The rapid development of Web2.0, resulting in the vicious competition of user aesthetic fatigue

Web2.0 boom, the rise of 2005, hot in 2006, anxiety in 2007.

investigate its essence, Web2.0 essentially did not create a new profit model, or by clicking and traffic in exchange for advertising.

look at the benchmark Web2.0 enterprise YouTube, even the money machine Google currently do not have to find a better way to make money.

an unprecedented powerful combination, Google+YouTube feel so awkward thing, how to remind the industry of Web2.0 cool, the website application mode is indeed exciting, but the profit is very.

the rise of happiness, the troubles of earnings

With the continuous development of Internet broadband,

Web2.0, new applications emerge in an endless stream. RSS (automatic subscription), SNS (six degrees), Tag (tag), P2P (point to point) – these concepts have become the application of many network users.

search, photos, music, video, mash ups (Mash-Ups), (Wiki), network log (Blog), enrich the content of community — they together constitute the Web2.0 boom.

The core of

Web2.0 is user generated content. Market research firm Hitwise · analyst Bill Searle (Bill Tancer); Tang and the latest research results show that in all the network activities of American users, 12% had to visit the Web2.0 site, and two years ago, only 2%.

but so far, Web2.0 is still a lack of successful profit model. Web2.0 CEO Han Tongtong said that the current Web2.0 industry confusion, is a normal result of last year the whole industry "Zhuixing", many Web2.0 enterprises is the lack of profit model, the lack of stability and real service, consumers and investors disappointed is inevitable.

on the Web2.0 site, only after the noise dispersed, a good site will survive." Portal blog Blogbus CEO Dou Yi believes that the soul of Web2.0 lies in the user experience and innovation breakthrough. The only thing that doesn’t exist is the pure imitation, the perfect website. Whether Web2.0, or Web1.0, or other Internet companies, if the lack of value of the soul, there is no breakthrough innovation, the results will die.

With the

video sharing craze with similar YouTube, the domestic video sharing site within a year for more than 500. After the acquisition of the social networking site Myspace Murdoch, the domestic emergence of dozens of Internet companies to imitate.

both at home and abroad have this situation. This speeds up the vicious competition for Web2.0, which allows

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