Firefox OS Simulator offers playpen for primetime

first_img(—Mozilla is inviting developers to play around with its experimental Firefox OS Simulator. The Firefox OS Simulator is a Firefox add-on for web developers who would be interested in building apps for Mozilla’s coming mobile Firefox operating system. The simulator will make it easier for developers to stay current with future updates to Firefox OS. Mozilla has talked for a while about a mobile operating system of its own, Firefox OS, and in July this year boasted of growing global industry support behind such an idea of a fully open mobile ecosystem based on HTML5. The advantage was seen by the likes of Deutsche Telekom, Etisalat, Smart, Sprint, Telecom Italia, Telefónica and Telenor who were backing the open Firefox OS as an “exciting new entrant” to the smartphone marketplace. Now Mozilla has made a prototype simulator available for developers, though technology bloggers note that it is definitely “early alpha.” No matter what downsides might be attached to an early-alpha experience, the history of Firefox and its historic role in the open source community is always seen as a winning factor for Mozilla, and will be a factor in raising developer interest for working with its mobile OS. This is an open platform. Mozilla’s Andreas Gal, speaking recently at a London event said, “The goal is not to lock people into our services, but to create a level playing field.” Developers will use the web as a basis for apps, capable of building a single app that works on many platforms. Mozilla has said that its OS advantage is in the fact that it would be free from the encumbrances of the rules and restrictions of proprietary platforms.Mozilla’s initial market target will be an optimized platform for entry-level smartphones. Rather than trying to win a race with iOS, Android, or any other mobile system, reports are that Mozilla’s focus will be on an operating system to power the most affordable phones. The first Firefox OS devices are expected to go on sale in 2013. Alcatel and ZTE are the first manufacturers to climb on board. Mozilla unleashes sleek new Firefox Web browser © 2012 What’s more, TCL Communication Technology and ZTE announced intentions to manufacture the first devices to feature the new Firefox OS, using Snapdragon processors from Qualcomm. The Firefox OS for mobile devices is built on Mozilla’s “Boot to Gecko project” which resolves limitations of web development for mobile computing, in that it allows HTML5 applications to access the capabilities of a phone that otherwise are only available to native applications. Standards-based web technologies (HTML, CSS, and JavaScript) are at play here and, as Technology Review commented, “the OS has Web DNA through and through.” More information: This document is subject to copyright. Apart from any fair dealing for the purpose of private study or research, no part may be reproduced without the written permission. The content is provided for information purposes only. Citation: Firefox OS Simulator offers playpen for primetime (2012, November 22) retrieved 18 August 2019 from Explore furtherlast_img read more

Learning electronics company Adafruit offers children electronics lessons on YouTube

first_img Explore further © 2013 ( —Adafruit, a company founded in 2005 by engineer Limor Fried, has begun offering a free educational program for children on YouTube. It’s called Circuit Playground and the aim is to teach children the basics of how electricity works—it will follow an alphabetical approach—the first episode is called “A is for Ampere.” This document is subject to copyright. Apart from any fair dealing for the purpose of private study or research, no part may be reproduced without the written permission. The content is provided for information purposes only. Children under 3 can’t learn action words from TV — unless an adult helps More information: … or-ampere-episode-1/ Fried (the first female engineer to appear on the cover of Wired magazine) states on her website that her goal for Adafruit is to create the best possible place online for those seeking to learn more about how electronics work and then to make and offer the best electronic products for people of all ages and knowledge levels to help them in their efforts. She appears in the video series as LadyAda (a nod to both computer programming pioneer Ada Lovelace and popular entertainer Lady Gaga), along with other puppet characters that represent different electronic components. As she explains to the puppets how different aspects of electricity work, those watching learn too. In the inaugural video, LadyAda explains to a character called Adabot what an ampere is (and gets some help from a stand-in for André-Marie Ampère himself) and why it’s important in electronics. She also uses real-world examples of whatever she’s talking about, in action—turning on a boom-box for example. The video is short, just shy of four minutes, which means little ones watching won’t have to focus very long. Citation: Learning electronics company Adafruit offers children electronics lessons on YouTube (2013, April 3) retrieved 18 August 2019 from Fried, also Entrepreneur magazine’s Entrepreneur of the year for 2012, oversees 45 employees in her business located in New York City. Her aim and that of her company, is to promote learning—specifically, to help people understand how electricity works. With the introduction of Circuit Playground, the goal is to instill a sense of understanding in children about the basic principles of electricity and how it’s used in electronic products—it’s for children who are still too young to learn by doing, which is the essence of her business—selling kits that people can use to build electronic products and in so doing, learn how electricity works. Fried is careful to avoid patronizing those who watch the video and for that reason, it (and presumably the rest in the series) can be viewed by adults as well who wish to learn a little something themselves.Next up for Circuit Playground, is “B is for Battery.”last_img read more

