Sohu Zhang Zhaoyang veteran portal how to seize the mobile tickets

[in Zhang Zhaoyang’s words, if only the content recommendation according to the user click behavior, it will enter into a cone, "he is interested in what you give, what he pushed him to continue, interested in the content, you continue to give him a push this thing, finally gets narrower." ]


editor in chief Liu Chun’s departure from the Sohu to the NetEase business editor Zhao Ying left to Sina’s editor in chief Chen Tong leaving a career change, it means that the portal era is over

?Zhang Zhaoyang chairman of the board of directors of Sohu in the

view, "Chen Tong resignation is an independent event, if only the ‘portal’ is defined as the early PC entrance and traditional media content aggregation, that era has indeed ended."

but he changed the subject, "as a veteran of Internet companies to provide news and information, Sohu through innovation, as the leading Internet news portal to re invent themselves, from this point of view, the Sohu did not lag behind." Zhang Zhaoyang told the first financial daily reporters.

play "personalized" tag

if the time to pull back to 9 months ago, was in response to mobile change and competition Sohu portal also some sense of crisis.

on the eve of the Spring Festival this year Sohu a news client partner conference, vice president of Sohu 6 generous recognition, although Sohu news client installed activation volume has reached 185 million, the industry has become the first, but the client growth in 2013 but not standard, because of being set up more than a year of today’s headlines dish.

"regret" two words, in just behind a huge electronic screen.

today headlines almost grab the limelight of the information class APP. This application is based on social media data analysis, it can automatically recommend personalized, user interested information. Its aggressive posture, to the traditional news client knocked a bell, but also to show a new breakthrough path.

soon, because of copyright disputes, today’s headlines in between and around the Sohu much raise a Babel of criticism of tort disturbance.

but at the same time, personalized news to promote the client side, so that Sohu found a market opportunity to become one of the key directions Sohu news client in 2014.

previously, Sohu news client 4 is the use of big data algorithms to recommend news and information model, to solve the problem of the long tail of information, but in the eyes of Zhang Zhaoyang, which is only the starting point of personalization.

personalized news needs to address issues such as the quality and capacity of the news." Sohu news client Cai Mingjun told reporters.

industry in accordance with the current recommendation algorithm based on the machine model, because only access to the user’s historical information to ensure that the personality, it is easy to damage the quality and capacity of the news. In Zhang Zhaoyang’s words, if it is only based on the user’s click behavior to recommend content, it will go into a cone, "what does he say"

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