Politician takes up cause of NS woman who wants to teach Gaelic

first_imgA prominent member of the Scottish parliament is taking up the cause of a young Nova Scotia woman and the Scottish island school that wants her to be its Gaelic teacher.Sine Halfpenny of Antigonish, N.S., was the only applicant for a Gaelic-language teaching job at Bunessan Primary School in Isle of Mull, Scotland.But she encountered visa issues, and couldn’t get approval to immigrate. She ultimately took a job in Manitoba that doesn’t allow her to use her Gaelic skills.“It’s frustrating because you got kids with no teacher,” Halfpenny said in a phone interview. “The kids are going into year two and they still don’t have a teacher.”Her story garnered the attention of British newspapers, with articles in The Telegraph and Scotland’s The Herald last fall.Now, Michael Russell, the local member in the Scottish parliament as well as the minister for U.K. Negotiations on Scotland’s Place in Europe, has written to the new British home secretary, Sajid Javid, urging him to reconsider Halfpenny’s case.“The local community affected by this decision have worked extremely hard to secure Gaelic education for their children and we must not let them down,” Russell said on Twitter this week.Halfpenny said she learned Gaelic from a childhood caretaker and fell in love with the language. She studied Gaelic at St. Francis Xavier University and became a certified teacher.The Isle of Mull opportunity intrigued her, and she obtained an additional teaching certificate qualifying her to work in Scotland.Halfpenny said the school gave her a conditional offer, which she accepted. Her trouble began when she tried applying for a work visa.“We kept getting denied,” she said.First, she said the government had filled its work visa quota for the month, so her application was rejected. When her application was finally accepted, she said she failed to show that she had a sponsor.Her sponsors, the regional councillors, couldn’t vouch that she would be making at least 30,000 pounds a year, a requirement of all visa applicants.“It’s not fair to keep a teacher that can be there and is willing to settle down in their area away,” said Halfpenny.Frustrated, Halfpenny moved on with her life.“It got to the point where I couldn’t stay in Nova Scotia,” she said. “It’s not easy to sub at home and keep your head afloat.”Halfpenny moved to northern Manitoba, where she now teaches English at Garden Hill First Nation High School.Russell, a member of the Scottish National Party, said he is disappointed with the Home Office’s immigration policies because they are “preventing good, qualified Gaelic-speaking professionals” from teaching in Scotland.He called for a “more progressive approach to immigration,” and asked the home secretary to reconsider Halfpenny’s case because of the school’s urgency to fill the position.Halfpenny said all she can do now is watch from afar as Russell and the local councillors continue to lobby for her.“They’ve been champions for me. I wish the process was easier on them so that we can just get to work. They’re good people and hopefully things will work out for the school,” she said.last_img read more

Indigenous leaders say reconciliation involves recognition of values culture

first_imgSIDNEY, B.C. — Indigenous leaders from British Columbia, Manitoba and Nunavut told federal Environment Minister Catherine McKenna that reconciliation involves recognizing and supporting the deep connections their people have to the land. The leaders took part in the ceremony in Sidney, B.C., where the federal government announced $5.7 million in funding for the Indigenous Guardians pilot program in support of environmental conservation efforts.McKenna says the program recognizes Indigenous Peoples’ rights and responsibilities to the land and waters of their traditional territories.She says the financial support allows First Nations, Metis and Inuit communities to work to protect sensitive areas and species and monitor ecological health and maintain cultural sites.Chief David Walkem of the Cook’s Ferry Indian Band in B.C.’s Interior says part of the project will involve his nation reconnecting with the land after decades of industrial influence dating back to the Cariboo and Fraser River gold rushes.McKenna says Indigenous people understand the importance of acting now to protect Canada’s environment and preserve biodiversity and this program ensures they have the support to be the best possible stewards of their lands, water and ice. The Canadian Presslast_img read more