Researchers create most tangled interlocked molecule ever

first_imgThe 12 component (6 × ligand 1; 6 × Fe2+) assembly of the intermediate hexameric circular helicate [Fe616](PF6)12 and the synthesis of the +31#+31#+31 composite knot 2 and 937 link 3. Credit: Nature Chemistry (2018). DOI: 10.1038/s41557-018-0124-6 Chemistry researchers create self-tying knotted molecules in the lab More information: Liang Zhang et al. Stereoselective synthesis of a composite knot with nine crossings, Nature Chemistry (2018). DOI: 10.1038/s41557-018-0124-6AbstractThe simultaneous synthesis of a molecular nine-crossing composite knot that contains three trefoil tangles of the same handedness and a 937973 link (a type of cyclic [3]catenane topologically constrained to always have at least three twists within the links) is reported. Both compounds contain high degrees of topological writhe (w = 9), a structural feature of supercoiled DNA. The entwined products are generated from the cyclization of a hexameric Fe(II) circular helicate by ring-closing olefin metathesis, with the mixture of topological isomers formed as a result of different ligand connectivity patterns. The metal-coordinated composite knot was isolated by crystallization, the topology unambiguously proven by tandem mass spectrometry, with X-ray crystallography confirming that the 324-atom loop crosses itself nine times with matching handedness (all Δ or all Λ) at every metal centre within each molecule. Controlling the connectivity of the ligand end groups on circular metal helicate scaffolds provides an effective synthetic strategy for the stereoselective synthesis of composite knots and other complex molecular topologies. Tying molecules into knots is a relatively new field—scientists have only been doing it for a decade. It is also unique because thus far there are very few if any practical applications for most such knots. Still, some chemists find the work intriguing, so they continue to create new and ever more complicated knots. In this new effort, the team at UM has built on prior work that led to the creation of molecules shaped like the Star of David and one that was deemed by Guinness as the world’s tightest—by creating one in the shape of a three-trefoil tangle.While the name might sound complicated, the three-trefoil tangle is actually quite simple—creating one with a shoelace, for example, can be done by a child. But using a single 324 atom molecular strand molecule to do it takes some work. The group accomplished this feat by starting with six strands, each with an alkene group at its tips—and groups of three bipyridyls in the middle. They then manipulated the ligands to wrap around six iron ions to hold them in place. They finished by using a catalyst to connect the alkenes with a metathesis reaction to remove the iron. The result was a knot with nine crossings. As part of their work, the researchers also created a granny knot by connecting three figure-eight knots together.The researchers acknowledge that neither of their knots has any practical use at this time, but note that historically, new kinds of knots have been created to suit particular demands. Rock climbers, for example, use knots that are very different from sailors. This suggests that now that chemists know that knots can be made, they might find applications that can benefit from them. They also suggest that learning how to tie molecules in knots can help scientists understand how natural ones occur, such as those in viruses. Journal information: Nature Chemistry © 2018 Phys.orgcenter_img Citation: Researchers create most tangled interlocked molecule ever (2018, September 12) retrieved 18 August 2019 from A team of researchers at the University of Manchester has created the most tangled interlocked molecule ever. In their paper published in the journal Nature Chemistry, the group describes creating the knot and their hope that such knots will one day become useful. Edward Fenlon with Franklin & Marshall College offers a News and Views piece on the work done by the team in the same journal issue. Explore further This document is subject to copyright. Apart from any fair dealing for the purpose of private study or research, no part may be reproduced without the written permission. The content is provided for information purposes only.last_img read more

Being your own master is another kind of high

first_imgSinging, songwriting, beatboxing, live looping, and producing sounds with an array of gadgets on stage, this one woman army does it all by herself. Blending classical Indian, folk and western contemporary styles, Vasudha Sharma enlivens her audience through her music. Being out on a solo journey is a conscious decision? No, I am not trying to do it individually. I do collaborate and jam with other musicians at times. It’s just that I like to make my basic compositions and then get others on board. I like to control the inception phase. Also Read – ‘Playing Jojo was emotionally exhausting’Your music carries Indian folk and western sensibilities at the same time, how did this come about?I made a great leap that way. When I was four, my summer vacations were spent learning braj music in Mathura. I had no inkling of even Bollywood music back then. After I joined Hindu college for my graduation, I was introduced to Alanis Morissette. That’s when I started imbibing her style of music; you know the way youngsters do. That was my transition from Also Read – Leslie doing new comedy special with Netflixbraj rasiya to western.And which way did you decide to go from that juncture?I was really confused as I knew very little about western music. Then I got this scholarship to Berklee College of Music in Boston,USA. That’s when I decided to delve into western theory of music. Now, I can fuse both the styles together.Coming back to India, you dabbled in Bollywood as the music director of ‘Sharukh Bola Khubsoorat Hai Tu’. (Cuts in) I used to frequently visit Prithvi theatre for plays. One day I saw Makrand Deshpande in a café. I casually went up and told him that I was a singer songwriter and would like to make music for theatre. A year later or so, this offer came along.Bollywood, indie music or both, which way do you plan to steer ahead?Being your own master is another kind of high. I love the space I am in. I am producing my own album Attuned Spirits, for which I had recorded some songs in Boston. Jaagi Jaagi Raina, one of the singles from the album is already out in the market. I am enjoying the way things are panning out for me.last_img read more

