70% nternet users do not want to wait for 10 seconds to visit the site into key

      according to the research firm Websense says it does not want to read pages on more than 10 seconds up to 70% of Internet users, more than 70% people because of "slow download speed" and give up online browsing and shopping behavior. The access speed of the website directly affects the site traffic, and site visits and almost sites of interest directly linked, so the speed of the website has become the enterprise and owners are very concerned about the issue. Fortunately, the well-known network service providers have introduced the corresponding products to improve the situation.

      the rapid development of China’s Internet content, from the initial only support simple web browsing of static web site, has developed into the current types of complex applications of the stage of the streaming media sites. However, most of the site due to the limited capacity of the existing technology configuration, unable to cope with the situation caused by excessive traffic congestion. Plus the vast majority of domestic small and medium-sized enterprise website due to limited economic strength, to adopt the traditional way for the construction of a huge mirror around the service facilities, to improve the quality of the site visit, a variety of reasons led to the widespread problem of slow access speed, service bearing capacity is weak, poor safety performance.

      statistics show that in China, 90% of the company’s Web site to select the virtual host as a web site. Therefore, to solve the stability and speed of the virtual host has become the focus of competition. At present, the most effective way to solve the two is to take the intelligent multi line room and mirror acceleration engine. Intelligent multi line room can effectively solve the problem of North and South visits bottleneck, its principle is through the intelligent judgment, intelligent recognition of Internet users is Telecom or Netcom, and then processing, return the telecom Telecom Internet IP address, Netcom Internet return Netcom IP address, automatically get the fastest path to realize the communication between North and south. At present, the well-known domestic service providers have the telecommunications, Netcom and Hongkong computer room, which also solved the problem of domestic and overseas visits slowly.

      another solution is to take the GCDN global mirror acceleration engine, which is unique to the era of technological achievements. Has developed to the third generation, but also free of charge. The ad hoc VPN high speed compression channel, realize the real-time dynamic update script, the rapid compression of high density cross network dedicated channel, host access speed increasing, compared with the second generation of dynamic content is nearly 100 times faster than.

      at present, small and medium-sized enterprises are keen on network marketing, but as a network marketing platform enterprise website access speed is facing all aspects of the challenge. The domestic service providers in this regard has made a huge contribution to their research and development of new technology products, many aspects to solve the problem of slow speed, and from the concept of a wide range of applications, and has been the promotion and popularization. The continuous upgrading of products and the introduction of new products will gradually change our website

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