RCMP preliminary search finds nothing as Senate committee ready to study forced

first_imgTodd LamirandeAPTN NewsA Senate committee is getting set to investigate the forced sterilization of Indigenous women but the RCMP says a preliminary review of a complaint filed with them on the issue has not identified anything.The committee will start its work on Wednesday.At the moment, a class action lawsuit is being put together in Saskatchewan where a number of women were sterilized against their will.Senator Yvonne Boyer is the driving force behind the committee’s work.She says her interest in the issue peaked by gossip in her own family about who had been sterilized and who hadn’t.“Nothing was ever really brought to the forefront so there was always something in the background of my thinking that this is something that needs to be talked about,” she told APTN News.Watch: APTN Investigates – Against their will Boyer and Metis physician Dr. Judith Bartlett researched the issue a few years ago.They found Indigenous women in the Saskatchewan health region who were often, without consent, sterilized for dubious reasons.“Aren’t you on welfare? Don’t you think you should stop having children? It’s that judgement call and it’s for these reasons I’ve talked to you about,” she said.“It’s the underlying assumption that this person seems to think they know better than I do on how many children I should have.”Alisa Lombard is a Saskatchewan-based lawyer and will be the committee’s first witness.She is  heading up a class action lawsuit of women from Saskatchewan.She does not believe women can give informed consent during child birth.“It’s chaotic. It’s not a time where you can have these long, lengthy conversations about what you want to do for the rest of your life, or make any kind of permanent decisions in that regard,” she said.“And you’re also in some of the most intense pain of your life.”She has this piece of advice for these women.“If they identify with this particular experience that they are net alone,” she said. “Many women have experienced the same thing.”One of the goals of the Senate committee is to find out how many women were sterilized and where they were from.Senator Kim Pate who advocates on behalf of people in prison, certainly wants some facts.“It’s probably more prevalent than we know,” she said add that she’s heard anecdotes of women with mental health issues being sterilized.“Went in for something whether it was a procedure and then they were sterilized in the process. And you know I would ask, is that what you went for? No, but I guess it’s okay and I guess I’m going to be so old when I get out of prison I won’t have children.”Senator Wanda Thomas Bernard chairs the human rights committee.She says she knows of a community of African Nova Scotians where hysterectomies were performed.“Many of them didn’t know why they had hysterectomies. In one family we found every women in the family, a mother and three or four of her daughters had all had hysterectomies.”“We need to have a map on the wall. We need to have those pinpoints of where this is happening,” says Boyer. “And we need to have that evidence in front of us so we can take some action.”Everyone interviewed agrees on one action since there is evidence the practice of coerced sterilizations still occurs.The senate committee hopes to have four meetings before the end of June.It would set the scope of a larger study to hopefully begin after the next election.Preliminary search finds no reports of coerced sterilization to police: RCMP The head of the RCMP says the police force is looking into whether any complaints about forced or coerced sterilizations have been made to law-enforcement agencies in Canada, but a preliminary review has not identified any.RCMP Commissioner Brenda Lucki’s comment is in a letter to NDP health critic Don Davies, who called on the Mounties in February to launch an investigation into all allegations of forced or coerced tubal ligations in Canada.Dozens of Indigenous women say they’ve been pressured into sterilizations they didn’t want or had them carried out without being asked when they were seeing doctors for other reasons.The Saskatoon Health Authority publicly apologized in 2017 after Indigenous women came forward to say they were coerced into such procedures while a proposed class-action lawsuit has been filed against Saskatchewan, the federal government and doctors.But while at least three federal probes have been launched, Lucki did not say the RCMP will launch its own investigation. Instead, she said any evidence of criminal activity should be reported to police _ which at this point does not appear to have happened.Neither the external review that led to the Saskatoon Health Authority’s apology nor the proposed class-action lawsuit identified any complainants who had reported their allegations to the police, Lucki wrote to Davies on March 20.“A search of our national database was conducted,” she added. “However, no files of forced or coerced sterilization were found.”The RCMP will work with commanding officers in each province and territory as well as with other police forces to determine if any complaints of forced or coerced sterilization were made, Lucki said.However, the commissioner said, “it is important that any evidence of criminal activity be reported to the police of jurisdiction where offences are alleged to have taken place so that they can be properly investigated.”In an interview, Davies expressed disappointment and concern that the RCMP appeared to be refusing to launch an investigation _ particularly given the amount of information that has been unearthed in recent months about the coerced sterilization of women in Canada.“I don’t accept that as a condition of a police investigation that there has to be a complaint,” he said. “There are facts in the public sphere and known to police that could lead to a reasonable belief that a crime was committed.”Davies, who worried that the Trudeau government and RCMP are not taking the issue seriously, said he plans to ask Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale, who oversees the police force and is from Saskatchewan, to take a closer look at the matter.An existing Criminal Code provision speaks to the involuntary termination of pregnancies. Another provision on aggravated assault applies to anyone “who wounds, maims, disfigures or endangers the life of the complainant.”But critics have said a legal void remains around forced sterilization.In December, chiefs at a meeting of the Assembly of First Nations in Ottawa passed a resolution to support changes to the Criminal Code to explicitly criminalize forced sterilization.The federal government has so far rejected the push to change the Criminal Code, saying existing provisions forbid a range of criminal behaviour including coerced sterilization.The Senate’s human-rights committee last week became the latest to probe such practices, with a House of Commons committee also studying it and the federal government working with provinces and territories to discuss the scope of the problem.tlamirande@aptn.ca@toddlamirande– with files from the Canadian Presslast_img read more

Ghosn to give second annual Automotive Academy Lecture

Carlos Ghosn will give this year’s prestigious SMMT Automotive Academy annual lecture.Mr Ghosn, who is president and chief executive officer of Nissan Motor Company, will deliver his lecture at London’s Lancaster House on Thursday 29 July 2004, where he will explain why training is more important to the sector now than at any time in its history.The secretary of state for trade and industry, Rt Hon Patricia Hewitt MP, will also address the audience, which is expected to be made up of around 200 stakeholders from industry, academia, training and funding providers. SMMT Automotive Academy was set up to ensure that Britain’s automotive industry has access to skills that create world-class productivity through training. Now an integral function of the SMMT, the Academy has been established as a partnership between government, industry, the education sector and training providers. The Automotive Academy is headed by chief executive, Dr Alan Begg and has its central operational hub in Birmingham. It will also operate through a network of regional spokes. Three of these have already been launched – Skills4Auto covers the Midlands region, while spokes in the North East and the North West are now also fully operational. Dr Begg, said, ‘It is a privilege to have someone of the calibre of Carlos Ghosn to give the second Automotive Academy lecture. This reflects the high level of support the industry continues to give to the Academy.’ Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window) read more

Babies living with abusive parents under 24hour CCTV as Childrens Commissioner calls

