Pass the v-mobile bicycle completed over $100 million C round of financing response no comment

September 30th news today, there is news that the v-mobile bicycle has completed more than 100 million U.S. dollars C round of financing, the current round of financing by Hillhouse capital, Warburg Pincus investment led, including Sequoia Capital, Qiming venture and Mobell bicycle early investor and a number of institutions with investment.


, I horse to Mobell bicycle CEO Wang Xiaofeng confirmation. It said, is still in full swing to improve products and services, a lot of things to do." The v-mobile bicycle has completed C round of financing, Wang Xiaofeng was not clear.

According to the

market to I staff Mobell cycling horse said: "we still never open financing. Do not make any comment… For this kind of news is doing a good product is the most important." While the v-mobile bicycle early investor panda capital founding partner Lee on this news also said no comment.

bicycle Mobell officially released in August last year, a year short time has successively completed the 3 round of tens of millions of dollars in financing. October 2015 pleasure capital lead investor millions of dollars A round; in late 2016 to complete the panda capital lead investor, pleasant investment capital with tens of millions of dollars of financing; after the B round, and quickly won the v-mobile Innovation workshop B+ round of investment. If this round of financing is true, this will be the v-mobile bicycle within one year of the fourth round of financing.

in addition, it is worth noting that in the v-mobile bike two days before the message broke the financing, the domestic rival ofo shared bicycle has just completed the travel drops led the tens of millions of dollars C round of financing.

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