Suning electricity supplier behind the evolution of the retail life and death

Liu Wen / Wen

Suning is undoubtedly a respectable business, as the sky once ruled the Cretaceous pterosaur.

in all the traditional retail enterprises, Suning is undoubtedly one of the most firmly hit electricity manufacturers, than the United States, than the Dixon, than the brilliance, than darunfa…… More decisive. Previously, in terms of ERP, CRM and other management information, Ningdu was once one of the best samples of retail enterprises.

but if you played it just held a press conference, consider it to "store" paper, see 3, roughly the same as in the word deliberately segment of the LOGO, but still feel mentally disturbed, the home appliance retail giant’s future is full of uncertainty, and behind this, is to the traditional retail industry fear.

Suning transformation in the end be able to succeed, no one can know that the mission of the top entrepreneurs is to create a miracle, not possible. However, if the entire retail industry as a whole, historical analysis, can clearly see the evolution path of the industry; if we can draw the outline of the next 5 years or even 10 years of retail scene, so that we can know what kind of enterprises in the new evolutionary "generation" survival. Now the retail enterprise whether at that time evolved into dominant species, is another matter.

from the 5 year end to see the starting point

we can think about 5 years after the retail scene from the starting point, end point estimation:

first, the next 5 years China the total retail sales of social commodities may be one times now, to 35-40 trillion yuan; then the online shopping market could reach $1 trillion, which accounted for the total retail sales of social commodities 15-20%. However, if you do not consider, but only consider the books, digital products, home appliances and other "standard", this ratio may be as high as 40%-50%, even more than the low level, the easiest digital retail may have all the net, also means that the number of stores under the line now is saturated. And fresh, food, non-standard parts may also be more online presence.

second, in this one process, the standard products corresponding to the business model may become like this: most just need to buy online, without line shop, or requires only a small amount of display stores, image stores, as well as 7-11 this community convenience store — in other words, after the retail department stores, from to the supermarket, and then to the evolution of Mall, the online business platform will be the super mall replacement, no reversal. Instead of community stores, fresh supermarket this old format will be difficult to replace.

third, the former retail = inventory + logistics + offline store + line marketing, the next 5 years of standard products retail = inventory + logistics + online store + online marketing. The only difference is that the cost of online stores is lower

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