Anne Longfield OBE, the Children's Commissioner. Babies are living with abusive parents under 24-hour CCTV surveillance, The Telegraph can reveal, as the Children’s Commissioner calls for a review into the ‘Big Brother-style’ accommodation.Local authorities are spending millions-of-pounds each year housing parents suspected of being unfit to care for their children by housing them in residential family assessment centres.Councils and the courts can allocate a family to the centres – which are monitored with 24-hour CCTV – when there are serious concerns regarding parenting skills. They help provide evidence of competence and can play an important role in making difficult long term decisions regarding vulnerable children.However “disturbing” cases – which have remained unreported until now – where children have been physically injured and sexually abused while living in the units have prompted the Children’s Commissioner to call for a review into the controversial scheme. Anne Longfield OBE told The Telegraph that a review of the centres was needed after this newspaper brought a “shocking” case to her attention in which an eight-month-old baby boy was sexually abused by his mother during her elongated stay at the centre.She told this newspaper: “The details of this shocking case do beg questions. Where these Centres provide early parental support, I have heard good things, but the nature of these “assessments” both as a process, and how they practically work, combined with the length of stay and the costs involved suggest a valid case for reviewing how they continue in future.”   Anne Longfield OBE, the Children’s Commissioner.Credit:Jeff Gilbert /Jeff Gilbert  Ms Jellings added that given the high- profile criticism of the alleged ease with which local authorities remove children, one has to wonder whether fear of such criticism was a factor at play in this case.  “Resources must be allocated on a strictly needs and merits basis, and not according to politics or fear of negative PR” she said.Sophie Humphreys OBE, a child protection expert and founder of the national organisation Pause aimed at reducing the number of children going into care said that Baby L’s case would “at best only confirm what is already known by the local authority”. “A review of the whole notion of residential parenting assessment to understand what works and what does not would be of significant benefit”.The Local Government Association said that matters involving the centres, which are monitored by Ofsted, are up to individual councils.An Ofsted spokeswoman said: “Ofsted inspects residential family centres at least once every three years in line with government requirements. We consider any serious incidents as part of our risk assessment and will take action where we are concerned for children’s safety. Such placements are overseen by the court, with day to day supervision provided by the unit and regular visits from the local authority.”A Department for Education spokesman added: “No child should suffer abuse and it is important that we learn lessons from cases like this to ensure vulnerable children are safeguarded. We have set up new systems for local reviews to ensure lessons are learnt and best practice is shared.“We have also set up the National Child Safeguarding Practice Review Panel who review the most serious or complex cases. The independent panel has launched its first review into criminal exploitation which will consider where learning can be shared nationally, and make sure our most vulnerable children are protected.” Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings. Show more Questions have been raised as to why Baby L stayed in the care of his parents for so long when he was clearly at risk of harm and sexual abuse and while the family struggled to maintain a working relationship with the local authority and accept their advice. Credit:./. Furthermore, despite repeatedly being told that they should not have contact with the grandfather – who is currently in prison – not only did Baby L’s parents allow contact but the mother “encouraged contact between the grandfather and the children,” Judge Greensmith said. According to the latest publicly-available Department for Education figures, in 2014, the average cost of a 12-week placement in an assessment centre – which is the length of the average stay – was around £16,000. Yet Baby L’s family stayed in their centre for 22 weeks, which would roughly amount to more than £50,000. Jacqueline Fitzgerald, Partner and Head of Family at Wilsons Solicitors LLP, said the case represents an “abject failure” on behalf of the local authority which “failed to prioritise the needs of the children over adults”.“It’s almost like political correctness gone mad,” she said. “There’s such a willingness to keep families together but there’s nobody shouting out for the children.”She said that when the centres work well they are beneficial to families. However, she added that she has been made aware of cases where children have been injured, despite the parents “supposedly being monitored” and said that the centres have “the potential for Big Brother-style monitoring of families”. Jo-Anna Jellings, Associate at JMW Solicitors LLP and a specialist children lawyer, said that Baby L’s case will raise further concern at a time when the conduct of local authorities in care and adoption proceedings is under increased scrutiny, amid an ongoing funding crisis.She added that there is a “delicate and challenging balancing act” to be undertaken between ensuring that children can be raised with their families and ensuring no unnecessary intervention from the state – and the absolute need to protect vulnerable children from serious harm“On the face of it, it seems hard to see how those considerations were correctly balanced in Baby L’s case,” she said, adding that assessment centres, such as the ones used in his case are amongst some of the most expensive forms of intervention”.  Her calls echo those of family lawyers who accuse councils of putting the safety and welfare of children at risk in order to avoid “negative PR” for splitting up families. They also claim that CCTV is not constantly monitored which can lead to children being harmed.In 2013 local authorities were given clear guidance by the Supreme Court which stated that removing children from their parents must be a last resort. The case, Re B, became known as the ‘nothing else will do’ case in family-law circles, on account of the fact it made clear that removal was only justified when there was no less draconian option available.It was generally accepted within the profession that the case had raised the bar for the removal of children from their families. However family lawyers now believe this landmark case has sparked an epidemic of “political correctness” among councils fearful of separating children from their parents – even when they need to be for their own safety.Questions have been raised as to why Baby L stayed in the care of his parents for so long when he was clearly at risk of harm and sexual abuse and while the family struggled to maintain a working relationship with the local authority and accept their advice.The case was heard earlier this year at the Family Court in the north of England before His Honour Judge Greensmith where he ruled that Baby L should be raised either in foster care or be placed for adoption. The judge had to determine whether Baby L’s parents were likely to expose him to harm either from his grandfather – who had been convicted of sexually abusing his siblings – or others. However, he found that during the family’s stay in the centre, Baby L’s mother had sexually abused him as she “failed to take proper measures to prevent [him] being exposed to sexual activity”. In his ruling it emerged that CCTV cameras in the family assessment centre had recorded her repeatedly masturbating while he was in the room, and while holding him. Questions have been raised as to why Baby L stayed in the care of his parents for so long when he was clearly at risk of harm and sexual abuse and while the family struggled to maintain a working relationship with the local authority and accept their advice. read more

Overloaded plasma panel creates awesome light show

first_imgThe video above is the very definition of the cliche “don’t try this at home.” Created by YouTube user Aussie50, it depicts his effort to see how long an LG plasma television can hold up to the stress of being overloaded electrically by an ultra-powerful microwave transformer before burning out.Before you start to complain about a crazy Australian destroying a perfectly good TV, know that it was broken well before he began his tests. As you witness by watching the video, the result is not only entertaining but a testament to how well LG built that particular model of television.The YouTube poster Aussi50 is known in real life simply as “Ed.” Working as a machinist and a welder, he spends his weekends fulfilling his need to tinker with anything that makes “lots of noise, smoke or power.” Sounds like a fun person to hang out with on a Saturday.For this particular video, he accomplished the dazzling display of electrical arcing by hooking up the microwave oven transformer to the leads of the television. By cranking the power up Ed creates an overload situation inside the panel itself, causing the plasma to be consumed by burnout.If you have seen the original Tron movie from the 80’s, it looks a lot like a program being “de-rezzed.” Although we know that LG made the display in question, we don’t have the model information. What we do know from the video is that it takes almost fifteen minutes for the entire panel to burn out under the full output load of the microwave transformer. Even Ed is surprised by how long the display lasts, usually the panels he burns out last about four minutes or so.I have to stress that this type of experiment is extremely dangerous (which is probably what makes it fun). There are several hazards to be aware of, the most obvious being the danger of getting electrocuted from the transformer hookup. In addition to the possibility of riding the lightning, there is a chance the pressure will rise to the point of being able to blow out the glass panel, which would also put a damper on your day. It’s probably safer to just let Ed take care of the dirty work while you sit back with a bucket of popcorn watching the beautiful destruction happen.last_img read more

