South Carolina GOP censures Rep. Rice for impeachment vote

first_imgCOLUMBIA, S.C. (AP) — South Carolina Republicans have issued a formal censure to congressman Tom Rice to show disapproval over his vote in support of the second impeachment of former President Donald Trump. Rice was among the 10 GOP House members who joined Democrats on Jan. 13 in voting to impeach Trump for his role in the violence a week earlier at the U.S. Capitol. A day after his vote, Rice told The Associated Press “it hurts my heart” to have gone against the president, but pointed to what he characterized as Trump’s inaction during the Capitol Hill riot. Rice represents South Carolina’s 7th District, a northeastern area that voted heavily for Trump.last_img read more

Belles blog about Saint Mary’s fashion

first_imgSaint Mary’s juniors Erin Hall and Anna Sullivan are two of the newest Belles jumping on the blogging bandwagon.The pair recently began writing as correspondents for fashion and lifestyle blogs targeting the Saint Mary’s community.Hall blogs for U lala, a fashion and lifestyle website for college women with correspondents from more than 28 campuses around the nation. Hall said she knew she wanted to be involved the first time she came across the website.“[I] thought it was a great place for college women to get ideas on everything from fashion to DIYs so when they accepted my application to start the Saint Mary’s branch I was super excited,” Hall said.Hall said she enjoys writing about a variety of topics, including travel, cooking, crafts, and music.“I love to switch up what I’m writing about and pick new things,” Hall said.Sullivan writes a blog for College Fashionista as the Saint Mary’s contributor. This website focuses on fashion style and trends making their ways on college campuses around the country. Sullivan contributes photographs and feature articles that highlight different looks and people around campus.Sullivan said her page on the blog is called “Fashionista Spotlight.”“Basically, I choose a girl once a week to interview,” Sullivan said. “I ask her a variety of questions ranging from her favorite designer to what her favorite trends are. Then, I take a few pictures of her to accompany the article once it goes live.”Hall said her blog not only offers the women of Saint Mary’s something unique, but also this writing format complements her own work as a student.“I was eager to do something other than just work and take classes,” Hall said. “I figured it would be a fun way to gain experience.” Sullivan said blogging enhances her academic experience.“Writing for College Fashionista or any other blog allows your work to get out there and [be] taken seriously in a different setting other than the classroom,” Sullivan said.Professor Helen Ho, assistant professor of communication studies at Saint Mary’s, said simply reading blogs and certainly writing in this format can be helpful for students.“When we are pushing students to become better writers, which Saint Mary’s does so often, part of being a good writer is to keep up your reading,” Ho said.She explained that any form of reading and writing, even online articles and blogs, all contribute to this.Hall said her inspiration often comes from other blogs such as ‘They All Hate Us’ by Tash and Elle, ‘Tuulavintage’ by Jessica Stein, and ‘LovelyPepa’ by Alexandra.Sullivan said she emphasizes fashion at Saint. Mary’s instead of focusing on national trends.“I really like writing about why girls dress they way they do. Most likely they have never thought about it themselves, but actually they way we dress says a lot more about us than we think,” Sullivan said.last_img read more

