Comparison of advantages and disadvantages of eight domestic domain name registrar

China Channel


1 Analytical effect very quickly

4 batch registration

6 transfer registrar without obstacle

7 new registration of the same domain within 72 hours before the three free to delete, fourth times removed 20 yuan / times

8 free transfer

9 the domain name commissioner can directly modify the domain name registrant (domain name registrant appeared before the transfer of the blank, they modify the email)

10 domain names can be hidden forward, without the need to apply


1 agent platform slow access speed

3 modify the domain name and domain name resolution panel data are independent of each other, it is not convenient to maintain

4 the price is relatively high

6 agents to transfer the domain name to set the password, more trouble.



2 domain name to other proxy program is simple, easy to operate, easy to renew (with password management can turn)

3 transfer registrar without obstacle

5 domestic CN domain within half a month, unlimited time to delete

6 free transfer

9 free DNS (domain name resolution service can be transferred to other registered business management)


2 navigation control panel is not good enough (domain name after the end user analysis often.

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