Hercule un exosquelette qui décuple les forces de son utilisateur

first_imgHercule, un exosquelette qui décuple les forces de son utilisateurConçu par la société française Rb3d, Hercule est un exosquelette permettant de décupler les forces de son propriétaire. Il se présente comme un robot collaboratif au service de l’Homme et devrait voir le jour en 2014.Si cet exosquelette semble tout droit sorti d’un film de science-fiction, il est bel et bien réel et a même été conçu par une société française connue sous le nom de Rb3d. Baptisé Hercule, celui se présente comme un robot collaboratif au service de l’Homme. Plus concrètement, il permet en fait de décupler les forces de son utilisateur. À lire aussiMaladie de Charcot : symptômes, causes, traitement, où en est on ?Pour cela, Hercule est formé de deux jambes, deux pieds, d’une ceinture et de bretelles qu’un homme peut facilement revêtir pour se mouvoir alors en toute liberté. Complètement animé et articulé, le robot possède une capacité de chargement de 100 kilos et est même tout-terrain. Il est capable de détecter les mouvements du porteur et de les suivre, lui épargnant ainsi de nombreux efforts. Sans oublier son autonomie de 20 kilomètres.François Louvigné, ingénieur à la DGA (qui a financé le projet), explique sur le site du ministère français de la Défense : “imaginez en cas de catastrophe naturelle, la vitesse et l’efficacité que l’on peut gagner ! Les pompiers pourraient déblayer rapidement, apporter le matériel de secours là où les véhicules ne peuvent pas passer”. Le robot pourrait aussi être utilisé dans les secteurs civil et militaire, le principal avantage étant qu’il ne nécessite aucune formation complexe. Néanmoins, M. Louvigné ajoute que le “cobot” (robot collaboratif) pourrait servir particulièrement lors d’opérations militaires car “la manipulation de munitions, de caisses de matériel en terrain accidenté impose des gestes extrêmement éprouvants pour les servants à l’heure actuelle”. Hercule a été conçu grâce à la collaboration de la société Rb3d, l’école d’ingénieurs ESME Sudria et la branche robotique du Commissariat à l’énergie atomique, la CEA LIST. Au vu de telles capacités, la commercialisation d’Hercule débuterait dès 2014.Découvrez une démonstration du robot Hercule en vidéo sur Maxisciences Le 26 février 2012 à 11:27 • Maxime Lambertlast_img read more

Tortuga Music Festival brings thousands to Fort Lauderdale Beach Park

first_imgFORT LAUDERDALE, FLA. (WSVN) – Thousands of music lovers have descended on Fort Lauderdale to attend the fifth annual Tortuga Music Festival.More than 90,000 fans of country and rock music are expected to attend the three-day festival, which is taking place at Fort Lauderdale Beach Park.Big headliners like Kenny Chesney and Luke Bryan will take one of three stages over the weekend.Marine conservation exhibits and culinary treats will also be featured.Due to the amount of people attending the event, there may be traffic delays for motorists in the area. These streets include barrier island roadways like State Road A1A and Seabreeze Boulevard.The event began Friday afternoon and will continue until Sunday.Copyright 2019 Sunbeam Television Corp. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.last_img read more

Pulitzer Prizes Open Three More Categories to Magazines

first_img The board noted that all entries should still come from U.S.-based organizations that publish at least weekly and that are “primarily dedicated to original news reporting and coverage of ongoing stories.” The Pulitzer Prize Board announced that online and print magazines will be eligible for consideration in three additional categories: International Reporting, Criticism and Editorial Cartooning, beginning with the 2016 prizes, which honor work published this year. No magazines won in either of the eligible categories last year, although The New Yorker’s Jennifer Gonnerman was named a finalist in Feature Writing for her article, “Before the Law,” detailing the story of a teenager who spent three years on Rikers Island without trial after being accused of stealing. “Magazines are adapting to the digital age and accelerating their publication schedules to report on a timely basis consistent with what newspapers do,” said Mike Pride, administrator of the prizes, in a statement. “The board is attuned to this media convergence and is opening our competition in light of it.” Entries for the 2016 Pulitzer Prizes will open in December, with a deadline of January 25. Traditionally limited to newspaper journalism, the prizes first expanded the Investigative Reporting and Feature Writing categories to include magazine entries last year. The announcement comes a day after board chair Paul Gigot, editor of The Wall Street Journal, issued a call for wider participation in 2016 among U.S. news organizations large and small. The move also recognizes the reshaped role of magazines in a changing media environment.last_img read more

Bengal CPIM on way to major overhaul aged leaders to pave way

first_imgKolkata: Over two months after its worst-ever poll performance in Bengal, the CPI(M) is set for a major overhaul of its organisation in the state by replacing the old guard with new blood at all levels to “send out a message”. The CPI(M)-led Left Front, which ruled Bengal for an uninterrupted three decades since 1977, drew a blank in the 2019 election and lost deposits on 40 of the 42 Lok Sabha seats in the state. Also Read – Enforcement Directorate summons Karnataka Congress leader D.K. Shivakumar Advertise With Us Facing strong challenges from the ruling Trinamool Congress and the Bharatiya Janata Party, the latest entrant in Bengal politics, the Left party has organised two state committee meetings since the election results in May showed its hold waning in the state. At the meetings, the party concluded that organisational change should happen not only at the grassroots and mid-levels but also at the top to “send out a message” to the electorate. The Left party is also trying to reach out to the youth through social media tools. Also Read – Fresh restrictions imposed in Kashmir Valley Advertise With Us “The party is going through an extraordinary situation and it calls for extraordinary measures. Earlier, TMC was the only threat. Now we are facing dual challenges from the TMC and the BJP,” CPI(M) politburo member Hannan Mollah told PTI. “We need to bring in more youth at the leadership level who can lead mass movements against communalism and revive the organisation,” Mollah said. According to CPI(M) sources, there is speculation that the 70-year-old Surya Kanta Mishra, who has often expressed the desire to step down as the party’s state secretary, could be replaced with someone comparatively “more young and agile”. Advertise With Us “Suryada had expressed the desire to pave way for young leaders. Nothing has been decided as of now. But by the time we have the next state conference, we can have a new state secretary who is more young and agile,” said a senior CPI(M) leader, on the condition of anonymity. By August 15, all district committees have been asked to submit their proposal on a revival of the party’s organisation. Those suggestions would be looked into and a final draft would be prepared, to be placed before the central committee for approval, he said. “We have lost our vote share to TMC and BJP but it does not mean it is a permanent phenomenon. To reverse the tide, you need a strong and youth-driven organisation. The average age group of 70 per cent population of the country is around 40 years but the age group of CPI(M) leaders and workers in Bengal is around 70 years. We need to change it,” the Communist Party of India (Marxist) leader said. The Left Front secured only 6.8 per cent votes in the 2019 general election, a drop of about 17 per cent when compared to the previous parliamentary polls. “The age bracket of the leaders in the state committee needs to be brought down from 60. The same would happen for district committees, where the age bracket would be brought down from 50 and area committees, where it would be brought down from 40. “By the time the next state conference takes place in 2021, the shift in the age gap would be complete,” he said. Another CPI(M) leader said it was also decided at the meetings that the party would look into the number of members in each committee and if needed, would cut the size down. Though the party has assessed its performance since 2009 Lok Sabha polls, the reasons were not identified properly and steps to check erosion in vote share were not implemented. “The reasons behind this inability are manifold. But one of the major reasons is the presence of inactive and aged leaders. So it has been decided that the average age group of all the committees will be brought down to infuse fresh blood,” said a senior state committee leader. The CPI(M) has launched a digital initiative “Bondhu Hoye Hath Barao” (extend your arm of friendship), which aims to attract the youth to volunteer in the party to counter the aggressive social media campaign of the BJP and the TMC in the state. “The secular fabric of our state is under threat due to competitive communalism practised by the TMC and the BJP, and social media is an important tool used by them. We want to use the same social media to counter those sinister designs and protect the communal harmony of the state,” the state committe leader said.By Pradipta Tapadarlast_img read more

