Phenomenal Timelapse video as an example of how promotional films of tourist destinations should be shot

first_imgVideo is a “must have” tool today when we talk about tourism promotion.But in order to get virality and to stand out from the mass of promotional tourist videos, it is necessary to invest in quality and professional production, which of course costs, but also gives results. With the mass use of drones, new technologies such as 4k video resolution, video in tourism is definitely the main bait for telling a story and creating a motive for coming.And how to stand out from the crowd and tell a story through a video that invites you to visit a tourist destination, demonstrated a young Ukrainian photographer Kirill Neiezhmakov with a new phenomenal timelaps video that takes us through an amazing walk through Rome.In less than three minutes through the “Eternal City” of the most famous sights, its historical past and picturesque areas where you will want to head on arrival when it’s time to relax. Rome is synonymous with history, writes Neezijakov and adds “Where else can you walk in the same footsteps as the emperors, St. Peter, the popes, Michelangelo, Dante, and Raphael, to name a few? The real charm of Rome is that you can easily walk to most of the places from the video”, Said Neiezhmakov.Want to visit Rome after this video and experience live the largest open-air museum in Europe?However, we also have our strong strengths when we talk about time laps video and professional photography, and that is certainly the phenomenal duo Marko Romulić and Dražen Stojčić who are the authors of some of the most famous Croatian timelapse films. After many phenomenal videos, they have been trying for years to catch the spring fog that emerges from the Mirna Valley in Motovun, and it only appears when special weather conditions set in. After many unsuccessful trips and catching the morning fog around the Motovun hill, and perseverance is always rewarded, finally came the day when the magic fog was caught through the lens of Marija and Dražen.Misty Motovun – timelapse movie from Romulic & Stojcic on Vimeo.Always use professional services and watch the quality, not how to go as little as possible and record video with a mobile phone, because in the end the only thing that matters is the final product and the message. Of course, after shooting the video, it is necessary to invest in promoting it so that as many people as possible can see it, because we can have the best product in the world, but if no one knows about it, everything falls into the water.Of course, there are always those who offer services much cheaper…Various professionals and creatives show their skills, and it is up to tourist destinations to see and use the opportunity to promote their tourist destination as well as possible. It is also their main job and they are paid for it. Directors of tourist boards from all over Croatia, you are on the move. Opportunities are there, it’s up to you to take advantage of them, that’s your obligation, isn’t it?Btw, next week, from 13 to 15 September, the International Tourist Film Festival will be held in Zagreb, Zagreb Tourfilm Festival, where 175 tourist films from 76 countries will compete. It will be interesting to see how other countries are branded and what messages they send.Related news:THE IMPORTANCE OF QUALITY PROMOTIONAL VIDEO IN TOURISMOVER 170 TOURIST FILMS IN COMPETITION AT ZAGREB TOURFILM FESTIVALWATCH THE PHENOMENAL TEASER OF SARAJEVO VIDEO GUIDElast_img read more

Downward trajectory with no solutions

first_imgDear Editor,Guyana’s economy continues its downward descent with no solutions in sight. More so, even getting the economic forecasts approximately correct continues to be an arduous task for the Finance Ministry headed by Mr Jordan – who, it seems, is just an expert juggler trying to mask the economic decline.In March 2017, Mr Jordan seemed to have had an epiphany when he declared at a press conference, “Very little manufacturing activity takes place in Guyana…the last number I looked at manufacturing, without sugar and rice milling, contribute a mere five per cent to [gross domestic product] GDP, which is very low.” He said that Guyana cannot continue to borrow, which would, in effect, incur debts on generations to come.“We have to generate the taxes and income from the economy, even as it is growing,” he had said. Mr Jordan concluded that taxes would boost and stabilize the economy. We have seen that the economy is NOT growing, even as taxes keep on increasing.This view was severely criticised by Mr Shyam Nokta, President of the Guyana Manufacturing & Services Association Limited (GMSA), who warned that several measures implemented by the Government would work against the competitiveness of the local manufacturers in both domestic and overseas markets, and this includes the re-categorizing of zero- and standard-rated items to exempt. We have seen that the VAT on water and electricity has already escalated the production costs of locally produced goods. This result is now evident as exports constrict and imports expand.The contradiction of the conclusion by Mr Jordan, that ‘taxes will boost and stabilize’ the economy, was manifested by the fact that even though taxes account for $ 171.2 billion, or 87.9% of total revenue, the growth rate of our economy fell to 2.1 % in 2017! Yet, our balance of payments deficit is getting increasingly bigger.An important component, which is the Current Account, is showing a deficit increase from US$12.4 million to US$287.4 million. Our imports will continue to increase as we become more dependent of foreign goods and services, while our exports will continue to dwindle because of the harsh taxation on our local manufacturers, making locally manufactured products uncompetitive at home and abroad. Increased taxation has failed to ‘boost and stabilize’ the economy!In our present situation, increased taxation due to poorly-thought-out strategies has resulted in: insufficient disposal income; increased cost of living; high prices; poor quality products; loss of markets; decline in the productive sector; scarcity and shortages; job losses; foreclosures, and increases in poverty and crime.The late Sir Winston Churchill, who had been Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, made an astounding statement, which can be quite applicable to our current situation, when he said, “I contend that for a nation to tax itself into prosperity is like a man standing in a bucket and trying to lift it by the handle.”What we need are sound monetary and fiscal policies, but after three years in Government, the Coalition’s performance is getting worse. Oil revenue will never be able to correct the mismanagement of our economy; from all indications, it will only get worse.The late Milton Friedman, an American Economist, once said the Great Depression was caused solely by the Government’s mismanagement of the economy. This is quite applicable to the current progressively declining state of our economy!Yours sincerely,Haseef YusufRDC Councillor,Region 6last_img read more