New sites to increase the site outside the chain of specific methods and functions

when you see this title or because you have realized the importance of the website chain, you have been in the website optimization this one took a big step forward, because the site of the chain to a site, especially the importance of the new website is obviously, his affinity for the search engine, influence directly on the site to improve the overall quality, in short: "the website chain can inject new vitality into the


below we will do some detailed analysis and discussion of the website chain

1 what is the site outside the chain?

The essence of

site outside the chain is to make search engines (such as Baidu, Google, Sogou search, etc.) to get to your site through the links in other sites, which allows search engines to successfully come to your website, this super connection can be Links, also can be in the content from other sites inside contains the connection, there is only one of the most important points, namely the hyperlink must be valid, can directly enter the super connection, while the other form is invalid.

2 so how to improve the site chain?

: the first and the same site swap friendship connection is the best way (of course not similar can also) here is a point we must pay attention to, and I decided to draft the article of the original power, namely the exchange connection and in any website, you must first confirm that the site has been search engine punishment that is! In the Baidu search box input.

example: if the row in the first page of the station is not his, so that search engine punishment, or low weight) in this case, I suggest you do not connect the chain (especially the input URL, the search results without the station, and tip: you can directly access: not only not good, and, most likely, after the search records, even your station also be punished, this point must pay attention to

!The new

website to switch to mark the Links is very difficult (unless your friends have a good standing, or buy Links to others) but some friends warned: "the link trading is cheating, there may be search engine punishment" my opinion is "small, like fine," namely: buy less, buy, buy website content is similar to the search engine weight of high standing, so the effect is very good!

second: the high popularity of the global forum, high weight forum, the forum signature to increase the chain (i.e. in character signature information forum, your site will be to promote your site chain) in the forum post effect can in fact be (of course: a forum to high weight, two to others let you hair) I suggest that types can view their website to post your own website and close type high weight and high gas forum, so on the weights of the website will have a good effect, such as my>

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