertext Transfer Protocol), agreed to the communication between the browser and the web server rules, we are usually the Internet based protocol for data transmission, is widely used. Now most of the sites are using the HPPT protocol. But HTTP has some defects in security, lack of that plaintext transmission and message integrity detection. This security flaw is easy to be used to obtain personal information, such as mobile phone, identity information, credit card numbers, etc.. Especially the current online transaction has become very common. read more

Advanced search instructions can not know the website optimization personnel

5, Inanchor command returns the page containing the search term import link anchor text. Love does not support the inanchor command in Shanghai. We search in Google inanchor: website promotion, we can appear in the anchor text page appears in "the four words website promotion".


The results of

contact Shanghai Longfeng although there is a period of time, but to understand the search command is not many, nothing to look at Shanghai Longfeng actual combat password this evening, there is a detailed introduction of the advanced search instruction website optimization, the author thinks that ZAC written in detail, for everyone in the future site optimization is very help, so here the author sorted out, to facilitate future study. read more

For example Shanghai dragon is like chasing girls as simple


2. "rich", choose a fast and stable space access to the site, like some big company directly to buy server.

which girl does not love to find a rich boyfriend, tall and handsome if it would be better, but if you are a poor hanging wire, it also never mind, to believe that the hanging wire can counterattack rich handsome". When we make the Shanghai dragon also has a "high rich handsome":

three, cheek until

two, a "handsome"

, create a personal image of

3. "handsome", good user experience. The content of the website should have readability, see. If you let others into your website immediately close the browser, you this website also useful read more

How to improve the keywords ranking

of course you can also through other ways and methods to increase the page external connection number, as long as these methods are effective, such as favorites, friends of the chain platform, Links and blog, because the operating efficiency in these platforms without the forum so high, the operating speed so fast, so the chain added method not so widespread, if we want to do a more intense competition in the key words, then I believe that these are still very useful, because of the increase in the breadth of the chain is also very necessary. The article first appeared in Shanghai Dragon: 贵族宝贝809贵族宝贝/Article/54.aspx, reproduced please indicate the source. read more

A push a few simple steps to help you website faster

Links exchange platform is not only we can exchange Links place, when the query site outside the chain is found from the Links exchange platform, of course, the premise is the Links exchange platform weight is high enough, we sent a URL to exchange platform in the chain search engine recognition for Links exchange this type of website platform to provide services, the most important point is that the user experience is better, when everyone is a good choice for the novice webmaster.

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