Student government launches It’s On Us campaign

first_imgErin Rice | The Observer Thursday evening, the Notre Dame student government hosted a training session for those interested in volunteering for the “It’s On Us” campaign on sexual assault awareness and prevention.“The ‘It’s On Us’ campaign is a campus-wide movement to change the way we view sexual assault on our campus,” sophomore Kristen Loehle, student government’s director of gender issues, said. “It calls all members of our community to actively create a positive environment that prevents sexual violence by looking out for one another, intervening when necessary and spreading awareness.”The Notre Dame campaign is part of a nationwide “It’s On Us” initiative, which the White House Task Force to Protect Students from Sexual Assault launched in Sept. 2014. According to a White House fact sheet, “It’s On Us” takes its name from the notion of communal responsibility for all cases of sexual assault and aims to create a safer communities at universities.“It’s On Us is a national campaign that we have tailored to reflect the values of our Notre Dame community,” Loehle said. “We focused on being our brothers’ and sisters’ keepers and aimed to reach out to all different voices that make up our community.”Loehle said beginning Monday, student volunteers will distribute pledge cards to dorms and in facility building across campus, similar to those distributed during the “One Is Too Many” campaign last year. She said the pledge cards will hang in the dorms as a demonstration of Notre Dame’s support for sexual assualt awareness.“I’m excited for this very visible commitment that we will all be making to one another, and hope it drives participation in sexual assault education, a culture of respect in our dorms and an understanding of the reporting and support structures that exist on campus,” junior Bryan Ricketts, a Gender Relations Center FIRE Starter and participant in “It’s On Us,” said.Rickets said the initiative is a way for students to become involved in sexual assault prevention on an individual level.“The ‘It’s On Us’ campaign is a way to bring the conversation about sexual assault back to what each of us can do to protect our friends, classmates and peers,” he said. “It’s about creating a culture of love and responsibility where respect for others, intervention in dangerous situations and support for those who are victims of sexual assault are the norm.”Ricketts said he hopes the University and its students will support the initiative.“We want to attend school at a place that helps to change entitlement into respect, harm into help and victims into survivors,” he said. “Notre Dame, both as an institution and as a student body, will need to take further steps, such as increasing resource accessibility, but this campaign is an important part of the transition from education to action.”Loehle said while the campaign is national, the issues still remain local.“There is overwhelming support for this cause at Notre Dame and it has been inspiring to see such a strong response throughout this process,” she said. “We want to make sure that every student and every place is safe here at Notre Dame.”Tags: Bryan Ricketts, campaign, It’s On Us, Kristen Loehle, Obama, sexual assault, Student government, White Houselast_img read more

Australia: Developers Scrap Plans for Coal-Export Expansion in Newcastle

first_img FacebookTwitterLinkedInEmailPrint分享Sydney Morning Herald:The $5 billion-plus Terminal 4 coal export expansion planned for Newcastle has been scrapped after demand for the fossil fuel failed to increase as expected.Port Waratah Coal Services said on Thursday that it would allow a lease for the terminal – known as T4 – to lapse, signalling that the project would not go ahead.Port Waratah’s two terminals, Carrington and Kooragang, last year exported 105 million tonnes of coal out of a combined capacity of 145 million tonnes, the company said in a statement.Newcastle Coal Infrastructure Group, operator of the city’s third terminal, shipped about 60 million tonnes, helping make Newcastle one of the largest coal export centres in the world.“With significant growth capacity available in the existing terminals, we do not expect that the conditions to support an investment of the large and long-term nature of Terminal 4 will be in place before the development approval lapses in September 2020,” Hennie du Plooy, chief executive of Port Waratah, said.The company is understood to have sunk many millions of dollars into T4, a project that secured its original lease in 2009. The first stage envisaged a 25 million tonne per year terminal, with plans to expand that in the future to 70 million tonnes.Jeremy Buckingham, Greens energy spokesman, said T4 becoming terminal was “wonderful news.”“Reality is catching up with the great lie that we can continue to export coal in an age of climate change,” Mr Buckingham said.The Greens called on the government “to develop a transition strategy away from coal” and the party would be making this a key election issue, he said.John Mackenzie, a Newcastle City Councillor, also welcomed the T4 decision.“From the outset the economics was against this, the science was against this and the community was against it but because of our broken planning system it was approved anyway,” Mr Mackenzie said.“Communities are sick of being placed in limbo by a planning system which has no red lights and a Government who won’t show leadership by refusing new fossil fuel projects at the outset.”More: Newcastle’s T4 coal port expansion scrapped as demand fails to rise Australia: Developers Scrap Plans for Coal-Export Expansion in Newcastlelast_img read more

