15 Ways to make money from the media

lead: July 2013 Cheng Lingfeng day ten thousand WeChat advertising received three hundred thousand advertising, November 2013 ghost foot seven double eleven day 7.8W advertising.

wow, from the media to do a day income equivalent to a year salary, go to do from the media. Also from the beginning of these two events, since the media fire. However, two years later, 99% of the media people are still struggling to explore the profit model.

from the media, to receive such a high level of advertising costs, in addition to the beginning of the article referred to the two best, never appeared.


but that does not mean that there is no way out from the media, there are many from the media live very moist, and make money in this 15 ways, Lou loose also contacted many, such as advertising, advertising revenue, the platform is divided into public relations, brand placement, speech, membership, publication, line activity. Then this article describes 15 Ways to make money from the media, for everyone to think about.

1, from the media platform

now many large companies have established a network media platform, Zhuchaoyinfeng, drawn from the media settled for people from the media into advertising, like the famous Baidu 100, launched only half a month, there is a part of income over a million people from the media, of course, this approach is suitable for comparison to write self the media people need some writing skills.

2, advertising revenue

since the media media two words, it is the media attribute, before traditional media, television, newspapers and magazines on what money? I believe, one certainly is the largest advertising, since the media is no exception, many people from the media the first income may be advertising.

advertising has two kinds: hard and soft, hard wide is a naked advertising nature, easy to cause the attention of users dislike; soft like a lot, write a good soft Wen, you don’t even think this is advertising, from the media to charge activity and the amount of attention to factors such as charge. Hundreds of thousands of.

3, PR publicity

publicity mainly is soft, there are many from the media to interview and report form is different from the soft, so many high-end interview than soft, the media can not find an interview with small companies, the media will undoubtedly play a important role. In the dissemination of the time, since the media in addition to writing fees may also have some promotion expenses.

4, brand implanted

strictly speaking, the brand is also a kind of advertising implants, but it is more moist and silent, I give a simple example to illustrate the hard wide, soft and brand products / services implanted difference.

example: Transformers 3 inside a lot of soft advertising, allowing users to generate a lot of intuitive image. Such as lactose milk is a soft case, and directly display local time, a direct point >

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