From hunger marketing to the feelings of the bubble below the par value of the Faye Wong concert is

Abstract: this concert will be the most embarrassing ticketing market side it is breaking the rules of the game, reveal to the public, it can be said with a magnifying property damage.


now, Faye Wong concert this thing has been very bad scene.

December 22nd, Secretary Wang Sicong of Faye Wong entertainment jijianwei on talk show "in concert" onion comment:

"why this concert was injured from a ticket to the organizers, the 1800 is the first at home and abroad of the first-line star best position in the fare, why it became the lowest fare to her. How many tickets, it is to give the above, how much money is the singer. The lower you decide, the less money you give to the singer. Why her fare is 1800 to 7800, you think this concert is the most powerful. Faye Wong and Chen Jiaying."

revealed that Faye Wong had wanted the ticket price to ten thousand, but by the price bureau’s opposition, finally said, "this behavior is the damage to the fans, who bought who is idiotic powder".

December 20th, the media said the internal information from the relevant departments, the government involved in the event Faye Wong astronomical ticket. The bull and cow ticket ticketing website by the Shanghai Municipal Public Security Bureau investigation, was shut down or face punishment, the main reason is the participation of Daomaidaomai Faye Wong and other popular concert tickets. According to reports, this special action aimed at "Faye Wong price ticket", directly led by Shanghai municipal government for the top, the tickets, ticket reselling site on behalf of the company and show organizers seriously. But the ticket cattle Network founder Sun Liyong in a media interview, also said that "has not received any notice of any relevant departments or units, and ticket cattle now demon website is still in normal operation.

in the earlier this month, the concern of the Faye Wong "magic music a 2016" concert tickets to open the pre-sale, the legendary figure was quite shocking: 390 thousand people online at the same time the loot, sold out 32 seconds, now, "myth" was out of powder.

from hunger marketing to feelings bubble, astronomical ticket is behind and non

in late December 5th 8, Faye Wong concert "magic music a" public sale of tickets in barley net, this concert is only the only one in Shanghai, held in December 30th in Shanghai Mercedes-Benz Arena, and will be broadcast live video Tencent. After six years of concert, only this one, the intention of hunger marketing is very obvious, early indicates that will be hard to get a vote. Indeed, December 5th tickets on that night, barley net fully sold out within 30 seconds". And may advance to remind you that the concert tickets to third fare, price from low to high to the stands are as follows: 1800 yuan, 5800 yuan, 7800 yuan.

you know, this year Eason Chan

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