Multiple injuries aboard Air Canada flight after plane hits turbulence

MONTREAL — Nearly three dozen passengers sustained minor injuries Thursday when an Air Canada flight travelling from Toronto to Sydney, Australia, ran into severe turbulence, prompting an emergency landing in Honolulu.The airline says Flight AC33, which made a scheduled stopover in Vancouver Wednesday night, was about two hours past Hawaii over the Pacific Ocean when the conditions triggered a turnaround, resulting in 35 injuries.The aircraft, a Boeing 777-200, had 269 passengers on board, some of whom received medical assistance on arrival at Honolulu airport.More coming.The Canadian Press read more

UN special envoy for human rights in Myanmar arrives for 10day visit

Paulo Sergio Pinheiro, the Geneva-based Commission on Human Rights’ Special Rapporteur on the human rights situation in Myanmar, is scheduled to meet with a number of government officials, judicial authorities, and religious dignitaries as well as representatives of different social organizations and members of civil society.The Rapporteur will also meet with heads of the diplomatic missions accredited to Myanmar, representatives of the UN and its agencies and members of international non-governmental organizations during his visit, which is scheduled to run through 20 October.Mr. Pinheiro will travel to a number of provinces in Myanmar in his quest to address the situation of human rights in the country. His trip comes at a time when Myanmar has been taking steps in the past few months towards an important dialogue both inside and outside of the country in the search for peace and national reconciliation.The Rapporteur has already submitted his interim report to the current session of the UN General Assembly following his first visit to the country last April. He will also present his preliminary observations on this mission to the Assembly. read more