What methods to promote the new site

network research and online advertising is a web site began to operate two key tasks. The operation of a new website at first the most painful thing is how the site planning to increase their site exposure rate, so many people to pay attention to our website, especially the potential customers attention, here are a few ideas of our network marketing studio summary, I hope to discuss with you:

1 forum community promotion

some people think this is a physical activity, but I do not think it is. If the method is properly used, the forum community promotion can still get the maximum exposure with minimum manpower and time cost. The forum community promotion, first need to choose some popularity, high visibility, high correlation of the forum, according to my experience, Baidu and Baidu know Post Bar, second is the most important thing is to write attractive, interactive text. A good case is where the City Community Forum promotion product forum marketing, see it a soft: come and see a woman’s most wanted man, I hope you can be inspired by the other.

2 network advertising promotion

this method is applicable to the promotion of a certain financial strength of the site and a very small number of very high rate of return on investment. There are many ways of network advertising, but also a variety of ways, one is to say, but I want to say is the same with the traditional advertising network advertising, also needs to invest strategy, strategy properly can obtain the maximum effect with minimum input, the strategy may be different for each site.

3 buy paid reviews

paid comment about the topic of marketing, paid review contents have been introduced in the text "I to talk about the topic of marketing, pay the comments are immeasurable in increasing website traffic, enhance brand awareness, search engine optimization function. There are two possible ways to buy a paid review, one is by paying a review of the intermediary platform, such as feedsky topic advertising, there is a flaw in this way is not a good idea to pay for search engine optimization. Two is to release the purchase paid reviews of information through the network, direct contact with the pay review writers, the main problems existing in this way is how to pay for review billing.

4 software plug-ins to promote

This technique is more suitable for

do not care about the brand website, the commonly used technique is the release contains commonly used software packages, once the user to install the software package, the browser settings can be modified, such as a web site set home, a collection of Web site etc..

5 campaign promotion


held a series of activities to allow more users to participate in the activities, in the process of interaction with the user, and gradually achieve the purpose of website promotion, the most notable feature of the promotion methods is to achieve high recognition site. To do a good job promotion, an important prerequisite is to have a good plan. Promotional activities in the form of a common XX contest, registered to send points

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