Snapchat intends to PO financing $4 billion valuation or $40 billion

IPO from the first month since rumors rumors, "burn after reading" photo sharing application Snapchat parent company Snap is increasingly likely to publicly listed next year.

Bloomberg News quoted informed sources said, Snap seek IPO financing up to $4 billion, through IPO may make the valuation of the company reached 25 billion -350 billion U.S. dollars, may be as high as $40 billion. Because the company’s revenue is less than $1 billion, so you can secretly submit to the U.S. Securities and Futures Commission (SEC) IPO file.

more than the news may also lead to the outside world is a high valuation of Snap questioned. Snap in May this year, after the completion of the F round of $1 billion 810 million financing valuation but also about $20 billion, when the valuation is two times Twitter.

Representatives of

Snap declined to comment on the Bloomberg news. If this news is true, Snap IPO to achieve its $about 30000000000 or $40 billion valuation, 2013 Twitter will become the largest market after the social media IPO, also will be the largest IPO stocks in 2014 Alibaba valuation to $168 billion after the United States listed the.

Snap IPO recently around the rampant rumors. 6 this month, the Wall Street Journal quoted informed sources said, Snap is preparing IPO, is expected to be completed as early as March next year, valued at $25 billion or higher.

13 this month, the media broke again early next year in March to start Snap IPO, also called Morgan Stanley and Goldman Sachs will lead underwriter Snap IPO, JP Morgan, Deutsche Bank, Allen & Co, Barclays and Credit Suisse as joint account management and Snap ginseng IPO.

Snapchat is the two Stanford University students in 2011 to develop a "burn after reading photo sharing application. This application helps users to share photos and videos, watch videos, and chat with friends. Snap behind such a high valuation of its advertising business since 2014, resulting in significant revenue growth.

earlier this year, Snap expects revenue will be between $250 million to $350 million next year, revenue will be between $500 million to $1 billion. Relevant sources, as of this month at the beginning of this year’s Snapchat revenue has exceeded $350 million.

Snapchat previously released data show that in 2015 revenues of $59 million. December 2015 Snapchat live users was 110 million, compared with the same period in 2014, an increase of nearly 50% in the past 74 million.

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