Webmaster how to using other people’s own website promotion force

I want to be a personal webmaster friends should be very few full-time, it is with their own work, spare time to operate their own website. Build a website easy operation is difficult, website promotion is not a short duration of time it takes a lot of time. But for a usually busy on how to work in the very few spare time to do the site is indeed a big problem. In this case, we have to think about how to get a small amount of time and energy to get a huge return, and do things.

a, forum top paste

post is about efficiency, some ten articles can not be many people see, or not long after it sank. To develop quality of posts, in order to gain attention and affixed to the top. You can add problem posts, to allow other users to answer back, the more the more easily has been pushed to the front. You can also send hidden content, users need to reply to browse, this is more effective, the premise is to go back to the user is worth posting. I made a fine imitation HAO123 navigation, and there are 300 character set the theme, the effect is very cool, resources are very rare, I put it in the 114LA navigation website forums, where users are living more, but just for this resource is very interested in yourself to get not too good to engage in so, I want to download the uploaded file to reply, so the post has been pushed to the front, there will be demo address, so click, is just outside the chain, high weight forum also easy to get the attention of the search engines. So I just need to send the first post, after they go to the top, the effect has, but also save the effort.

two, QQ group forwarded pictures

we should pay attention to the QQ group made some expression or interesting picture, written inside the site, yes, that is not the intention, that is the webmaster deliberately get up, if this picture is very funny and very popular in the group spread easily, so you only need to do a picture of the work, other work to the line of people, a mass ten, ten hundred, especially when you this picture has become a classic case, it may not even. All you have to do is just to be creative and to be invisible.

three, the use of micro-blog

I think everyone on the micro-blog this is not unfamiliar, Sina micro-blog has 5000W users, but also very active, with the characteristics of micro-blog QQ group communication is like, love is also the user on a topic based on each other, but micro-blog is more interested in the entertainment, so the communication efficiency will be very high. If you are interested can go to look at is not a joke that we love micro-blog, it has its Web site on the picture, and picture of the classic, the user already think this is a brand, so many fans every day constantly forward, believe that the website is also very powerful.

four, homebrew or template resources

if the webmaster has certain technical ability, can develop some commonly used CMS or BBS personality function, phase >

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