Royal Marine Rescues SubSaharan Migrants Boat in Difficulty

Dakhla – Two units of the Royal Marine sailing off the city of Dakhla rescued and assisted, on Monday, a boat in difficulty carrying 66 illegal sub-Saharan migrants (including 11 women) holding seven different nationalities.The Royal Marine units localized and rescued this boat, which was in difficulty due to bad weather, 75km north of Dakhla.The passengers were safe and sound and boarded one of the said units which transported them towards the city of Dakhla to undergo the routine procedure by the competent authorities. The boat was towed to the port of the same city. read more

Two policemen interdicted

A female police constable and another policeman have been interdicted after a suspect had fled police custody in Madampe today.The police said that the suspect had fled when he was taken to the Chilaw court over a heroin case. The police DIG in charge of the Chilaw police division investigated the incident and ordered the two police constables to be interdicted.The DIG had said that the police constables had failed in their duty and so were interdicted pending further investigations. Meanwhile the suspect who fled police custody was arrested at his house. (Colombo Gazette) read more