How to enhance the popular keywords ranking case analysis

this time to view the site statistics, found a lot from a keyword "funny little game" IP, Baidu index, the original of this keyword is relatively hot, attention all day about one thousand index. But when I check when ranking the keywords this my website, actually came in second page Oh, my site is new, Baidu only included the home page, PR0; and in front of the sites are some of the weight of relatively high site, I probably looked at all around PR5.

that my website ranking is up to the time with you today to talk about the analysis of this period of time I have been doing! To enhance the website popular keywords ranking, undoubtedly it is necessary to increase the high quality of the chain, that is how I increase the high quality of the chain of


(1) is the first blog site, just on the line, I will give the website in the blog home page the link, and the relevant article link website; recommend Sina blog here, and Baidu space, this is my two blog.

skills: blog is the weight, you may open a lot of new blog, I prefer a good blog, blog and website first, to regularly update my Sina Baidu blog, the original is false, because of the limited energy, not every day to the original article.

is another point to note, perhaps many webmaster friends in making some mistakes, each blog is to apply for a, then make a link to the site, so settle a matter by leaving it unsettled. In fact, such links are not what role, I also like this, I have opened a blog every basic, but the basic is not updated, because the number of blog too much, which come so much effort to update them. So finally through a comprehensive analysis, leaving only Sina and Baidu. Sina blog weight is very good, if your blog included normal, basically you send articles about an hour will be included. Baidu space is its own, must not treat yourself.

(2) outdated forum signature and spider area released the chain

outdated as China webmaster exchange forum, popularity is very high, the weight of Baidu is also very high. In particular, the effect of the new station is very good, not yet out of date account, only in the New District forum post, but this does not affect, because our purpose is to release the chain, where are the same. First of all, set up their own web site as a signature, and then go to the water.

left behind there is a selling point, it is a spider, which can be AD, but need contribution, the contribution value is also very easy, just click on the ads on the OK website, as a webmaster, is a win-win way, more advertising and no loss to himself what.

skills: Although the spider area can be casual AD, but the longest post to retain 7 days, it is recommended that you can send the next day. We have to do a little bit of advertising, "

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