How to make effective use of WeChat to do brand marketing

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mobile e-commerce platform known and popular, more and more traditional companies began to realize the importance of Internet and terminal bring enterprises to broaden business channels, in the decoration enterprise e-commerce alliance in 2013 November in Hangzhou to attend the summit will focus on mobile providers to bring about industry development opportunities, and highlight the three themes: the O2O service data, and user experience.

according to the participants at the time to understand the hundreds of participating companies are either deep or shallow into the WeChat brand marketing channels. Do not say first conversion rate is high cost and how much WeChat accurate user location, user groups gather scale, timely channel information feedback is WeChat to attract our place, but also favorable channel enterprises to establish brand effect, if the first step to occupy the channel brand effect, can also increase the market competitiveness in the industry to a certain extent.

until the conversion rate and the cost of the problem, it is a good operating strategy and business channels and directly related to construction plan, said the popular point, WeChat marketing technical content is not high, since the housing construction or by the third party can achieve very good, there are advantages and disadvantages, such as not very enterprise good use will only give up halfway or be perceptibly fruitless. So how to establish the brand WeChat image, the following ideas:

according to their own characteristics of the enterprise to highlight the WeChat service

enterprise public platform position is relatively passive, how to change from passive to active is the need to consider the problems of the enterprises engaged in WeChat platform, WeChat is more prominent is the key to brand awareness, service depth, enterprise products. We should know the WeChat customer groups and understand user habits, targeted WeChat creative planning, to the needs of the users on the basis of visual and language, and establish a good communication platform, the correlation from the customer’s point of view is the theme of the design, promotion and focus on users and promotional content. As the decoration industry senior editor, the author pays close attention to the same industry WeChat platform, too many of the most no difference and characteristics of neither fish nor fowl, fully realize the subscription number and service number, for example, some decoration enterprises with the industry push every day only simple network abstract and enterprise effect, there are exaggerated self praise, from communication and the basic characteristics of the service. A good theme should be able to meet the needs of the customer service, but also can deepen the brand infiltration, with its own characteristics for the service.

pay more attention to the growing user experience to deepen online interactive

as a marketing staff to understand that a good idea can attract more attention, but also had a higher rate of access, interactive has a huge development space in the communication, excellent user experience and creative effect can drive the individual information transfer between users, so as to realize the change from passive the initiative, and brand image on the diffusion of enterprises played an important role, so the daily maintenance and creative design from WeChat interactive do plenty of thinking, based on the user base do leave deep.

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