The Baidu bid cheat mother site popular

has been About Baidu negative reports from the last three million Sanlu can be heard without end, delete news, CCTV to News 30’of false medical advertising auction reports, Baidu trust crisis has bottomed out, the 09 spring festival evening Baidu heavily advertising public relations, Baidu is trying to change its image.

I have no intention to work at the beginning of the

search articles in Baidu, opened in the first row of the website, very familiar, the above price is much lower than the market price, before seen such a liar website. But did not think Baidu bid audit all through. Input the phone number of the fraud site, actually there are a number of mother cheated little tens of dollars, more than a thousand dollars, such sites generally use the trick is to release far below the market price of products, and publish information on the Internet, to attract people to buy, generally do not provide Alipay online payment function. You end the money in the past, with you for a variety of reasons, but also let you hit the margin. A cursory look, at least ten mothers were deceived. I also search in Google on the same one, on the right side of Google’s ads also have a lot of maternal website as a liar.

according to a deceived mother, her maternal and child supplies in the crook of the Internet when the crooks began to experience, boasting of their things and credit requirements directly through the bank to pay the money into their accounts, customer service is by express mail, then a delivery vehicle passing over, three days later, they called and said is to the destination city, crooks to justify, said they had such a low price, because they are non formal channels for purchase, but the goods are normal, to ensure that their personnel and cargo security, to give their account on the 10 thousand block of the deposit, to cheat you to did not discuss.

It is understood that Baidu

ad auction process, first in the Baidu bid above the enterprise registration account, submit keywords, a few days after the audit can be displayed through the period, need to produce a business license and other related certificate. Prior to the pharmaceutical industry in the Baidu auction customers, providing false medical license website or no medical license website accounted for a larger proportion, after CCTV for two consecutive days of continuous exposure of the event. Baidu PPC in such medical website has been offline, maternal and child supplies related to the safety of infants and young children, should pay attention to Baidu! Don’t repeat, but also hope that the majority of users to keep their eyes open, let the body. No compensation fraud site according to individual incomplete statistics, on the site to defraud the articles website no less than 100. From the website design style, which is large with a group of people. In fact, the liar’s hand is not brilliant, nothing more than is to seize people like cheap psychology, it is recommended to young mothers, to return to the site

domestic well-known maternal and child shopping website address: Dangdang>

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