How to break through the shackles of the original intention of creating the nternet


NetEase technology news July 1st, the two authors also write an article, a home in California, while the other is sitting on the technology is flying over the Atlantic. Even a few years ago, it sounds like a science fiction story. Today, we have the convenience brought about by the network accustomed to the past, science fiction technology has been one of us.

but people rarely think: is that what we created the Internet in the same way, very few people think about how the Internet works, how our data in a complex network of interlaced shuttle. It’s dangerous. We are familiar with the Internet is fundamentally to the center, we have countless innovations in its corners, we are immersed in the enjoyment of the science and technology innovation, enjoy the joy that he paid no attention to the Internet "center" is booming. Government and Internet giants are in a step by step to control that we think no one can control the network, we created the original intention of the Internet has thus received an unprecedented threat.

the original intention of the Internet: do whatever you want

this is the cornerstone of the Internet, shake it is from all sides of the permission and review". People do not need permission to speak, to create, do not need permission to retain their privacy. But when the government and Internet giants control the throat of the network, they also control the way people participate in social, political, commercial and other activities.

that’s why DAN GILLMOR and KEVIN MARKS two people came to San Francisco earlier this month and met with technical experts and activists who opposed the process. Their goal is to return the control of the Internet to every edge, every user. This is called the Archive Summit (Decentralized Web) activities organized by the founder of Internet Brewster Kahle, its lofty ideal is to lock the Internet in an open mode". Most of the people involved in the meeting is the older generation of Internet users and the vision is not limited to Facebook young people.



Kahle to describe the summit with three key problems: how can we build a reliable, go to the center of the network? How do we allow people to protect their privacy in the network? And how can we keep it interesting and the continuous development of


no one than Tim · Berners · Li (Tim Berners-Lee) are more interested in the summit, 25 years before the invention of the world wide web and launched the first "person in the world he is. He said he invented the Internet in the original intention is to do something useful, so that people can be in this system >

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