Rice vermicelli to create the same iron – with these strokes

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then the word fans economy rotten street, whether it is Internet enterprises and traditional enterprises would shout out the word, called to change the thinking mode, the users into fans, allowing users to have a sense of participation, and then use the fans to create a new business model. Alas! It is a disaster to a certain ah!

however, this phenomenon is definitely a good thing, if all the enterprises will have their users as fans, rather than big users, the national people will be so happy, and never afraid of being thought of bluff and deceive! Open heart!


said again, how to turn users into fans, we really made it?

well, in order to really TMD as God, Tucao Tucao to provide what kind of gesture to users into fans. One more point, this is the article, mainly lies in concept, non dry cargo, but about the fans build, personal experience is more important than the idea, the concept of the dry cargo, cognition and change, specific minutes can think of dry cargo.

users for what "posture"

?The specific content of up to

, to find a tall on the next level of increase (not the whole theory, how is cattle B!) that Maslow’s theory of demand, there are five levels of needs, are survival needs, safety needs, belonging and social needs, respect the needs, the need for self realization.

can view the behavior of any company to attract users to do, can not escape these five levels. Play these five levels, and you’re a flirt with the user. Whether it is working for others, or yourself, this trick to play everywhere.


survival needs is the first demand of people, of course, now the society, the meaning of survival needs is no longer survival, but evolved into material needs. Whether rich or poor, as long as the individual has this demand, but the degree and type of different. For example, some people have a good cell phone, some people have some kind of delicate small items, some people a good book.

so, the use of goods to tune the user, will always be effective. But to grasp the user’s characteristics, it was good to see him in the mobile phone, or a delicate gift this mouth, or other hardcore. The logical thinking of Luo fat, understand this, always come up with fun to just perfect with the user, a little thing can make users instant orgasm.

So, do not repeat the same kind of fruit with a mobile phone as a gift, to investigate the user’s preferences, for a user like the east line you do not


what, what the user of the product has been, is it. Well, we upgrade, to second needs, security needs, security needs, but endless, as long as people alive, >

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