How to use soft Wen marketing in the forum Second experience

in an article on "how to use marketing in the forum? The first question:" we talked about the question of soft text, this article to talk about another method, experience.

we first look at an example, I am in a high popularity, management is still relatively large forum, one of the plate, see a post, is the title.


look at the title I first feel this has a soft Wen potential posts.

point into a look, his opening is like this. (in order to let the word can see clearly, I only excerpt some statements, each line is not complete.


a much acne troubled girl image yueranzhishang. If those boys and girls have the same experience, will not be easy to resonate? If it is for new work, will not be attracted to see you later what


forum posts, the first point to attract people with the title, the second point is to let the person interested to see even the thread, the third is to make sure not to be as a poster to delete.

such as "own experience" as the narrative content, is very easy to cause the same problem, or the person who is interested in this problem, will continue to look down.

There are some other accounts of the thread below will also have some

, for their top posts.

in the interaction with users, the landlord himself with two or three top stick then narrates her acne, then she found oil on this, then took a few experiences and her experience with the use of essential oils, and then, on the left of the WeChat, welcomed the consultation… Do network marketing if they see the post here have come, but the general reader may not wipe sleep, it may be a step by step into the role of this article.

basically is, a successful soft Wen post has been completed.

Of course, the landlord

continues and the back of the interaction with thread. Provide them with a variety of answers. In fact, this is also a good habit, in some of the extremely high weight of the great forum, if you create a high-quality post. You put some money to effect than advertising. "A boutique post actually can last for several years to make money," said a text also cited examples.

by the way, I look at the soft Wen post, the content is to copy the story of another person. I also found the original story, I briefly turned a few pages did not see traces of soft, or should not only be a soft, local people learn to use network marketing. I hope to bring interference to the beginning or what the author in this example not.

I can say about the effect of this soft post. Maybe he started running a week ago, and now has more than 8 thousand views. An average of 1000 people a day

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