Briefing will A5 financing stage, rice cake mother, Meihua medical billion yuan financing obtained

1 will be staged

Investor: Contact interactive

investment amount: 230 million yuan

rental installment of the brand will be staged announced the completion of A shares of listed companies to contact the interactive 230 million yuan C round of financing, renting area once again recognized by the market and investors, leading the market. Staging founder Li Lei said, this financing will be used to continue to increase in the real estate scene under the risk control model of subdivision and perfection, and strengthen the large real estate intermediary company cooperation, promote the positive development of housing industry stage.


2 cargo Lala

Investment: Xiang Wo capital investment area, the concept of capital, clean capital, capital with the cast of

black hole

investment amount: $30 million

January 10th, the city freight cargo platform Lala in Beijing announced the completion of the B round of financing, this round of financing by Xiang Wo capital investment area, the original concept of shareholders capital (MindWorks Ventures), clean capital, and new shareholders capital black hole with investment, financing amount of $30 million.


3 mum

rice cake

investors: Purple cattle fund, Jingwei China

investment amount: RMB

industry insiders revealed that the content of maternal electricity supplier from the media brand "rice cake mother" has been B round of financing, the amount of broken billion yuan, and this round of investment is still in an angel round and A round of investment fund and the latitude China purple cow.


4 pumpkin car

investors: Treasury venture capital

investment amount:

is a pumpkin car hairdressing O2O service platform, help users online booking around the top hairdresser, and enjoy without a card, no selling line of quality service and management; help hairdresser booking users, and get huge financial returns. Recently, pumpkin car financing A++ round of financing provided by the Treasury, the specific amount has not been disclosed.


5 Meihua medical

: GTJA investment

investment amount: 200 million yuan

Meihua Medical Group officially announced, for strategic cooperation, GTJA will be 200 million yuan shares Meihua medical. Meihua medical group founded by Dr. Guo Yuqiao in America a doctor. In March 2003, Guo doctor of American private medical philosophy to China, founded the Meihua brand.


6 together on

investors: Kam Wo investment led investment, bay sea investment, angel investors and investment

investment amount: 100

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