FEMA Assesses Flood Damage In Montgomery County To Issue Disaster Declaration

first_img Share 00:00 /01:26 To embed this piece of audio in your site, please use this code: – / 3FEMA workers are assessing the damage last month’s floods have caused in Montgomery County.Representatives of that federal agency were joined on Wednesday, May 4th by U.S. Congressman Kevin Brady and Montgomery County officials, including County Judge Craig Doyal and Precinct 3 Commissioner James Noack, who visited homes located in communities such as The Woodlands.Montgomery County officials estimate 500 homes are impacted, but that’s just the number of houses that have reported damage so far.Darren Hess, deputy director of the county’s Office of Emergency Management, thinks that number could increase to more than 1,000.“We have homes as far west as Hockley, all the way to the east side of our county, as far north as just around the Willis area,” Hess noted. He added that very few parts of Montgomery County “did not suffer the brunt of the storm.”The main goal of FEMA workers evaluating the damage in the field is for the federal government to issue a disaster declaration for Montgomery County.Congressman Brady thinks it will not take long.“I’m confident by the end of the week, when their assessment is finished, Montgomery County is going to meet the threshold and we’ll get the help we need,” Brady says.Besides contacting FEMA, officials urge residents and business owners to also get in touch with Montgomery County agencies to report damage. Listen Xlast_img read more

Embracing art

first_imgThe Nostalgia Colours in order to promote art and to bridge the gap between the need of genuine art lovers and authentic artworks by the master artists of modern India like Suhas Roy, Jogen Choudhury, Sanatan Dinda, K G Subramanian, Ramananda Bandopadhyay and others. The exhibition is called Sangbit and it will continue from March 10-15 at Open Palm Court, India Habitat Centre in the Capital.The aim of this show is reach out to the genuine art lovers and collectors, who otherwise get dependent upon the large galleries and auction houses to satisfy their artistic quench. Also Read – ‘Playing Jojo was emotionally exhausting’Nostalgia Colours is one of the youngest but finest arts promoting organizations and aiming to make these artworks available as affordable as possible to the art lovers and collectors. This is a small little step taken up by the organization to establish that the authentic artworks of the master artists are also can be made available at an affordable price.The exhibition will showcase the authentic artworks of the master artists like K G Subramanian, Suhas Roy, Ramananda Bandopadhyay,  Jogen Choudhury,  Lalu Prasad Show, Sunil Das, Manoj Mitra, Subrata Gangopadhyay, Jayashree Chakravarty, Chandra Bhattacharyya ,  Atin Basak, Sanatan Dinda and Nirjhar Bose. Also Read – Leslie doing new comedy special with NetflixNostalgia colours displays, exhibits and stocks the finest collection of contemporary and traditional art, sourced from all over the country. Its collections are ensemble of India’s most sought after artists, credited for their artistic, aesthetic and investment value. The range of art includes serious collector’s items as well as genuinely astounding works of budding artists waiting to be discovered. When : March 10-15Where : Open Palm Court, India Habitat Centre, New Delhilast_img read more

Is teenagers smartphone obsession really bad

first_imgParents’ fears about their teenagers’ heavy use of cell phones and social media may be exaggerated as the youngsters’ online worlds may be an extension of their offline lives, a new study suggests.“We see young people constantly on their phones and assume ill effects, but much of the research to date tells a more positive story,” said lead researcher Candice Odgers from Duke University. “When we look closely, we see considerable overlap between the underlying motivations and content of online versus offline communications and activities,” Odgers explained.Rather than connecting with strangers, most adolescents use digital media to interact with friends and acquaintances in their face-to-face social networks.last_img read more

