bought the food network for $220 million C round of financing

reporter Zhang Lin

, COFCO’s food business network I bought that won $220 million C round of financing. This round of financing led by the Taikang Life, Baidu, Yunlong capital and capital with the cast with sunshine.

I bought the food network CEO Zhao Pingyuan said that this round of financing will be mainly used to improve and upgrade the cold chain distribution system, strengthen the quality of fresh category expansion, overseas direct mining, its own brand and enhance the service experience, increase investment in food safety monitoring and supervision, to further expand its competitive advantage and brand awareness.

I bought the network side said that the next two years, I bought the network is expected to invest $100 million for the layout and construction of cold chain logistics system, to further expand the scope of delivery of fresh goods. It is expected that by 2017, I will buy a network of cold chain distribution will be extended to the vast majority of the provincial capital cities and prefecture level cities, more than 300 cities to complete the layout.

after the completion of the current round of financing, I bought the network will cooperate with the Taikang Life in the field of health services, health groups use user resources of both sides, providing nutrition and health solutions, financial and insurance services. Baidu will be on the bottom of the big data with me to buy a network to get through, to promote me to buy a network for users to grab more accurate and food recommendations to achieve precision marketing. In addition, I would also like to buy a network of glutinous rice and Baidu, such as the integration of resources such as life service class.

Changning COFCO chairman Ning said that the introduction of capital and partners to help improve the management quality and operational efficiency, build market-oriented operation mechanism, hand Taikang and Baidu, is not only the financial investment is the depth of strategic cooperation.

plans for the dual eleven period, Zhao Pingyuan said, I would like to buy more resources will be put into the network, the entire category of promotions, the main push proprietary, direct mining products.

, I bought a net COFCO invested in 2009 the food B2C e-commerce website. In July 2013, I bought the network from Saif investment fund inject millions of dollars; in August 2014, I bought net B $100 million round of financing, this round of financing by the IDG capital to $85 million investment led, Saif chase cast $15 million.

at present, I bought a network of fresh goods distribution range has been extended from 60 cities in 2014 to the 142, to ensure that fresh within the next 48 hours, some of the core cities to achieve a day with three. (end)

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