Content is king to the netizen is king see

      Internet after ten years of development, a lot of the concept of flying all over the sky has been forgotten. In the "new economy", "attention", "click rate", "flow" and other concepts are sought after.
      during this period, or "content" the concept has always been, and finally turned into "content is king".

      therefore, the content of the management of the company, from YAHOO, Google, 3721, and then to Baidu, gradually occupied the central stage of China’s Internet market. It can be said: they are the leader and leader in content management. In the era of content is king, the content of the management, the management of the Internet, so these companies do not make money.

      China in the market, Baidu is a leader in their natural. Baidu’s success is the pride of the Chinese Internet industry. I very much hope that Baidu can go up.
      therefore, a problem is often reflected in the mind: Baidu can go far, the wider way of Baidu?

      of course, Baidu’s technology upgrades, mergers and acquisitions are enhanced means, but it is only in the creation of Baidu aircraft carrier. Carrier to sea, eventually to see the compass, or to ask. Where is the road?

      if in the future or "content is king" era, "where the road" this problem is funny. However, due to the rise of the global wave of blog, a new era of Internet users is king "has not far, users are no longer spectators, online content is not only by the editor of the website to produce and disseminate. As a result, Internet users gradually become the dominant content.

      Internet users dominate the content, whether it will become "Internet users are king"? No. Ordinary Internet users on the Internet, in addition to chat, community, blog, etc., but also what to do? Now Internet content, also can let else’s trousseau, bosses earn a lot of money to finance. Poor Internet users or viewers, the difference is that Internet users can see is your writing. In the end, write more things, or to search through Baidu.

      as a result, the core logic of the development of the Internet, there is a new topic: since the content of Internet things, why not from "management" to "manage users" a step forward?

      the management of Internet users, is not the rule and exploitation of the past, first driven by the interests of Internet users

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