Lao Xie network marketing effect evaluation

site need to closely monitor the marketing effect, as well as input-output ratio, in order to select the most effective way of marketing. No matter how you promote, not evaluation, you can not improve the efficiency of promotion. Lao Xie as a pioneer in network promotion, some experience is derived from the evaluation, I hope the webmaster to learn it.

1) determine marketing objectives

but there are many types of Web sites, many websites do not sell products directly. Web site operators need according to specified situation, can be used to measure the target site. If the site is to attract users to subscribe to e-mail, and then follow-up sales, then the user left the email address, subscribe to the electronic magazine, is the goal of the site.

goal is to attract users may also fill in the contact form, or call a web site operator, may is a form for free samples, may also be to download the white paper or catalogue.

the goals of these sites should have a clear goal on the web page. That is, once the user access to a page, indicating that the site has reached the goal. For e-commerce sites, the goal is to complete the page is displayed after the completion of the payment page. E-mail registration system, the goal is to complete the page to fill in the user name and e-mail, submit the form after the confirmation page to see, or expressed thanks to the page. If you fill in the online contact form, and subscribe to the electronic magazine similar to the completion of the target page is submitted after the confirmation page form. If you download a product catalog or a white paper, the file is downloaded every time, marking the completion of a target. You can be more accurate when you set the marketing goals.

2) calculate the value of the target site

clear the site goals, but also to calculate the value of the site to achieve the goal of the site. If it is an e-commerce site, the calculation is very simple, the target value is the profit generated by the sale of products.

other circumstances may require some effort to determine the webmaster. If your goal is to attract users to subscribe to the electronic magazine, so webmaster is according to previous statistics, calculated the electronic magazine subscriber has the great proportion will become paying customers? How much is the user average profits? If each of the 100 electronic magazine in 5 user will become the user, each user will bring 100 fast money profits, then the 100 electronic magazine users will produce 500 yuan of profits. That is to say each get a electronic magazine subscriber value is 5 yuan.

Similar to

, if the goal is to encourage users to website direct telephone contact webmaster, Adsense will record, how many phones will eventually translate into sales? How much is the average profit? To calculate the corresponding value of average per phone.

3) record the number of goals reached

this part is the site traffic analysis software to play the function of the place. Under the above example, an e-commerce website, whenever useful.

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