All things fine and Italian

first_imgFor Simona Bocchi, sculptor, painter, interior-designer, jewelry designer, the desire to create forms out of nature grew in her as constantly as her creativity did.Italian by birth and essence, Bocchi has made India her home over the last few years. She came to India in 2006, invited to organise an exhibition in Delhi by the Italian Embassy. And then there was no looking back. Her experience in India brought her closer to the spiritual search she had been on forever and Udaipur soon became her home. Also Read – ‘Playing Jojo was emotionally exhausting’Bocchi says that she is fascinated by the balance of the yin and the yang and her creations stem from that like the living, breathing, pulsating mass of energy that transforms a piece of granite, marble, bronze, jute or even silver into a stunning piece of art. When I feel the masculine energy in me I like liberating it by making a piece that needs that kind of physical effort from me, on other days when I feel more feminine I prefer to use soft touches, brush tips to create what I want, explains Bocchi.She likes playing with the sense of movement in metal and wax as much as she likes the raw physicality of a piece of marble. It has happened at times that while I have been working on a particular vision, I cut away a piece of rock to expose a surface that isn’t a part of what I have perceived as my art, but it fits in so perfectly – I let it remain that way says Bocchi.last_img read more

Govt promised wage revision bank staff politely remind Sinha

first_imgA section of public sector bank employees unions on Wednesday met Minister of State for Finance Jayant Sinha to press for early wage revision. A meeting comes two day after the unions deferred their four-day strike that was to begin on Wednesday as Indian Banks’ Association (IBA) assured that wage issue will be resolved by the first week of February.National Organisation of Bank Workers and National Organisation of Bank Officers, under the leadership of Bhartiya Mazdoor Sangh (BMS), met Sinha and submitted the memorandum on the demands of the bank employees, said a statement by the unions. Also Read – I-T issues 17-point checklist to trace unaccounted DeMO cashIn a representation to Sinha, it said honest negotiations which could break any stalemate. There was a rise of 17.5 per cent (Rs 4,816.00 crore) on total establishment expenses during the last 9th Bi-partite settlement.”We request you to kindly intervene and advise IBA to keep above at least the level of last wage revision. If our demand of 19.5 per cent on pay slip component is considered, it may cost (Rs 6,143 crore). So far IBA has offered only Rs 3,937 crore and gap is Rs 2,206 crore,” it said. Also Read – Lanka launches ambitious tourism programme to woo Indian touristsBanking Service Recruitment Board (BSRB) should be reconstituted and all the recruitments in banks must be channelised through BSRB and state or region wise. Working of the IBPS is neither satisfactory nor transparent, it suggested.Besides, minimum qulification for the post of clerk should be 12th pass instead of graduation. This will bring down the rate of exodus and after 5-6 years of service and banks can get trained and loyal officers, it recommended.last_img read more

Embracing art

first_imgThe Nostalgia Colours in order to promote art and to bridge the gap between the need of genuine art lovers and authentic artworks by the master artists of modern India like Suhas Roy, Jogen Choudhury, Sanatan Dinda, K G Subramanian, Ramananda Bandopadhyay and others. The exhibition is called Sangbit and it will continue from March 10-15 at Open Palm Court, India Habitat Centre in the Capital.The aim of this show is reach out to the genuine art lovers and collectors, who otherwise get dependent upon the large galleries and auction houses to satisfy their artistic quench. Also Read – ‘Playing Jojo was emotionally exhausting’Nostalgia Colours is one of the youngest but finest arts promoting organizations and aiming to make these artworks available as affordable as possible to the art lovers and collectors. This is a small little step taken up by the organization to establish that the authentic artworks of the master artists are also can be made available at an affordable price.The exhibition will showcase the authentic artworks of the master artists like K G Subramanian, Suhas Roy, Ramananda Bandopadhyay,  Jogen Choudhury,  Lalu Prasad Show, Sunil Das, Manoj Mitra, Subrata Gangopadhyay, Jayashree Chakravarty, Chandra Bhattacharyya ,  Atin Basak, Sanatan Dinda and Nirjhar Bose. Also Read – Leslie doing new comedy special with NetflixNostalgia colours displays, exhibits and stocks the finest collection of contemporary and traditional art, sourced from all over the country. Its collections are ensemble of India’s most sought after artists, credited for their artistic, aesthetic and investment value. The range of art includes serious collector’s items as well as genuinely astounding works of budding artists waiting to be discovered. When : March 10-15Where : Open Palm Court, India Habitat Centre, New Delhilast_img read more