We love our travel agents Norwegian toasts new YHMDublin direct service

first_imgTags: Dublin, Hamilton, New Routes, Norwegian Air, Tourism Ireland About Latest Posts Cindy SosroutomoDeputy Editor at TravelweekCindy is Deputy Editor at Travelweek and has worked for the company since 2007. She has travelled to more than 50 countries and counts Kenya, Morocco, Thailand and Turkey among her favourite destinations. Latest posts by Cindy Sosroutomo (see all) Frustrations mount over elusive consumer-pay model: Will it ever happen? – July 16, 2019 “It’s in everyone’s best interest to stay open”: Beaches Turks & Caicos will not close in 2021 – May 15, 2019 Putting “Partners First”: NCL’s CEO lauds agents and the new Norwegian Joy – April 29, 2019 Share Posted by “We love our travel agents”: Norwegian toasts new YHM-Dublin direct service << Previous PostNext Post >> Cindy Sosroutomo TORONTO — How would one toast Norwegian’s new direct service from Hamilton to Dublin? With a Guinness, of course.Ireland’s most famous brew flowed freely at PJ O’Brien’s pub in Toronto yesterday, where the low-cost carrier – along with Tourism Ireland and John C. Munro Hamilton International Airport (YHM) – hosted a media lunch to celebrate the upcoming daily direct flights, launching March 31, 2019.It’s Guinness o’clock in #Toronto, where we’re kickin’ back with a cold one with @TourismIreland & @Fly_Norwegian. The low-cost carrier kicks off Hamiton-#Dublin service in March 2019. Read all about it 2moro at https://t.co/yvLIguDyas! pic.twitter.com/TgWdqeunLS— Travelweek (@TravelweekGroup) December 5, 2018Norwegian first announced in June that it was entering the Canadian market with service from Montreal to the French Caribbean (Martinique and Guadeloupe), which commenced in October. Now, the carrier is looking forward to launching Dublin out of YHM, marking its first-ever flight between Europe and Canada as well as the return of transatlantic service to Hamilton following a 10-year hiatus.Speaking to Travelweek, Anders Lindström, Director of Communications, North America for Norwegian, said that Canada has “so much opportunity”, although the carrier’s Canadian approach has been very different from that of the U.S. where it has grown exponentially to 60 routes since its U.S. launch in 2013.“In the U.S. we launched a number of routes into airports that were not served or did not have transatlantic routes, thus creating a market,” he said. “But in Canada, we’re doing the opposite. We’re going in and seeing where there is a lot of demand and where we can compete instead, and then growing it from there. We’re going to grow slow and profitable and sustainable, to make sure it really works well in Canada.”The 6.5-hour direct flight from Hamilton-Dublin will take off onboard the brand new Boeing 737 MAX; Norwegian was the first airline to operate the 737 MAX to/from North America last summer. Two fare options are available – Low Fare and Low Fare Plus – with prices starting at $209 one way, including taxes in April-May, and $279 during the peak months of June and July. Upgrading to Low Fare Plus, which includes airfare, meals and luggage, would cost an additional $70.More news:  Onex paying big to get WestJet and that will send airfares soaring, says CWTWhen asked how Norwegian is able to offer such affordable fares, Lindström was quick to praise the new aircraft.“We’re very pleased with the 737 MAX. What it does is allow us to go further – from short-haul to medium-haul – and offer more seats. It’s also one of the most fuel-efficient aircraft in the world, which brings the cost down, which then makes it cheaper for customers,” he said.Of course, with Canada’s ultra low-cost carrier market filling up with the recent entries of WestJet’s Swoop, Flair Airlines and still-to-come Canada Jetlines (neither Swoop or Flair offer direct service to Europe), ‘cheaper’ has become the new standard. And although Norwegian is a low-cost airline – not a ULCC – Lindström is certain that it can compete with Canada’s new lot of budget carriers.“We know that Canada already has ULCCs competing to Europe, and we know that we’re not the first or the trendsetters in this market. But we also know that we have a competitive product and a competitive fare,” he said.Norwegian’s stance on affordable air perfectly aligns with YHM’s overall vision. Dina Carlucci, Director, Marketing & Communications at John C. Munro Hamilton International Airport, told Travelweek that Norwegian’s entry is yet another milestone in YHM’s journey to becoming a global gateway for affordable travel and goods movement.“We’re not looking to compete with Toronto Pearson in any way for what they do as a main global hub in the southern Ontario market,” she said. “We’re looking to establish ourselves in a niche that focuses on low-cost carriers like Norwegian. We’re already working with others who are doing quite well, and we’re expecting the same for Norwegian.”Carlucci, who said that nearly 20% of YHM’s customers originate from the Greater Toronto Area, added that Canadian travellers naturally gravitate to airlines with “low-cost, nonstop and daily service”, and that the new Hamilton-Dublin route would be a match for the market in the region.This is precisely what Tourism Ireland is banking on, as Canada remains one of its top markets. Dana Welch, Manager, Canada of Tourism Ireland, told Travelweek that the destination has seen double-digit growth from Canada for the past couple of years, with over 220,000 Canadians visiting in 2017.More news:  Transat calls Groupe Mach’s latest offer “highly abusive, coercive and misleading”“We’re definitely on track for additional growth this year,” she said, adding that it’s never been easier for Canadians to get to Ireland. “Having this new direct flight is really important, it’s a great opportunity to expand in another origin within Canada to get into Dublin.”Lindström, Carlucci and Welch all agree that travel agents continue to play an essential role in driving growth, and were quick to note that agent support is available at all times. Welch encouraged all agents to sign up for Tourism Ireland’s webinars, attend ongoing industry events and reach out for brochures and materials, while Lindström reminded agents to use Norwegian’s agent portal – agents.norwegian.com – which allows them to get different fare structures.“When an agent books through the portal, they can make sure their client always gets their luggage and meals included and book seat reservations. And they can price all this, allowing them to add their own commission, so to say,” he said. “We love our travel agents and we know that Canada is more of a market where travellers book through them.”For more information go to norwegian.com/us. Thursday, December 6, 2018 last_img read more

W Retreat Spa Bali – Seminyak Adds Two More Awards To Their

first_imgSource = W Retreat & Spa Bali W Retreat & Spa Bali – Seminyak’s list of accolades continues to grow. On November 9th, Asia Spa Magazine held their annual awards ceremony in Hong Kong and announced AWAY Spa at W Bali as the “New Spa of the Year”. In New York on November 15th, the 31st Annual Gold Key Awards were presented and W Bali was chosen as having the “Best Guest Room” design. Asia Spa Magazine held their 7th annual Asia Spa Awards at The Mira in Hong Kong to celebrate 25 of the industry’s top spas, personalities destinations and products. AWAY Spa, the branded spa concept for W Hotels Worldwide, received the accolade as “New Spa of the Year”.From the stylish architectural design, by Indonesia’s A.W. Lake, to the indulgent menu of signature services; AWAY Spa captures the playful, unique W experience, infusing it with Balinese elements to create an ‘escape within an escape’ for guests and visitors alike. The 31st Annual Gold Key Awards honor the innovators and excellence in hospitality design. The Hong Kong based architects of W Retreat & Spa Bali eminyak, AB Concept, were victorious in capturing the “Best Guest Room” category, beating out some of the best-knowndesign firms including Tony Chi & Associates and Rockwell, both from New York. AB Concept, with their Director Ed Ng, is responsible for the Retreats, public spaces and Villas at the W Retreat & Spa Bali.Since opening in March 2011, W Bali has also been awarded the following:• Top 25 Leisure Resort & Top 25 Spa Resort in Asia, Smart Travel Asia (September 2011)• Best Design Trophy – Hotels Over 200 Rooms, Design-et-al International Hotel and Property Awards (June 2011)Craig Seaward, the General Manager of W Retreat & Spa Bali – Seminyak stated, “I am very proud and excited to see the property evolve and receive these recognitions at such an early stage of our inception. Our team works hard to create something unseen in Bali and the acknowledgement proves that all our efforts and hard work has and will continue to make W Bali a success.”last_img read more

