WeChat is not a panacea how to use technology to enhance the effectiveness of WeChat marketing

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WeChat is not almighty artifact!

Now many brands are the main

in WeChat, we go to the party with some talk often asked: "we want to do WeChat, do you have some good ideas for good? But why do WeChat, WeChat has done to achieve what kind of effect, WeChat really want to do what they do. Not having a clear idea. Do WeChat, because it is more popular, and the most down to earth such as O2O, WeChat fruit traders are using the monthly income of 90 thousand, traders are using WeChat single pancake hot business, such as the case of exposure. Chinese people are very good at imitation, the main brand is also going to protect the stability of policy, WeChat to make what look like? How would answer, then according to the XXX get it, our goal is to make it. So a lot of public relations companies or corporate brand marketing department may follow those successful route to think, will inevitably be imprisoned.

here I want to say: if the enterprise does not consider clearly why they do WeChat, the WeChat to play a role of what is completely on "social business" will only YY master flicker, blind pursuit of success is the WeChat marketing case without considering the flexibility and execution then, I suggest you still calm down, WeChat is not a universal artifact


WeChat and micro-blog, have certain media attributes. The difference is that the spread of micro-blog’s value is much greater than WeChat, WeChat is determined by its own product positioning and characteristics, more suitable as a core platform for the discussion of information, rather than become a channel of information diffusion. In WeChat, can support the discussion with others only with some privacy circle of friends and group chat. But try to which day is your circle of friends a day to upload self madman hundreds of photos, I’m afraid you will decisively cancel the attention, the people of the enterprise information push lower tolerance.

moreover, WeChat information also failed to achieve 100 percent effective rate of arrival. Although WeChat and micro-blog, the public account can be mass information after 100% to subscribe to the user account, and micro-blog because of its timeliness, a hundreds of thousands or even hundreds of millions to tens of millions of fans, the release of the micro-blog account can not guarantee all the fans can see, but the real reading rate can not guarantee 100%. We can say that WeChat has reached 100%, but not necessarily effective (push information especially unattractive is there). As long as you push the high frequency of some users are not interested in the information, will only get cancelled subscriptions! Considering WeChat get the attention of the cost than other means of promotion to the high, WeChat hundred percent reached may not be better than perennial sending spam messages have effect. As for SMS marketing, as long as you have the mobile phone number will be able to ensure that the information sent to your mobile phone, WeChat has just run an application on the mobile phone! Don’t forget, bulk SMS, can not stop change.

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