Summertime in Frederick County

first_imgSummer is a beautiful time of year all over Frederick County, but it is truly stunning along its scenic byways. Whether you want to fill your weekend with unique stops and exciting attractions or you just want to spend an hour taking in the gorgeous views, a journey down one of Frederick County’s two most traveled roads is sure to be a memorable experience!Throughout the changing seasons, the Journey Through Hallowed Ground National Scenic Byway or Route 15 is full of engaging stops that will appeal to the whole family. One of America’s most unique and special destinations, Downtown Frederick boasts a charming Main Street filled with one of a kind restaurants, specialty shops, and a vibrant arts community. North of the bustling city lies the quieter countryside. Catoctin Mountain Park (NPS) holds 25 miles of hiking trails offering visitors a chance to get up close and personal with nature. Just on the edge of the park, Cunningham Falls State Park is home to a 78-foot cascading waterfall, lakefront beach, and loads of other recreational opportunities.Moving toward the Town of Thurmont, road trippers will find the Catoctin Wildlife Preserve and Zoo. This is one of the few places in the mid-Atlantic to board an open-air truck and ride right through the habitats of emu, zebra, and bison. If you would rather stroll at your own pace, the zoo offers walking paths surrounding over 450 exotic animals. Nearing the Pennsylvania border, travelers will see Mount Saint Mary’s University, home of the National Shrine Grotto of Lourdes, overlooking the path. Discover the story of Saint Elizabeth Anne Seton, the first U.S. born Saint, at the nearby Seton Shrine. Tour the museum, wander through the house where she lived, and step into the awe-inspiring basilica.If you are looking for an East to West (or West to East) adventure, look no further than the Historic National Road, America’s first highway. Dating back to 1811, what is today known as Route 40, was a crucial portion of the westward movement for many families. Today, travelers can explore along the Historic National Road in Downtown Frederick on Patrick Street. Consider a stop at the National Museum of Civil War Medicine which tells a story of healing and compassion and houses over 1200 artifacts in five expansive galleries.Further west, high atop South Mountain and hidden by the woods that surround it, sits the original Washington Monument. The beautifully manicured trail leading from the visitor center to the site is short, and not as rigorous compared to the two-mile march up the mountain that citizens took to create the attraction years ago. Like the monument in DC, visitors who reach the top of the monument are rewarded with an incredible view. Nearby South Mountain Creamery will satisfy even the strongest dessert craving with fresh from the farm ice cream! Tour the property to find out how the creamery’s dairy products are made on site.last_img read more

Quality labels for agricultural products from the Vrgorac area – Vrgorac quality

first_imgThe purpose of this label is to differentiate Vrgor products from the competition, to raise and maintain product quality and to encourage sales in the local, regional and national markets. As part of the label “Vrgorac Quality”, the official slogan was chosen – “From the heart of Vrgorac, our home.” “This will be one of the most important projects for our agriculture. In today’s competitive market, communication is becoming an increasingly important factor in successful business. When it comes to agri-food products and rural tourism services, the emphasis is on networking the offer, creating common labels and joint promotional activities. We worked for a year on a project that will help our farmers”, Announced the mayor of Vrgorac Ante Pranic. Each family that meets the criteria will receive a label, and the end of the label will be visible and the number of the family. Vrgorac products will soon receive a unique label “Vrgorac quality”. Vrgorac started this project in April 2019 in cooperation with four agricultural associations that total over 450 family farms, and it was presented to all agricultural producers.  Clusters, connectivity, quality standard, branding – this is the only real step towards the development of agriculture and tomorrow’s merger with tourism. Well done to Vrgorac, those who deal with market development are growing and developing. In the area of ​​the City of Vrgorac, agricultural production is extremely developed, and the most important products are strawberries, prosciutto, wine, peaches, nectarines, grapes, table grapes, vegetables and honey. They are among the leading areas in Croatia in terms of vines, prosciutto, strawberries and table grapes. The quality label will be able to be used on product packaging and labels and on promotional materials, and in the first phase the label will be awarded for strawberries and strawberry products, fresh fruits and vegetables and products made from their processing, honey and other bee products and wine and other products. of grapes and wine. Photo: City of Vrgorac, TZ Vrgorac,last_img read more

