Dialogue Xie Wenbin how honey Amoy sea Amoy business breakthrough in melee

DoNews September 14th news (reporter Zhang Yiwen) sea Amoy electricity supplier is not a new topic. As early as 10 years ago, foreign countries began to appear such as Amazon direct mail China the sea Amoy business. But in China, with the rise of Tmall international, Beijing East, NetEase purchased koala sea purchase integrated electricity supplier platform, sea Amoy vertical electricity supplier industry once declined. In this, honey Amoy is also looking for the most suitable business direction.

honey Amoy founder Xie Wenbin said in an interview with DoNews, the sea Amoy electricity supplier after several rounds of reshuffle, has been in the Red Sea market, no longer suitable for emerging entrepreneurs to enter. And honey Amoy itself, in the fourth quarter of this year, with the help of South Korea duty-free shop concept, layout of the overseas supply chain, adhere to do self mode, to achieve a vertical sea Amoy electricity supplier breakthrough.

with South Korea duty-free shop break

honey Amoy on-line in March 2014, this just a year and a half of the company, decided to start a larger strategic adjustment in September 14th, pushing the Korean duty-free shop concept, focusing on a more vertical market.

Xie Wenbin, the great cause of South Korea to choose honey Amoy to the vertical direction, South Korea has a large number of brands and products based on the design elements, covers many fields of beauty, clothing, shoes and bags, which is China consumers value and needs.

Korean online apparel brands have 5, while the Korean drama in China’s hot and will make a large part of the star around the commodity is known to the user, we just cut into this point." Xie Wenbin introduction, in the small and medium-sized brands and have a certain sense of design and quality of the brand will be gradually Amoy honey packaging, planning, so that these goods are recognized by the user, which is also the need to support local brands in korea.

"after market research found that South Korea attaches great importance to brand their own brand image, the low price is their offensive, and many brands not only popular goods, they have a large number of product lines, they have been trying to do for the brand protection." Xie Wenbin introduction.

he said that many domestic cross-border electricity providers have no awareness of brand protection, the pursuit of price war, but the real user needs not to consider overseas what depth, also upset the South Korean brand for brand protection. "There are too many brands in the world, we can not all involved, so chose to do a deep transformation".

at the same time, honey Amoy will be more focused on the South Korean brand in China landing, not like other platforms like OEM, but truly Korean brands Chinese, in the future we will dig out a large number of South Korean local designer brands and products, so that consumers have more choice".

adhere to cross-border self mode

when talking about the current situation of cross-border electricity supplier market, Xie Wenbin introduction, the current number of relatively large sea Amoy electronic business platform, there are different models.

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