Wei Wu Web2.0 lost in focus

      a lot of Internet entrepreneurs have claimed that they are focused on a career, which I do not want to doubt. However, before focusing on it, you have to look at what you focus on in your career.

      UGC (user contributed content) as the core of the Web2.0 tide swept across the entire Internet today. The essence of Web2.0 is to provide users with a variety of applications, blog is a written application, SNS is a kind of relationship building applications, including tag, dig, fanchon, pictures, video and so on, are used. Each application has greatly liberated the content of a single user’s ability to produce, so that the formation of a famous saying: to the center.

      if the application can be charged directly, it is absolutely no problem. But the trouble is that the majority of Internet users (especially in China), the use of free services is a habit. Coupled with the market will have to follow the tradition, an application launch, one hundred kinds of imitation appeared to be a normal thing. Thus, for a direct payment of Internet applications, I am afraid that one percent are not.

      since it cannot be charged directly, it becomes a matter of course to turn indirect charges. From the simple banner launch, to today’s so-called integrated marketing communication, in a word, is advertising. From 1 to 2 of the so-called marketing marketing, in fact it is that changed, changed the way, the core will not change the audience’s attention: (even the audience is packaged and sold to third party) to help the third party to promote it to promote things and benefit from.

      therefore, the problem comes: the advertiser, is to speak the audience structure!

      we use watercress as an example. Watercress is a very good book to start the Web2.0 website, basically also rely on advertising. In watercress, when you click on a book to Dangdang or excellent purchase behavior, then you can get a certain amount of commission, which is very typical of sales paid (Cost-Per-Sale, CPS) advertising model. Here, it is the core part of the book is the key. It is because of that review, watercress will become Dangdang or excellent target audience, will form an effective advertising model. The conclusion is: watercress, is a typical vertical website, focusing on reading.

      vertical web site, this is a notion of Web1.0, relative to the big portal type level site, some sites focused on a particular industry, and doing well in this industry, the corresponding channel did not lose even stronger in the portal. The most prominent example

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