Shoes Tianya shop agent website how to move the agent’s heart

in an endless stream of supply sites at the moment, how can the supply of goods to move agents, an invincible position in the shoes of the people think that the three aspects, that is, pictures, supply, customer service, after sale.

first said picture:

the first time to meet each other’s prints from the other side of the dress, in the supply site, it is the product image. And now most of the information provided by the site is only available in the initial stage of the image, a lot of the site does not get the bottom of the picture, just a few simple picture, no details. However, the real focus of the customer is not the details of the details, as well as the image of life attitude. In terms of terminology is to specialization, only the details of the picture to do, in order to attract more agents and the eyes of the guests.

is the first professional camera, excluding photographic equipment, take pictures to minimize the product culture and representative of the spirit of expression, for example, making Adidas sportswear, the foot wear is double 5 new Anta. Such a picture can get a sense of customer recognition is greatly reduced, the result is self-evident.

then post processing specialization: what kind of template? How to express products according to the different style? What kind of details should be in what position? These are the needs of image processing personnel through continuous exploration and understanding of the product can be more perfect. Of course, the most important point is not the most beautiful picture, but the picture is really, and to show the connotation of products.

second is source:

in the development of products and goods, should be avoided and follow the trend of the market, from all the products should be avoided, because this product does not have any advantage, product development should have their own independent personality and direction. Now Taobao also often engage in counterfeiting, so this problem should be considered to start late to minimize the impact of.

for the product inventory should be depending on the product, for the sale of goods should be good enough inventory, the second batch of goods to keep up with the time to grasp. If there is a product or method can unsalable by none other price on the train to the agency. To minimize the inventory but also to ask the agent to sell enough, should avoid N products out of stock and N products unsalable.

third is customer service:

said a simple point of customer service is to check the goods, orders, check the money, a single, delivery. These can only be surface Kung Fu, really want to make the customer service work is not so easy to make the agent satisfaction. For example, a customer to buy a pair of shoes, but he wanted another shoe, he arranged the specified express in referring to the time when customer service personnel not only serious, meticulous arrangements, but also to be able to handle random, to try to deal with problems in a short period of time. So the boss needs to give the customer the appropriate authority and space, if the customer service is only according to the rules and not flexible, then a small problem may

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