Wang Zhun the best soft Wen is the word of mouth to promote word-of-mouth promotion what skills

Wang has always believed that the most effective way to promote the promotion of the network is the promotion of soft wen. It can be said that the promotion of soft is the core of the network promotion, you do need to promote the promotion of the forum with soft Wen to promote; do blog promotion, also need to combine soft Wen to promote. Even if you change the vest in the QQ group promotion effect, talk is necessary to achieve the soft ones. The final effect of the promotion of soft text is the promotion of word-of-mouth.

what is the meaning of word of mouth promotion?

promotion we can understand through the user’s mouth, let more people know your site, you know this person or your brand, your products. Word of mouth promotion is the core of the way through the word of mouth to allow users to product, service and website features to discuss and communicate, and encourage users to want to introduce and publicize their surrounding populations.

if the word of mouth to do a good job mean? It means there will be thousands of people to help you promote, help you propaganda, traffic, volume will continue to increase!

so, what is the promotion of word-of-mouth skills?

one, to find some more well-known people in the blog article to help you propaganda. A celebrity recommends that a website may have a better effect than 100 people. It’s a celebrity effect.

look at an article "Lu Songsong blog in the 4 network bookstore creative mode", this article, Lu Songsong shared the four network bookstore, and is a web site, also explains the characteristics and function of these sites. And Lu Songsong at the end of the article with special note: This article is not soft Wen, just buy the book online found on the site, feel good, especially to share!

regardless of this article is not soft, but this article has obviously reached the effect of soft wen. This article has been viewed more than 4000 times on Lu Songsong’s blog, with a message of up to more than and 250. I read this article, I obviously have to click on each connection, and also registered two of the sites. If in accordance with each of the four have a click browse, four websites that mentioned in the more than 1 thousand IP will undoubtedly increase, plus 10 IP did not have a registered, then the station is equivalent to an increase of 100 members.

this is just Lu Songsong’s share, if the moonlight, BINGSHU and Zac share? The effect may be more like


two, word of mouth to dare to share their own courage to share the results of their own is to help you pass the more people, ah, ah, pass on the authority of the


see how many celebrities, is very famous, not because the word of mouth? For example, mouchangqing is well written, and sharing, and also love to send the A5, A5 is a large collection of the local station, Mou Changqing will add mouchangqing three words in A5 each article title, when you are in the more A5 the collection >

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