Gotthard base tunnel under threat

first_imgIT WAS always possible that the finger of sugar crystal dolomite stretching down to the alignment of the planned Gotthard base tunnel would prove to be a major obstacle when it came to serious digging. Just how tricky it may be to tunnel through this treacherous material in the Piora syncline was revealed at the end of March when Electrowatt submitted a detailed report to Swiss Federal Railways Chief Executive Dr Benedikt Weibel. This suggested that the cost of tunnelling through around 300m of the dolomite could reach SFr700m. The previous worst case estimate dating only from January was SFr300m.Weibel reacted at once by calling for work to be halted on the access shaft further north at Sedrun and froze the SFr75m of funds that SBB has available for additional work there. Around 700m of the 990m horizontal gallery has been completed; this may still continue, but contracts are unlikely to be let as planned for the 780m vertical access shaft which needs to be built ahead of the main tunnel to allow intermediate faces to be opened up. Work would only resume at Sedrun after it has been established precisely what cutting through the sugar dolomite will entail – tunnellers have already bored a 5·5 km exploratory gallery from Faido and located the dolomite, but it is still not certain how far the strata extends.In an interview with the Swiss media, Weibel attacked engineers suffering from a ’professional malady’ who say ’everything is possible’ without considering the cost. This is apparently not the reason for a decision by SBB’s AlpTransit project manager Peter Zuber to stand down at the end of the year.When the parliamentary committee on transport met on April 7-9, it ruled that no further money would be freed for preliminary works until further geological investigation had determined the feasibility of the Gotthard bore – a process that could take two more years. This means that completion of the Gotthard base tunnel will only be possible in 2010-11 at the earliest.Switzerland is meanwhile committed to transfer road transit traffic to rail by 2004, and it also has commitments with EC countries to provide adequate rail capacity. The result is that the Llast_img read more

Boycott reference dropped from LGPS investment strategy guidance [updated]

first_imgThe government is planning to appeal the judgement, according to Lord Bourne of Aberystwyth, parliamentary under-secretary for Communities and Local Government.Replying to a question from Baroness Tonge, an independent member of the House of Lords, Lord Bourne wrote: “The Government is strongly opposed to boycotts, which undermine its work to support the peace process and achieve a negotiated solution.“We have received permission to appeal the judgement on the guidance to administering authorities on preparing an investment strategy statement for Local Government Pension Scheme funds, and will submit an appeal shortly.”He said the government would amend the guidance pending the outcome of the appeal, but this has already been done.Ralph McClelland, a lawyer at Sackers, said he would have expected the government to amend the guidance given the judgement.“I’m not particularly surprised they’ve done that and I think it’s appropriate as well,” he said.The guidance, from the Department for Communities and Local Government (DCLG), is on how the LGPS should prepare and maintain an investment strategy statement, which the schemes’ administering authorities are required to formulate and must be in accordance with the guidance issued by the minister in charge.The statement relating to boycotts and divestment was included in the guidance in relation to the requirement that the strategy statement set out how “social, environmental or corporate governance considerations are taken into account in the selection, non-selection, retention and realisation of investments”.Fergus Moffatt, head of public policy at the UK Sustainable Investment and Finance Association (UKSIF), said: “We have argued since DCLG first consulted on this that LGPS funds should be taking financially material factors into account and that the appropriate tests for taking non-financial factors into account were set out by the Law Commission in 2014, namely that scheme members share the concern and that there is no risk of significant financial detriment to the fund.“The inclusion of rules requiring schemes to invest in line with government foreign and defence policy was arbitrary and in conflict with this clear guidance.”He said UKSIF welcomed the decision to remove this aspect of the rules, “at least until the conclusion of any potential appeal by the government”.The case against the government was brought by the Palestine Solidarity Campaign, which said the power was introduced “specifically to curtail divestment campaigns against Israeli and international firms implicated in Israel’s violations of international law, as well as to protect the UK defence industry”.A DCLG spokesperson said: “Current local government pension scheme investment guidance has now been amended to reflect the High Court  judgment regarding boycotting and divestment and sanctions against foreign nations. The government is appealing the court’s decision.” The UK government has amended guidance to local government pension schemes (LGPS) to remove a reference to boycotts and divestment from foreign nations being “inappropriate”, although it plans to appeal the High Court judgement that is likely to have prompted the change.The guidance used to state that “using pension policies to pursue boycotts, divestment and sanctions against foreign nations and UK defence industries are inappropriate other than where formal legal sanctions, embargoes and restrictions have been put in place by the Government”.This no longer features in updated guidance that was published yesterday.The amendment comes after a High Court last month ruled that the guidance was “unlawful”.last_img read more