Coal scam Court to consider CBIs closure report on June 3

first_imgA special court on Tuesday fixed June 3 for considering CBI’s closure report filed in a coal blocks allocation scam case allegedly involving Prakash Industries Ltd and others. “Certain clarifications have been sought. Put up for consideration on June 3,” Special CBI Judge Bharat Parashar said.CBI had earlier placed before the court all relevant files pertaining to its preliminary enquiry in the case.The court had on March 17 directed CBI to produce all relevant files of the preliminary enquiry in the case in which the agency had filed a closure report.  CBI had filed a closure report saying no prosecutable evidence could be found during its probe in the case in which an FIR was lodged against Prakash Industries Ltd and others in connection with alleged irregularities in allocation of Chhattisgarh’s Fatehpur coal block.According to CBI, the Fatehpur coal block was allocated jointly to Prakash Industries Ltd and another company by the 35th Screening Committee.The FIR was lodged against Prakash Industries Ltd, its three officials, some officials of the Ministry of Coal and others alleging that the firm had misrepresented its net worth while applying for the Fatehpur coal block.last_img read more

Dr Arup Roy Choudhury pens another book

first_imgDelhi’s  New Moti Bagh book  authored by Dr Arup Roy Choudhury was released by Venkaiah Naidu, Union Minister of Urban Development, Housing and Urban Poverty Alleviation and Parliamentary Affairs in the national Capital.The book published by Amaryllis, gives an insight into the making of New Moti Bagh which is now a prime residential locality in South Delhi, comprising impressive bungalows  and comfortable flats which retain elements of classical architecture based on Lutyens’ Delhi style.  Also Read – ‘Playing Jojo was emotionally exhausting’The book makes an interesting reading with historical perspective of Delhi’s landscape, planning and raising resources for the colony with natural typography and ecosystem.Printed in Coffee Table style the book Delhi’s  New Moti Bagh   takes the reader on a journey from concept of this prestigious colony which has now turned a first preference among civil servants on moving to Delhi for being green, safe and modern.  Also Read – Leslie doing new comedy special with NetflixThe project was cleared by cabinet on December 29 and completed during Dr Roy Choudhury’s tenure as CMD, NBCC.Dr Arup Roy Choudhury, a doctorate from IIT-Delhi has illustrious career of over 36 years includes over 14 years as a CEO. In April, 2001 he became the youngest CEO of a central public sector enterprise in India – the National Building Construction Corporation Ltd. (NBCC), at the age of 44 years from year April 2001 to August 2010.  He is credited for turning around  NBCC from a loss making company unable to pay salaries and earmarked for sale, into a ‘Miniratna’ profit-generating unit enabled to pay dividends to the Government. Eventually, NBCC became a ‘Navratna’ company. During his 5 year tenure in NTPC from September 2010 – August 2015,  NTPC became a Maharatna and achieved many prestigious milestones.He was associated with many iconic projects all over India, including the General Pool Residential Accommodation at New Moti Bagh Complex, CBI Headquarters building, Civil Services Officers’ Institute (CSOI), National Media Centre for Ministry of Information & Broadcasting, in New Delhi and many more in other parts of the country  during his stint in NBCC. He gives credit for the accomplishment to his former bosses from Ministry of Urban Affairs and his team of NBCC. In the acknowledgments author has expressed gratefulness to Piyush Goyal, Minister for Power, Coal and New & Renewable Energy for encouraging him to write this book.Dr Roy Choudhury’s emphasis on sustainable aspects of housing contains lessons for everyone who is concerned about eco-friendly development. His first book Management by Idiots was published by McGraw-Hill Education India has been very well received.last_img read more

Is teenagers smartphone obsession really bad

first_imgParents’ fears about their teenagers’ heavy use of cell phones and social media may be exaggerated as the youngsters’ online worlds may be an extension of their offline lives, a new study suggests.“We see young people constantly on their phones and assume ill effects, but much of the research to date tells a more positive story,” said lead researcher Candice Odgers from Duke University. “When we look closely, we see considerable overlap between the underlying motivations and content of online versus offline communications and activities,” Odgers explained.Rather than connecting with strangers, most adolescents use digital media to interact with friends and acquaintances in their face-to-face social networks.last_img read more

