A text to read Ma Huateng, Ma Yun, Robin Li’s latest speech

in just a week, as the leader of the first camp of China’s Internet economy, BAT has been on the changes in the industry situation, given their answers and responses.


June 16th, China " Internet +" summit held in Beijing, Tencent Inc chairman and chief executive officer Ma Huateng keynote speech at the meeting.

Prior to

, chairman of Baidu chairman and CEO Robin Li and the board of directors of Alibaba Ma Yun, respectively in June 8th and June 14th Baidu Union summit, the Alibaba investor day conference, in-depth understanding of foreign industry and enterprise strategy respectively.

previously, with China market growth dividend gradually, market growth is close to the ceiling, into deep water and fusion of traditional industry, all kinds of social problems have emerged, including BAT, China Internet companies have to face a new policy and market environment, even in transition.

in the new situation, how are they doing judgment? What purpose?


first of all, it must be emphasized that Ma Huateng, Ma and Robin Li speak different scenarios, their topic and content have an impact. So the speech, and can not fully reflect their own understanding and layout.

, for example, Ma Huateng’s speech, the Tencent Institute released the China " Internet +" index (2016) report, the theme of the summit, so focus on speaking " Internet +".

and Robin Li and Ma Yun’s speech, one is faced with hundreds of partners, one is faced with hundreds of investors and analysts, so Robin Li will speak more in the industry trend, Ma Yun had more to convince investors slobber, to buy their own stock.

in spite of this, these three speeches are still very important, can not simply look at.

, for example, due to the high degree of fit with the Tencent strategy, " Internet +" has been highly valued by Ma Huateng, the summit is he is relatively rare to attend and speak of Tencent’s foreign activities.

according to reports, it is because of strong promotion and coordination of Ma Huateng, the Tencent this year or even the first to come up with the full sample data including WeChat, QQ, the application of treasure, money paid through the business of Tencent, the Jingdong, the new sample data binding, Ctrip elong, drops and other companies, for the establishment and research report. Among them, only the size of the data out of Tencent, to reach one trillion reading click, billions of video hits, and ten billion transactions.

Baidu Union summit is one of the two official meeting of Baidu core annual unshakable, every year Robin Li said at the meeting, he represents the latest and most important industries.

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