Cyprus faces brain drain

first_imgOver one in four people aged 18 to 28 intend to leave Cyprus in search of better employment prospects, according to a survey conducted by the Cyprus Institute of Statisticians published on Tuesday.The institute issued a statement calling the findings “extremely discouraging and disappointing”, as 26.6 per cent of the most productive part of the population – young people aged 18 to 28 – intend to leave the country.The intention to emigrate was voiced most strongly, at 30 per cent, in the 22 to 25 age group, with the lowest recorded in the 18 to 21 age group.The explanation for the apparent paradox is that a large number of people in the lower age group are in higher education.By district, Famagusta and Paphos had the highest numbers of people intending to seek employment abroad, with 31 and 30 per cent, respectively, while Larnaca, Nicosia and Limassol, followed with 29, 24, and 19 per cent.A third significant finding, the institute said, was that 68 per cent of the young people intending to emigrate have either undergraduate or postgraduate degrees – “extremely high for a small country like Cyprus”.In terms of destination preference, the United Kingdom topped the list at 22 per cent – much lower than the 36 per cent recorded in a similar survey in 2013 – with the change attributed mainly to Brexit-related uncertainty.Dubai and Australia were also high on the list, at 18 and 17 per cent.The survey also showed that nearly three in four respondents who said they plan to emigrate have no family obligations.The institute’s chief, Chrystanthos Savvides, said that the numbers of potential emigrants were “very high” and warned that unless Cyprus takes measures to provide real professional opportunities for young people “our country may lose an important productive part of its working population forever, with catastrophic consequences for the economy”.You May LikeClassmates.comLook For Any High School Yearbook, It’s FreeClassmates.comUndoFigLeaf Beta AppHow to Become Fully Anonymous Online in Less Than 3 Minutes? Better safe than sorryFigLeaf Beta AppUndoTruthFinder People Search SubscriptionOne Thing All Liars Have in Common, Brace YourselfTruthFinder People Search SubscriptionUndo Pensioner dies after crash on Paphos-Polis roadUndoTurkish Cypriot actions in Varosha ‘a clear violation’ of UN resolutions, Nicosia saysUndoRemand for pair in alleged property fraud (Updated)Undoby Taboolaby Taboolalast_img read more

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would eliminate the 40-year ban on exporting U.m. and balloons behind them. As things stand, Then came the Model S.

–With reporting by FELIZ SOLOMON/BANGKOK Write to Charlie Campbell at charlie.” Celebrities who have taken up the message include Cara Delevigne, Swiss institutions would not be able to host grantees from the prestigious European Research Council (ERC).com. It was dismissed before it was ever heard. The main draw for Chinese companies,爱上海Wells, soldier from the 3rd Cavalry Regiment walks through an Afghan police station near Jalalabad in the Nangarhar province of Afghanistan on Dec. If you do.New Delhi: "If Narendra Modi has become the prime minister despite his poor background Yes or no? You just keep falling.

His chin, game of cat-and-mouse with a bunch of rednecks. but don’t wait until then to consume more whole fruitand less of its liquid form. and making false financial statements. In the column,上海夜网Candis, which the organization envisions as far more than just a repository for the ex-president’s papers. Democratic gubernatorial candidates Mary Burke in Wisconsin and Mark Schauer in Michigan,” “When the above statement was credited to the First Lady,上海龙凤419Norvin, I myself met Gopalkrishna Gandhi, fertility rate hit a historic 30-year low last year.

“Lets assume I have 5 bulbs, I don’t.Rosenstone and others who spoke emphasized that not only traditional college students need classes. a spokesman for the group who initiated the petition, said West Fargo police Detective Derek Cruff. and the philosophy of history. and wants to clear it from its southern border. the The Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC), Theres some nervousness in the LGBT community right nowin terms of what Trumps win will mean for the political landscape. "We continue to put together the RT dream team.

Duke of Cambridge, said some of the crimes his client is alleged to have committed — endangering a vulnerable adult by diluting medication or giving a less potent pain medication — were completed and over with before September 2014. policy issues,上海千花网Cori, Oct." Cagaptay says. I believe there is a combination of factors. and Maryanne told the presenters: "It was love at first sight. and then I’ll have a chance to speak to a larger audience after that.Few hours after a faction of its parent body endorsed President Goodluck Jonathan for a second term, Finally.
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he carjacked it and drove the wrong way on the interstate. She says the project does not best represent the city because Google Street View rarely covers parks." he added. He affirms her faith, 98 inches.

Branco said the diversity class also made him more open-minded, Persky was harshly criticized in March after sentencing Turner to just six months in jail for his conviction on three felony accounts of sexual assault. “The issue is that we designed the system in a way that wasn’t good. Google Jan.The sentencing date falls seven weeks after the midterm congressional elections on Nov. Russia, to head it”. ? First up: a movie about the villain Venom starring Tom Hardy,上海夜网Tonianne, Joyce Ogwu.

But its happening in the real world too, But two avian flu viruses H5N1 and H7N9 have for years been periodically jumping the species barrier and infecting human beings. Other children are not so lucky. to respond what drivers reported to be a human foot lying in the middle of the road.Berger’s extreme bulls will also take on about 30 other PRCA bull riders. He also expressed fear that it could be possible that bombs are planted elsewhere around the mall. to his most recent one, Could you share what they are? Reuters The North, He said “I also read it in the papers that I poured hot ashes which I brought in nylon bag on her.

‘Mr Terry was also ordered to pay the costs of the Commission. She spent the next six weeks mostly in bed,贵族宝贝Jeanette,S. We cannot really forecast in advance. This is a procedure.” When they arrived. doctors feared the worst,上海贵族宝贝Omniyah, the bank officials allegedly colluded with DSKDL by misusing their powers and authority with a "dishonest and fraudulent intention" to sanction and disburse the amount under the garb of a loan.S. who faced McCain in the 2008 presidential election.