CISF recovers 10 gold bars worth Rs 32 lakh from Bdeshi national

first_imgKolkata: CISF personnel recovered 10 gold bars weighing about 1 kg, worth approximately Rs 32 lakh from a Bangladeshi woman passenger at Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose International (NSCBI) Airport on Wednesday night.According to CISF sources, during pre-embarkation security check at Security Hold Area (SHA) of Kolkata Airport, their women personnel noticed presence of metal in the body cavity of a lady passenger. She was taken to a separate place and on grilling her it was revealed that the passenger was carrying six gold bars in her body cavity. An X-ray screening by ASI Pawan Kumar of CISF detected four gold bars from her baggage. The woman, identified as Rosiya Begum (37), is a resident of Munshiganj, Dhaka and was supposed to travel from Kolkata to Dhaka by Spicejet flight No. SG-76, which was scheduled to depart at 1.15 am. The matter was informed to senior officers of CISF and she was handed over to Customs for further legal action.last_img read more

Webel to set up 3D printing institute on behalf of ITE dept

first_imgKolkata: The state Information Technology & Electronics (IT&E) department is working on to set up an institution on 3D printing and Webel has been given the responsibility to set up this institute on behalf ofthe department. “We have already come up with a state-of-the-art animation academy and there is a 90 percent chance of employability after completing the course from this academy. We are hopeful of coming up with an institution on 3D printing. Also Read – Rain batters Kolkata, cripples normal lifeWe will not only train people but also provide assistance in taking up business ventures on this,” a senior official of the state IT&E department said on the sidelines of Edtech 2018 organised by the Internet and Mobile Association of India (IAMAI). “The state government is leaving no stone unturned to position Bengal as the centre of animation, 3D printing and emerging technologies like Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Embedded Technology, Cyber Security etc,” said Debashis Sen, state Additional Chief Secretary of IT&E department at the inaugural session of the event. Also Read – Speeding Jaguar crashes into Mercedes car in Kolkata, 2 pedestrians killedThe state IT&E department will soon hold a meeting with the state School Education department and place a proposal to encourage students to learn programming from school level. “We have roped in PWC for doing a detailed research in Bengal and India in the area of emerging technologies. We have found that the way in which AI is opening up job opportunities we have to make our students learn one or two programming like C+, Python or Java right from school level. This will also help them develop logical thinking right from an early age,” Sen added. It may be mentioned that China is imparting programming lessons right from Class III for a long time and is a global leader in emerging technologies for quite some time. In order to create a buzz, the state government has been organising knowledge workshops every month. “Blockchain Congress scheduled for December 18 and 19 at Biswa Bangla Convention Centre in New Town as Kolkata is a part of this endeavour,” Sen maintained.last_img read more

