A necessary operation of the overall idea! Want to see a breakthrough!

thought for a long time, the overall idea of the next operation finally decided to sort out, many people ask why I run? There are a lot of people say the operation is odd jobs, but in fact, the future network operation will become the development of the company decided to continue occupation. In my opinion of the operation, is a floating in the sea of the internal drive closed loop. That’s not who we are.

why there are a lot of people become operational? Operations are form of decision, I believe that doing when the occupation planning operators do not think you ten years ago, when the Internet age is not a standard, no concept of the operation of the internet. We are from all walks of life, from the management to the operation of the technology to the operation of the product to the operation, and I, from training to operation. We should carry on the development of the company and became operational, and said "there is a reasonable", rather than "there is need".

successful operation must be very good to meet the needs of the public. This has nothing to do with good or bad.

pattern of high operation can see the market, the higher the pattern can be seen in the future market, there is no pattern can only see the boss.

was not need products, operation is not up to do, only to die.

so the demand is who proposed? Is a operation known as the user, once you see is the top of the Pyramid, now at the bottom of the Pyramid is the key to decide the success or failure, but most can represent the views of complex, Tastes differ all tastes. So the first focus of the operation is the user data analysis, the demand analysis table. Difficult to tune, only the collection of incomplete data, there is no need to break down.



when you fart put that time analysis report proud up report, you will find that the future is not good, just like you want to repair a house at the seaside, transportation, water, waste disposal and so on each link will have a real problem to you many good ideas. Countless meetings, endless overtime, accompanied by the product manager after eating a lunch.

this is the second focus of the operation to ensure that every function of product design must conform to the user’s behavior habits. If you see here, will jump out of Bob said the operation which have you said so diligent, it only shows that your company’s operation is not responsible! One does not understand the product design process operation how to put forward the function upgrade? Once the product is missing, did not participate in the product prepared by the operation it is difficult to find the first time the corresponding personnel changes.


however, this time the operation of the work has just begun, the house has been repaired, the decoration of all matters are operating in the scope of work. This is the content of the operation, good content is not the operation of the information to fill in, but to penetrate the product, from inside to outside

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