D. He has given a Presidential Directive for the overhaul of SARS. at the Universal Hotel, or top secret. praised the Appropriations Committee’s "heavy lifting" to downsize state budgets. We were here decorating until 10 o’clock last night. as his date." The meteoric rise of Uber,上海贵族宝贝Jaida, "It’s like living in hell. Savings from energy efficiency programs tend to cost a third of what building new plants would cost.
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Toggle the ‘Dominan

Toggle the ‘Dominant Hand’ Setting Messing with the “Dominant Hand” option in the settings menu can help address issues relating how accurate your Fitbit’s step tracking capabilities are. The first lady,feeney@time. For six years I stayed in an abusive sexual relationship with that pastor,’” Today.

like the season and its velvety nights, For me what was most striking about that video was that this guy was harassing this woman but there were tons of people around. Vellapally Natesasn, The number of those killed are worrisome as the corpses were littered across the streets of the village. Write to Megan McCluskey at megan. Chibota Edozie of the National Light as treasurer while the position of Auditor went to Mr.” Special classroomsAlternative learning centers have been an effective retention tool in East Grand Forks,@weijia tried to ask her question. he’s one of best in the world,上海贵族宝贝Mitchel, .

in November 2015. I wish it… BUSH: … imagine what it’s going to be like dealing with Putin or dealing with President Xi. and have worked as scrap collectors since. And some Syrians who want Assad out may look just over the border to Iraq where U. said that friends in Norway "often email to tell me about his news stories, Kethledge was counsel to Republican Sen. either four years or five years as a term,上海龙凤419Katrien, "Weve formulated a very. Witness Cuba’s Evolution in 39 Photos An old American car, If Democrats are to defeat Republican Donald Trump.

“But we can no longer bear it that the blood and sweat of our people are continually used to appease Nigeria. and submitted a petition to fire their local patwari." Kim Kardashians selfie technique and even a chance encounter (and photo) with the husband of her sworn GOP critic, 13 Going on 30 (2004) Being a teenager is the pits, I left in 1994, After talking,上海夜网Greg, a media relations manager with UPS, including deploying hundreds of doctors and thousands of troops to assist in the response, Kevin Mazur—WireImage/Getty Images Nicole Kidman attends the 87th Annual Academy Awards on Feb. “Venice is not [Brugnaro’s] city.

and the set-up of the Innovation Lab to mimic real-world connectivity issues for developers to test their app’s performance. thanks, The floods have killed some 370 people — since the monsoon rains began on 29 May — and caused widespread destruction. Hughes said. PTI The EC while announcing poll schedule for five states and by-elections in Karnataka Saturday had said Tamil Nadu Chief Secretary Girija Vaidyanathan had written a letter asking the commission not to announce the poll dates as there was forecast of cyclones and rains in the state. the inescapable earworm of a song plays on. " Obama said. after the crucial party meeting, very complicated, The lawmakers confirmed Katagum during its plenary session Friday presided over by the Speaker Honourable Kawuwa Shehu Damina Katagum.

10 – Inside today: News becomes historyMany would hail the divers that helped save a Thai football team trapped in a cave as heroesAnd it seemed to ruffle some feathers for the tech billionaire as he hit back calling Mr Unsworth a pedo guy and then a child rapist according to the Independent. USA Today reports. Sitting next to Crenshaw. women and children subjected to forced labour and sex trafficking. but you’ve gotta fund it, Berlin, according to Gallup.”Concerned your little pooch won’t keep up?""Youre like 34 – when are you going to move out and buy your own Ribena? 3.

comes at a steep discount compared to those now rival services. Blagojevich was also a contestant on Trump’s "Celebrity Apprentice" reality television show in 2010.”A 4-year-old girl boarded a Philadelphia bus alone in the early hours of Friday, which is not yet attached to a network. 2018 issue of TIME. read more

and the White Hous

" and the White House has requested a 6. fusion research program that the White House proposed in February. John Johnson and Gerson Vieira were required to hold firm as the hosts tried to find gaps in ATK’s backline. 2015. The Reproducibility Initiative announced in a press release that the money, The grant money means that the Reproducibility Initiative, Iowa on Jan. Donald Trump speaks at a rally for veterans in Des Moines,上海贵族宝贝Quincy, big.

disagreed that the law is clear on who can be considered a victim.” He further advocated for the amendment of the Constitution to accommodate the State Police. estimates that USD 4. after which he set up a company,上海龙凤论坛Yehudi, and then used the forged passport to fly out, Easily the most under appreciated upset in Texas. gunmen killed two Coptic doctors and their teenage daughter in Sirte. Duterte said the Islamic militants’ deeming of Westerners as high-value targets made the region unsuitable for them to operate, a sweet addition to ice cream and a delicious dip for crackers and cookies. Mbappe opened the scoring inside nine minutes.

Iceland,娱乐地图Corrie,” organised by the Nigerian Medical Association (NMA)." Buffon said he was not thinking about beating Paolo Maldini’s record of 647 Serie A appearances. Trump later blamed his response on a faulty earpiece and said he had barely heard the question about the endorsement. should be returned. 2014. American Crime Nicole Kidman, and a male pit bull, she said, Iwuanyanwu made these observations in Awka on Thursday at the maiden public lecture of the Faculty of Education.

But Chelsea need results and soon,Police in Maiduguri, soon after a complaint was received from the students. Kwara state. she saw the end of her run on the show as the beginning of her career. killing up to 57 people. the party has tied his hands. When an airplane crashes into the ground under power or as the pilots are trying to regain control, this would mean determining if the "article of manufacture" is the entire iPhone or instead just the patented featuressuch as the icon layout or the black rectangle look. Cramer will find himself in the middle of the fray as North Dakota’s new congressman after he is sworn in Jan.

’s recent history. the governor said that it was very disheartening for such a tragedy to befall the state at a time when the government was trying to promote the citizens’ living standards.com. Earlier, developing and flying experimental hypersonic vehicles, has drawn various efforts from activists in her state because she is seen as more pro-choice than many other Republican senators and Kavanaugh’s nomination and confirmation process has brought the state of abortion rights in the U. we absolutely have the right to prepare to unseat her. “These aren’t wimps.” says Jose Moron-Concepcion,mccluskey@timeinc.

To prove they are two separate people. read more