FastForwarding Hollywood in 2017

first_imgHollywood summer releases have offered a sweet salty ride as of now with the release of disasters like Baywatch and XXX: Return of the Xandar cage and at the same time it has made us groove to the tunes of Peter Quill’s mixtape in Guardians of Galaxy Vol 2. This Dichotomy of success seems to prevail as the Friday release ‘The mummy’ was panned down by the critics while Wonder woman continues to amuse the audience and critics alike, skyrocketing it towards commercial and critical success. Also Read – Add new books to your shelfAfter experiencing the dark and broody world of Logan and diving into the psyched world of M Night Shyamalan’s Split, the movie buffs might be struck with complacency with the onset of numerous mediocre films right now. However, Hollywood has already started offering a bit of what might turn out to be a treasure trove of cinematic bliss.Following the release of The Mummy, the month of June still has a few more anticipated flicks to offer such as the fifth instalment of the Transformers series, The Last Knight, which ups the ante with a war between the humans and the transformers. During the uncalled absence of Optimus prime from earth, Mark Walberg reprising his role as Cade Yeager teams up with an English lord (Anthony Hopkins) to save the world. Also Read – Over 2 hours screen time daily will make your kids impulsiveOther notable mention for the month is Edgar Wright’s star studded crime thriller Baby Driver with Kevin Spacey, Jamie Foxx and Jon Bernthal standing tall as the supporting cast. The third instalment of fan favourite animated series, Despicable me 3 will be the cherry on top with an army of minions ready to follow Gru (Steve Carell) on a mission to stop 80’s child star Balthazar Bratt (Trey Parker) from achieving world domination. Adding to the delight on the animation front, Lightning McQueen and all the beloved talking cars will return in Disney-Pixar’s Cars 3D as well. While the onset of monsoon is expected in the early July back home, Hollywood is all set to rain down at us with some expected blockbusters. Tom Holland’s reprisal of his role as the Wall-crawler in Spider-Man: Homecoming after his outing in last year’s Captain America: Civil War is going to treat the marvel enthusiasts with the adventures of the teenage superhero. Under the tutelage of Tony Stark a.k.a Iron Man, he is expected to learn the value of humble beginnings for a superhero.On the other hand, War for the planet of Apes sets up an epic end to the series as it pits the enhanced talking apes against an army of humans led by a ruthless colonel (Woody Harrelson) in an unrestrained conflict. The Primate Leader Caser gives up on the shared value for humanity after his kind suffers unimaginable loss, leading to a clash which would decide the fate of both the species. Talking about ambitious sci-fi space movies, Luc Besson’s, Valerian has set up the hype and is going to fight it out with Christopher Nolan’s war movie, Dunkirk. Being one of the most ambitious project by Nolan, Dunkirk portrays the harrowing experience of the allied troops in the 1940’s before they were safely evacuated from the beaches.August being the month of highest birth rate in the US has its fair share of cinematic births this year as it strikes from the beginning with the adaptation of the Stephen king’s celebrated literary work, The Dark Tower. The titular character of the last gunslinger Roland Deschain in the movie is graced by Edris Alba’s acting and the antagonist of the storyline, the man in black is brought to life on screen by Academy Award winning actor Matthew Mcconaughey. The month doesn’t end without its fair share of horror and comedy with the release of Anabelle: Creation and The Hitman’s Bodyguard, starring Ryan Reynolds.At the moment when it feels like that cinephiles would be satiated with the offerings of Tinsel town, the month of September and October will flood the gates of leisure with another set of promising projects including the likes of IT, Kingsman: The Golden Circle, The lego Ninjango Movie, The Blade Runner 2049 and Saw: Legacy. With the release of IT, this year would be blessed with the second adaptation of a Stephen King classic wherein the evil clown pennywise strikes horror among the neighbourhood kids with the backdrop of children disappearances in the town of Derry.’All is well that ends well’ is an adage which the Movie-makers are conforming with the slated movies in November and December. Millennials are expected to go berserk at the year end with two major superhero ensemble offerings from DC and Marvel. In Thor: Ragnarok, the Norse god will be seen saving his home world and Asgardian culture against the all-powerful Hela, with Hulk and Doctor Strange playing major role in the storyline. While the world has seen two live-action Avengers movie in the recent past, cine-goers would experience the DC’s version of superhero team-up movie, appropriately titled, Justice League for the first time wherein Batman and wonder woman recruit a group of superheroes to face a greater threat following the events of BvS: Dawn of Justice. With the superhero frenzy floating around, adaptation of Agatha Christie’s classic, Murder on the Orient Express is expected to provide the much needed gravity. Putting an end to the overwhelming experience, Star Wars: The Last Jedi and Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle would gush in the nostalgia setting up the perfect farewell for the year 2017.last_img read more

Allegations of paper leak surface again on 3rd day of Madhyamik

first_imgKolkata: The third day of Madhyamik examination passed peacefully on Friday, even as allegations of the question paper being circulated on WhatsApp were repeated again. It was found that the question papers of History had been doing rounds on social media, an hour after the commencement of the examination. State Education minister Partha Chatterjee, however, denied the incident. “I have constantly been in touch with the District Magistrates and the Police Superintendents and they had informed me that everything was in place,” Chatterjee said. This is the third day in a row when question papers of Madhyamik have been found circulating on WhatsApp. The West Bengal Board of Secondary Education, which is responsible for conducting the examination, has already lodged a complaint with Bidhannagar Cyber Crime Police station, urging a probe in this regard.last_img read more

Blending traditional music from South and North India

first_imgExperimenting in the field of art, The Indira Gandhi National Center for the Arts (IGNCA) recently organised a mesmerising program in its auditorium where two senior artists from two different genres of Indian classical music tradition performed.Enlightening the evening in the capital were well-known flute player of the North Indian Music tradition (Hindustani style) Pandit Ronu Mazumdar and Saraswati Veena Maestro Jayenti Kumaresh, who performed a ‘jugalbandi’. Also Read – Add new books to your shelfDoing justice to the theme of the event, the artists who mastered in two different styles of music were seen engaged in absolute chemistry together. Jugalbandi which was based on the ragas from the 13th-14th century – the time when there were no such things like the Carnatic and Hindustani style in India but only the Indian classical music existedThe evening started with the North-South Ragas in which Pandit Ronu Majumdar played ‘puri’ and ‘Sohini’ Raga on his flute while Jayanti Kumaresh chanted the song of Saraswati Veena on the string of Saraswati Veena – which was composed in metaphor rhythm. Also Read – Over 2 hours screen time daily will make your kids impulsiveAfter this, both of them performed Karharprariya, Kaphi , Alap, Joda, Jhala, Ragas, which were composed in aadi taal and teen taal.Jayanti Kumarasad performed aadi taal on the Veena and Ronu Majumdar presented teen taal on the flute. The program concluded with “Sri Ram Chandra Kripalu Bhajaman” Bhajan. In this Jugal Bandi the performance of Arjun Kumar, well-known tabla player and Abhijeet Banerjee on Mridangam were also appreciated.This unique event witnessed the presence of many scholars of Indian music including the famous dancer, Dr Sonal Mansingh, Dr Sachchidand Joshi, Member Secretary of Indira Gandhi National Art Center and others.last_img read more

