Where is the sample dissection vertical electricity supplier collective was sad


last year, Amoy network CEO Bisheng published several questions thrown sparked heated debate in the industry: 1, the electricity supplier to change the size of the loss of business model in the end is not a scam? 2, in Chinese business environment, vertical in the end there is no path to success? Mcglaughlin has zero failure, cotton fell, where this year the fourth quarter profit is still difficult, a vertical electric (including vertical category and brand two business) in what way


in this article, we start from the case of good music to buy and so on, to see the crux of the vertical electricity supplier collective upset.

good music to buy sample anatomy

and Bi Sheng compared to channel class business completely pessimistic, good music to buy CEO Li Shubin appeared optimistic, before his recent exposure rate far exceeded, the main idea is "first, categories of opportunities will not be too big, because qualifying is finished, one hundred meters have finished. Secondly, the characteristics of the vertical category, or brand, there is still a big chance".


and Bi Sheng different algorithms for the electricity supplier this account is as follows: (by drawing

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and Amoy had the "light" mode, Li Shubin and partner Lu Ming "retail mode" by companies, buyers purchasing. Good music to buy the opponent is pulling away from the distance, the electricity supplier analyst Li Chengdong said, even more than the size of its procurement and the total number of opponents".

but good music to buy in the rapid on the scale still conceal his unprofitable embarrassment, tiger sniffing interviewed people in the industry point of view, they on good music to buy into two different views of competitiveness.


advantage 1: when the platform is increasingly becoming homogeneous, price war competition, the advantages of good music to buy goods management highlights. In an interview with I U.S. stocks, Li Shubin said that for any electricity supplier companies, the expansion of the category and rich are the first. Good music to buy the current number of 100 brands, more than 10 thousand models, is expected by the end of 2011 the number of good music to buy the brand will be increased to 200-300.

good music to buy the "hand-made", to get a "good sell Cheong" goods, which is one of the nature of the electricity supplier — in addition to low-cost, most users want to sell new products tend to be those. This advantage is magnified, if you buy a contrast and Suning, Jingdong to "more than 13000 kinds of good music, good music to buy shoes, Suning has 200 kinds, the platform procurement capacity not good music to buy," Li Chengdong said.

cargo differentiation, leading to differences in channels – in the good music to buy other platforms can not buy goods. According to industry sources, the industry is worried about the pressure in the excellent purchase, good music to buy the purchase price is high, but in fact, the purchase of only part of the excellent control

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