Soft inspiration is not born

"soft", as the name suggests, it is a "soft" reflection to give the readers a leisurely, relaxed, easy to digest, easy to be accepted and approved by the original feeling, also is the author’s own thinking, experience and perception of the author’s own things cast. How can I call the cost of accepting, this is the biggest difficulty of soft wen. We can learn from the needs of the consumers, soft Wen inspiration! You write in the soft, to think, the direction of product development, and the future generations to influence! This is the worth of the soft, so you must have a good understanding of your products, find themselves looking for advantage. Breakthrough.

I do like this site, when it began, no one came to visit, I finally in some forums online blog on some soft, but must be effective soft, do it for about a month, IP finally came up, and now the IP has reached the average about 300. So I personally feel that in order to allow a website to usher in more people visit, the soft is very important. It has been said that the world’s most difficult to understand is actually their own. How about yourself? Ask yourself "what", "how" and "why": what is my website? What is the site name? What is the key? What will come to my site to see them? What would become a registered user? Registered users and what will be further my customer? Customers who might be in pay? The registration process is simple? What problems can cause users complaining? How to solve them?

through this series of questions, you, on your site’s profit model, which is the quality of traffic flow, you should spare no effort to fight for? What is not essential waste flow? What kind of strategy should take SEO? You may ask: what is the relationship and write soft? Of course! It is essential! You don’t even know how to recommend to others?


soft writing has a central experience (or experience) as the center; the two basic points of manufacturing demand and guide consumption. The so-called feeling as the center, the health care market, for example, to highlight the consumers’ feelings, feelings, feelings in treating and using the product experience (from various aspects of auditory, visual and tactile), must write the customer to make you feel the pain of cutting one’s body, through the target population into you set thinking circle. On the contrary, leave the feeling, your mind is more rigorous, your feelings are real, it is difficult to make the customer’s needs become urgent.

manufacturing requirements and guide consumption is soft purpose and soft grasp details of writing, how to make the experience into the reason for the weak consumer demand, the demand will become strong, from all aspects of the content, format, text and color to make the thought, become after the thought system of strict scrutiny. This is your soft Wen inspiration!

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