Jerry Mont how to let Baidu day included your site

Google has been collected very quickly, the normal submit a few days Google spider can climb to your site, but Baidu seems to be a long wait, the need for a week, half a month, a month, so many webmaster website online with me: I often complain the site has not been included Baidu, Baidu’s efficiency so low? In fact, Baidu spider every day are also very hard, just going to climb up the page too much, you need to take the initiative to bring him to your site.

Jerry a few days ago to introduce me a friend in the United States during the test site – cool website template, launched in September 11th, the day will be Baidu included, a lot of friends in the past in the message there, some friends have got Adsense Epson for everyone prepared elegant gift. How cool is the test period in the template can be included in a day like Baidu? It was emphasized that this is luck, Baidu just climbed to the site. I need to point out here is that, first, "luck always favors those who are prepared"; second, the site’s marketing campaign must take the initiative to take the initiative to invite the arrival of spiders. We look at the cool template in the SEO optimization and promotion of what to do


1, keyword optimization: due to this forum and we exchange foreign excellent div+css, flash template, so we will locate keywords in the "foreign template", free online search has been the template keyword rate is very high, so we add "free download", "template template, this forum" just a general description of the site, because we make the subsequent in CMS display page, so here is an overview of the forum is very necessary. For the keyword we have to make good use of, because this part is part of the visitors can’t see, is specially written for the search engine snippets of text, so this part must be optimized, we use the "free template, foreign template, exquisite template" do key words, this is not only the key words once again, but also with the total content to appropriate.

2, the chain increased ": this problem is to let Baidu included one of the most important factors, the chain is always SEO we all know, is the most difficult to do, the site is not known, it is difficult to realize the link exchange, this time we need to play the basic skills of writing, do a soft promotion for your website, you can focus on how to write soft text, Jerry Mont column, cool soft article actually write very natural," Jerry Mont: how to package their "Jerry Mont" website: website promotion to advance steadily ", we can see that the first is almost in passing, second only spend a little ink to explain the promotion of the site, don’t need to spend energy to do ads, it is pointless to write text, the most important thing is that you have to write about We can help you make progress together.

3, search engine for web submission, this section >

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