Stationmaster net mediation first Wangzhuan MLM disputes

"Wangzhuan" is a word for the webmaster should be very familiar with, but when it comes to "Wangzhuan MLM" must be the first time I heard.

more than 11 o’clock in the evening of June 2nd when the webmaster network rights received such a help information. A QQ net called "dawn" webmaster told us that a group of people cheated, and we are very angry, ready to report. Then the author joined a temporary group, the group are deceived, up to dozens of individuals.

in the understanding of the situation, the original is about to Wangzhuan as bait, to buy the game account as a way of fraud. By looking for agents, pull off the form of members to defraud property. The complex relationship, the author can not help but burst. The whole process and the system is quite similar to pyramid schemes.

the simple case is as follows:

QQ called jingle liar, in order to find the name of the game account items, through QQ contact dozens of people to develop their own downline. And set up a number of agents, VIP members need to pay 2000 yuan, agents need to pay $1000, while the elite members of $100, elite members of the game for its account. At first, is committed to a money, but with the addition of up to more than and 30 hours. Yesterday, the group of people suddenly kicked, the phone also stopped.

so, that dozens of members, I feel cheated, so through the network to open a temporary group together, want to jointly by the legal means of "jingle" myself. Because I’ve got the real details. According to preliminary estimates, the amount of deception of up to $20000 per person. Everyone was angry and angry. Discuss how to restore their rights through legal means. Because the law on the provisions of the crime of fraud: personal fraud more than 2 thousand yuan of public and private property, belonging to the larger amount". Usually more than 2000 yuan of fraud, will be the basis for public security filing.

people try their best, through a variety of ways, the name of "jingle" is also linked to the. And set him up again. He also admitted that the seriousness of the matter, the attitude is more sincere and earnest. Said he was also a referral agent, but also the victims of the incident and is willing to cooperate with you to solve this problem, the refund of those members of the money.

everyone agreed, agreed to repay his steps. Because he claimed to have been temporarily unable to pay off, so the back stage. The steps are as follows: one day after the main members of the agency fee, the next staff will pay 200 yuan a week later, until the payment is to. And please Admin5 staff to do the supervision.

so, the fraud came to an end.

Many ways and methods

Wangzhuan, including website advertising, online games and so on. But recently there are many means to develop the line Wangzhuan, hoping to arouse the attention to the webmaster. Don’t listen to the "easy money" get rich quick "there.

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