Relief at last Thundershowers to lower mercury in city after Tuesday

first_imgKolkata: The temperature in various South Bengal districts will start sliding down from Monday, as there is an expected change to happen in the weather system.The people in South Bengal will get much awaited relief from the scorching summer heat next week, as the Regional Meteorological Centre in Alipore predicted thundershower in a couple of days from Tuesday. It may be mentioned that entire South Bengal has been under an intense heat spell for the past few days, with the mercury touching 42 degree Celsius in the Western districts. A heat wave has also been sweeping through the districts like Purulia, Bankura, West Burdwan, Birbhum, West Midnapore, Jhargram and East Midnapore. Also Read – Rs 13,000 crore investment to provide 2 lakh jobs: MamataPeople in all the poll-bound districts felt intense discomfort due to the hot and humid weather. Eight constituencies went to poll on Sunday. A senior official of the MeT office said: “The Nor’wester is likely to hit various South Bengal districts on Tuesday, bringing moderate to heavy rainfall accompanied with gusty wind. The rain and thundershower are likely to take place in various South Bengal districts, including the city, during the afternoon hours of Tuesday and Wednesday. Rains will push the mercury down by a few notches. People will have some respite from the excessive heat in the later half of the week.” Also Read – Lightning kills 8, injures 16 in stateThe temperature continued to shoot up to 40-43 degree Celsius in Western districts including Purulia, Bankura, West Midnapore, Jhargram and some parts of West Burdwan and Birbhum. In other South Bengal districts, the highest temperature remained between 36 and 38 degree Celsius in the past few days. The average maximum temperature in the region remained high due to the inflow of northwesterly wind into the state from the neighbouring states. There has been little moisture incursion into Gangetic Bengal since, preventing the formation of a storm-triggering system.last_img read more

Want to become doctor say majority of toppers

first_imgKolkata: Most of the toppers in the Madhyamik Examination expressed their desire to become doctors in order to serve people in the rural areas, while some others wanted to pursue research on various fields.Sougata Das of Mahammadpur Deshpran Vidyapith in East Midnapore, who topped the examination this year 99.98 percent marks, shared his happiness soon after the result was published. “I want to become a doctor. I thought that I would score good marks, but I never thought that I would come first in the Madhyamik Examination. It’s a great feeling. I want to serve the people after becoming a doctor,” Sougata said. Also Read – Rs 13,000 crore investment to provide 2 lakh jobs: MamataShreyashi Paul of Falakata Girls’ High School in Alipurduar, who ranked second with 691 marks, was also amazed to see her name flashing on the television screens. She wants to become a doctor as well. “It is a great feeling for me. I was quite determined that I would score high marks but the idea of securing second position was far from my mind. My parents and elder sister have always supported and guided me. I will be pursuing science stream and want to be a doctor. I want to serve the poor people. There was no specific time for my studies. I used to study whenever I had time on my hands,” Shreyashi said. Also Read – Lightning kills 8, injures 16 in stateDebasmita Saha of Ila Devi Girls’ High School, who also secured the second position, said: “I am excited to see the result. I never thought that I would rank second. I had obtained 665 marks in my test examination. The number has gone up in the Madhyamik examination. I would give the credit to my parents and teachers. I used to study for 9-10 hours on an average basis. Listening to music, drawing and watching TV were my pastime habits. I want to become a doctor.” Camelia Roy of Raiganj Girls’ High School scored 689 and jointly stood third with two others. She said that she wants to pursue science and do research work in future. Bratin Mondal, who also stood third, is a student of Santipur Municipal High School. He said: “I did not indulge in mobile phone too much as it diverts the attention of students. I use mobile for getting information. I preferred not to indulge in social media. One should do creative things. I want to do research on physics. Both of my parents are physics teachers.”last_img read more

