The promotion strategy of wedding service website

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this article, you don’t have to ask me, the origin of DESCRITION and why it is called DESCRITION, the bird does not know, also do not fully understand, this article is just as I learn SEO, completely for applications written in the article, which is the experience, I personally think that the most practical, in fact, SEO very simple, simple to everyone, as long as a snack, be sure to grasp the point, and now most of the so-called professor SEO who is deliberately SEO Myth: myth technology myth effect; while the real popular online SEO tutorials, in addition to charge, which is not soft? This article, I simply do not have to do a false impression of the station as a goal, sail in fantasy, look at a wedding service class website, how to promote the network.

I write these, not to say: "Lao Tzu is Fanmao, I have to talk to SEO experts to engage in" I’m not so sick, I just stand in a grassroots perspective, analysis if we have no money, how to do a good job SEO, if there is a little bit of money, how to SEO well, if there is a group company as the backing, how to do SEO (this is nonsense, skip


before you read this article, if you think it’s necessary, remember: "SEO is simple, but it’s complicated". Because, you face, is the three session of the search engine giant Google, excellent: Baidu, YAHOO, and the development of thousands of hundreds of their support team: those so-called IQ above 160 graduates, programming expert, master of finance. They can do a lifetime you can not do the math problem, write you do not understand the equation, such people, creating a search engine. We just use the search engine, pick point traffic, for some people living expenses.

we should thank them, they created a search engine, we should also remember that we are our webmaster, one station, is a search engine based real, they are long in our body on the tree of heaven, we have reason to use them, make ourselves better.

, you also need to face, is that through a lot of analysis and practice, mastered many experts SEO skills, through their own efforts, but also put us far behind, their technology, strength, master data, we are far more grassroots.

we should thank them again, they did not disclose the basic knowledge of SEO and some obsolete or obsolescent way, we never know what is SEO, do not know: Oh, so also can be! But we should also remember: they have been like us, is the grassroots, is the webmaster, they can succeed, because of their own efforts.

challenge giants and experts at the moment, are you ready?



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