Difficult Travel, Closings Expected On Snowy Friday

first_imgImage: National Oceanic and Atmospheric AdministrationWith a significant winter weather system expected to make its way through the area, citizens are encouraged to prepare and for hazardous roads and possible school and business closings.The National Weather Service has issued a Winter Storm Warning which is in effect from Friday at 1 a.m. until Saturday at 1 a.m.Rain will transition to a wintry mix of sleet and freezing rain through midnight or a little after. Precipitation will change over to snow by daybreak. Snow may be heavy at time throughout Friday.Hazardous travel conditions may force schools and organizations to close Friday.Click here to view current delays and cancellations.Local highway departments will be out in full force to combat the potential snow and ice covered roads.Click here to view if your county is under a travel advisory.A travel “advisory” is notification that travel may be restricted in some areas. Under a “watch” level, only essential travel is recommended. A travel advisory at a “warning” level means travel may be restricted to emergency personnel only.Winter Driving SafetyThose considering going out onto the roads are advised to check the weather forecast and travel conditions prior to leaving, and allow for extra travel time. If driving during the storm is necessary, make sure you have a fully charged and functioning cell phone. A vehicle preparedness kit is also strongly encouraged. Items in a vehicle preparedness kit include:At least two blankets or a sleeping bag;Flashlight and extra batteries;Booster (jumper) cables;Emergency flares;Extra clothing, including boots, hats and gloves;ShovelBottled water and non-perishable foods like granola bars, raisins, nuts, peanut butter or cheese crackers;First-aid kit and necessary medications;Sand or non-clumping kitty litter for tire traction;Cell phone and charger for vehicle use; and Ice scraper and snow brush.When traveling, always move over or pull to the side of the road for first responders.If You Become StrandedUnless there is a safe structure nearby, do not leave the car, since it is the best protection;Run the engine for 10 minutes every hour to stay warm. An idling car only uses about one gallon of gas per hour;Tie a brightly colored cloth to the car for rescuers to see;Light a flare or turn on a flashlight to let others know you are stranded;Make sure the exhaust pipe is free of any blockage to prevent carbon monoxide poisoning; andKeep hydrated by drinking water from your preparedness kit. Don’t eat snow, as it will lower body temperature.last_img read more

Candidates sought for Indiana State Police Academy

first_imgIndianapolis, In. — The Indiana State Police is now accepting applications for the 79th Recruit Academy.  Individuals who are interested in beginning a rewarding career as an Indiana State Trooper must apply online here.  This website will provide a detailed synopsis of the application process as well as information on additional career opportunities with the Indiana State Police.Applications must be submitted electronically by 11:59 pm (EST) on Sunday, February 10, 2019.  Applications submitted after the deadline will not be accepted for the 79th Recruit Academy.Basic Eligibility Requirements and consideration factors for an Indiana State Trooper:Must be a United States citizen.Must be at least 21 and less than 40 years of age when appointed as a police employee. (Appointment date is December 19, 2019)Must meet a minimum vision standard (corrected or uncorrected) of 20/50 acuity in each eye and 20/50 distant binocular acuity in both eyes.Must possess a valid driver’s license to operate an automobile.Must be willing, if appointed, to reside and serve anywhere within the State of Indiana as designated by the Superintendent.Must be a high school graduate as evidenced by a diploma or general equivalency diploma (GED).The starting salary for an Indiana State Police Department Recruit is $1,615.39 bi-weekly during the academy training.  At the completion of academy training, the starting salary is $48,000.00 a year.  Graduates of the 79th Recruit Academy are offered an excellent health care plan, which includes medical, dental, vision and pharmacy coverage for both current and retired employees, along with their families, until reaching age 65.  The Indiana State Police pension program provides a lifetime pension after 25 years of service.  Additionally, the Indiana State Police Department provides comprehensive disability coverage and a life insurance program.  Student loan forgiveness programs are being offered at this time through the following: applicants can obtain additional information about a career as an Indiana State Trooper by visiting to find the recruiter assigned to your area.last_img read more