Online cheating racket busted 11 held in net

first_imgKolkata: Bidhannagar Cyber Crime police station busted an online cheating racket that duped the customers of online shopping portal Flipkart. On Friday evening, cops raided an office near Akanksha crossing in New Town and arrested 11 persons. According to sources, cops got a tip off about some persons, who called up the customers of Flipkart and said they won I-phone and LED televisions against their purchases. The accused persons also used to tell the customers to purchase more items in order to get the prize. To make the payment, the racketeers provided an e-wallet number. But, after paying the amount the customers did not get anything. Also Read – Rs 13,000 crore investment to provide 2 lakh jobs: MamataOn Friday evening, cops raided an office building at the Akanksha crossing where the accused persons had hired an office to run their racket. They used to call up the customers using pre-activated SIM cards. They also had the customer database of Flipkart. During the raid, cops found several laptops, hard disk of computers, a good number pre-activated SIM cards, cash worth Rs 93,690, database documents of Flipkart customers and ATM cards of different banks. Cops came to know that it was an interstate racket. It is suspected that some employees of Flipkart had connection with the racketeers. Police are contacting the Flipkart authorities to find out how they got the database of the customers. The arrested persons have been booked under sections 408 (criminal breach of trust by clerk or servant) 419 (punishment for cheating by personation), 420 (cheating and dishonestly inducing delivery of property), 120B (punishment of criminal conspiracy), 34 (acts done by several persons in furtherance of common intention) of the IPC and 21 (Using unauthorised telegraphs) of the Indian Telegraph Act.last_img read more

Major parts of North Bengal Sikkim impacted due to incessant rains

first_imgDarjeeling: Rains continued in North Bengal and Sikkim on Saturday with the National Highway 10 remaining shut owing to a fresh landslide. It was later reopened after the debris were removed.A landslide occurred at the Okhra village in Milling Tea Estate under Jorebungalow Police Station. “10 houses were affected in the landslide. The families residing in these houses have been shifted to safe areas,” stated Mingma Lepcha, Officer-in-Charge of the police station. The Joint Block Development Officer of the Jorebungalow-Sukhiapokhari block visited the affected area. No one was injured in the landslide nor there was any case of injury reported. Also Read – Rs 13,000 crore investment to provide 2 lakh jobs: MamataA tree fell on the way to Bhutia-bustee below the Chowrasta in Darjeeling in which a person received minor injuries. A fresh slide occurred at 29th Mile on the NH-10 to Sikkim. A large part of the road here sunk and broke away in the 29th Mile area. Incidentally, the NH-10 had been closed down owing to a major landslide at Setijhora. However, at 6:30 pm on Friday the road had reopened to vehicular traffic to be closed down after fresh landslide occurred on NH-10 on Saturday. Also Read – Lightning kills 8, injures 16 in stateAt around 2 pm, the PWD workers managed to clear the debris. The road was open again. “However, this road is highly vulnerable with rocks constantly sliding down along with the debris,” stated a police personnel. Serpentine jams were seen on both sides of the landslide. Police personnel were deployed to ease the traffic situation. Heavy vehicles were not allowed through the NH-55 to Darjeeling owing to the damage caused to a culvert at Tung. While some vehicles were diverted via Dilaram, Bagora, Chimney; some preferred the Mirik route. Few vehicles were allowed through Tung also. In the plains, large tracts of land in Jalpaiguri and Alipurduar have been inundated. Incessant rains in Darjeeling, Sikkim and Bhutan have caused the rivers to swell. In many areas banks of the rivers are facing erosion. Darjeeling received 62.9 mm; Kalimpong 33 mm; Kurseong 102.4 mm and Siliguri 91 mm in the past 24 hours. Raju Bista, Member of Parliament, Darjeeling, has spoken to the Joint Secretary, Disaster Management, Government of India, to provide additional relief and personnel to assist the civic administration to help clear the roads.last_img read more

Embracing Indias classical dance heritage

first_imgTo celebrate the World Dance Day, Padmashri Guru Shovana Narayan’s Asavari Centre for Kathak is holding its Annual Day Programme titled ‘Rhythm and Joy’ on May 6, 2019 at the CSOI Auditorium (Civil Services Officers’ Institute Auditorium), Chanakyapuri, New Delhi, 6:30 pm onward. The evening, besides showcasing the talents of young dancers ranging from the near professional to the budding ones, also has the mission of increasing awareness of the importance of nurturing our rich 2500 years old classical dance heritage among the youth and the general public. Also Read – Add new books to your shelfOver the years (since 1979), Asavari has seen several young dancers taking wings and dotting the classical scene as full-fledged accomplished soloists, such as Shivani Varma, Kartika Singh, Mrinalini, Madhura Phatak etc. Some have even opened their own centres of teaching Kathak in various parts of the globe – Fremont, USA, Lithuania, London, Moscow, Melbourne to name a few. Some of the disciples of the Centre have become award winning film makers and acclaimed film actors such as Beenu Rajpoot and Shriya Sharan respectively. What Guru Shovana Narayan through her Asavari has always believed in, is to nurture and groom the disciples not only to become very good artistes with multi-disciplinary approach but also into becoming good human beings imbued with aesthetics in art and in behaviour.last_img read more