The domain name cybersquatting battle smoke for nothing

chewing food, staring at the TV screen, a part of mind is computer network — this is the Hubei Xiantao people Zhu Guangbing Olympic life.


of two minds as much as possible, only to watch China players to participate in the Olympic Games, once a Chinese player won the gold medal or have enough grasp won the gold medal, Zhu Guangbing immediately to the player name of network domain name registration.

Although the

is called rapid action, but the registration results are not satisfactory, because there are too many "corn bug" (in the domain name registration for occupation interested known) also staring at a piece of cake".

domain name battle smoke

, the difference is more than ten minutes ah, Zhang Zhuo rub rub rub to the reporter said.

Zhang Zhuoyan is a domain name lovers, when the opening of the Olympic Games on the red girl with angelic choirs singing of the motherland, he immediately open the computer, check the girl’s name.

"maybe everyone is watching the opening ceremony, the network is quiet." Zhang Zhuoyan on some questions in a no response, he anxious zhuaernaosai.

22:35 or so, there are users responded that the girl called Lin Miaoke. Treasure Zhang Zhuoyan immediately enter in the domain name registration website, the result was showed that the domain name has been registered, the day time is 22:22; and is on the same day at 14:16 is registered.


reporter query platform through the domain name, see the evening at 22:22 to 29,,, is registered with the same company. And another Olympic celebrity kite girl Zhu Qiaoyan domain name registration and similar to Lin Miaoke.

Zhang Zhuoyan did not resign, then he and Zhu Guangbing, in the Olympic Games at the same time, the domain name registration and China’s gold medalist together, but until the end of the Olympic Games, but he did not register a success.

Zhu Guangbing’s bad luck. When he took the Chinese Olympic champions, even expected to win the name of the domain name registration, network more often show that the domain name has been registered.

"this is like a war, the victory only in the twinkling of an eye." A "corn bug" to describe this process of the Olympic Hall of domain name cybersquatting, "as long as a player Chinese cybersquatters will determine the advantages of common domains may rush on like a swarm of hornets, in just ten minutes will be carved a space."

41 champion domain for auction

in the fierce competition, Zhu Guangbing "new", the name inversion approach, harvest a surprise".>

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